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Stylish councils for a slim figure of

of the Diet and physical exercises, without any doubt, are the best way to lose extra kilos. But while process lasts or even did not begin yet, it is possible to seem more harmonous only by means of the correct clothes. Having put into practice several fashionable councils, you with surprise will find out that to seem to more graceful, it is rather simple to put on the “correct“ thing.

Dark and opaque on problem zones

This secret is not a secret for a long time. Dark shades absorb colors whereas gloss on all unnecessary cambers only attracts to them additional attention. Black - universal color, but it not only, capable to slim a figure. Good alternative will become deep blue, green, brown, opaque red.

the Fitted top

the Fitted silhouettes for an upper body have to follow

natural bends of a body. It is impossible that the clothes were too free or on the contrary - close. It concerns blouses, jackets, jackets and other models which, besides, should not be excessively long.

the Short waist

Trousers and skirts with the overestimated waist do to


legs visually longer, and the silhouette - is more graceful. The underestimated waist has opposite effect, shortening legs and emphasizing imperfections in a waist. At full buttocks it is better to put on trousers - a flare. If there is a small tummy, it is desirable to refuse trousers with shooters.


the Footwear on heels extends a figure, does it visually more harmonous, and legs - are longer. If you did not get used to go on hairpins, pick up footwear with a comfortable heel of 3 - 7 cm high it is possible to dare to leave in graceful sandals or boats, a sabot on a heel in the Summer. Summer sandals should not be too small or with thin thongs because it can create a visual disproportion, doing a figure heavy. The same can be told also about platform soles which are capable to create a boomerang effect - to weight a silhouette from below.


with a form of throat cut

by means of such, apparently, unimportant detail as throat cut, it is possible to change a figure considerably. V - figurative cut is recommended for a silhouette pulling, round helps to reduce too full breast visually.

“Correct“ sleeves

Standard sleeve ¾ or wide bat option do a hand of thinner as this length opens its thinnest part. If in an upper body, in particular, to a zone of hands, there is an excess volume, it is better not to put on a short sleeve and, especially, thin shoulder straps.

skirt / dress Length

Length of a skirt is very important

as it will “cut off“ a leg, doing a silhouette or is more harmonous, or on the contrary - is fuller. At full buttocks length has to stop slightly above a knee. Girls of small growth cannot wear long skirts, choosing the models “tulip“, “cylinder“ or a direct skirt - a pencil, length is slightly lower than a knee. Full calves have to be hidden by maxiskirts or a midi (average length), but with pleating in the lower part.

Attention to accessories

Avoid too small jewelry (brooches, chains, belts) which risk to play on contrast and to mark out completeness of a body. A long beads always does a figure more graceful, earrings - chains or “droplets“ extend a face. Bags should be chosen the average size - refuse too small or very big models.

Avoid a set of layers of clothes

Than more layers, especially heavy and volume the silhouette looks. You should not take too many accessories is too the rule of moderation which is useful for symmetry creation.

At permissible “lamination“ needs to observe moderation: it is impossible to put on a velvet jacket a warm sweater. It is necessary to try to oppose thin materials to heavy - then the figure will look harmoniously.

the Direct coat or the fitted trench

the Fitted trench will never be superfluous in clothes at almost any figure. Not to focus attention to waists, it is possible to choose options where the belt is tied behind. In the winter for a problem figure there is nothing better, than a classical black coat of a direct cut, or in shape “sphere“ for the expressed completeness. Buttons on a coat - not striking, reserved, not too big.

the “Correct“ make-up and laying

to become more harmonous the make-up and a hairdress are also important

as clothes. The direct hairstyle of a caret is not suitable for a full figure - hair have to extend a silhouette, forming womanly shape. If cheeks magnificent, the face round, then is necessary, in - the first, to draw the new line of cheekbones, utonchy an oval, and in - the second, to draw attention to eyes or lips, excreting them. If the lower part of the person heavy, then lips have to be the most reserved, it is desirable opaque.