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That the leg rejoiced

Even those women who got used to narrow footwear on a high heel, during pregnancy feel that it is necessary to pass to something else. And doctors absolutely agree with them. And it makes sense to make it already in the second trimester.

Footwear and health

of the Shoe, boots, boots - it is not simple “an accessory for legs“. It also necessity which noticeably influences your health. You judge.

Bearing. Even when the tummy hardly - is swept hardly up, you involuntarily change a bearing. The center of gravity is displaced, and you forcedly slightly throw back shoulders back to keep balance. The footwear high-heeled does not allow to bend a backbone, without overstraining various groups of muscles for which and it is so hard. In particular, legs are tired stronger, and it can lead also to spasms from - for the raised load of calves.

Balance. In spite of the fact that you gain weight gradually, to an organism not so - that is easy to adapt to a new body. And if you go on a spike heel, but besides an overstrain of foot muscles, you risk to lose balance, especially if your health is not ideal.

of Vienna. The problem of varicosity is a difficult phenomenon in responsibility for which practically all bodies and systems. But partially - and incorrectly picked up footwear. At the held-down movements and tension which inevitably arises if with a decent tummy you wear heels outflow of blood and liquid from the lower extremities is at a loss, the uterus pressure upon internals becomes less physiologic. Hypostases result more often, the risk of varicosity increases. Of course, main “responsible“ for vascular problems are the hormones weakening a vascular wall. However all that increases puffiness worsens a situation.

Orthopedics. Many heard that after the delivery the leg at women increases in sizes and that to avoid it, purposely wear close shoes. Unfortunately, it is not an exit. Moreover, you can do much harm to yourself. At the last stage of pregnancy there is a softening of sheaves, joints become more pliable, however not “keep a form in close footwear of a leg“, and can be deformed. Besides from - for an uncomfortable position of a leg the risk of incomplete dislocations in the field of an ankle and knees increases.

Should not choose footwear, being guided by fashion or the former preferences. Especially as the convenient footwear at all not necessarily looks awfully.

How to choose?

it is a lot of

of Models of footwear which perfectly looks and suits future mothers. Here on what options it makes sense to stop a look.

Heel. Footwear on absolutely flat and thin sole - not the best option as it gives too big load of the foot arch. Choose or shoes on a low wide heel, or sneakers on a shock-absorbing sole. Spike and high heels, and also platforms are extremely undesirable.

Material. Ideal option - natural materials which allow legs “to breathe“. Many future mothers suffer from perspiration from a foot therefore the choice of material is extremely important. Good option - sneakers or semi-sports shoes from the checked producer.

Transformation. Quite often from - for hypostases the size of a leg of future mother during the day changes. It does not mean that it is necessary to buy shoes two sizes bigger - from them you will jump out when legs as it should be, and it is fraught with injuries. Your choice - footwear which can be regulated depending on a situation. For cold weather - option on a lacing: sneakers, wide boots, boots on laces which are a decorative and functional element. For the summer - sandals at which by means of thongs it is possible to increase rise, capture for an ankle and a heel. Pay attention: in the summer there is always a temptation to buy open footwear with thin - thin thongs, however during pregnancy of it it is not necessary to do as such sandals badly fix foot. Choose models with “the drowned foot“ and wide thongs, and it is the best of all - with a back.

That else?

If with legs serious problems arise, it is possible to address to salon of orthopedic footwear.

Orthopedic insoles. They to you can be picked up or made to order. Simple insoles just will help to make footwear softer and cozy. Insoles “to order“ will allow to support foot in the correct situation.

Good selection of an insole helps to compensate to

problems with a bearing which during pregnancy quite often lead to severe pains in a back. For example, if as a result of scoliosis at you one leg is slightly higher, than another, on late terms of pregnancy you will feel this distortion both in the field of a sacrum and in legs.

Socks. You should not forget that the feeling in legs is influenced not only by footwear, but also chulochno - nosochny products. Consult to the doctor and pick up special panty hoses, especially if you are disturbed by varicosity. In most cases it is desirable to wear cotton socks with a free elastic band. For many women suffering from hypostases, ideal option are sports socks which are similar to a high footsy - they do not pull together an ankle.

As you can see, the choice of footwear is very important for your health. Try to pick up to yourself new couple, and you will be pleasantly surprised that, it will be how easier to move to you.