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Safety of the child at distance of

Each mother worries about safety of the kid. However it is impossible to watch the child 24 hours a day. Therefore to protect the little researcher from injuries and other dangers, it is worth making some changes in the apartment and to strictly follow certain rules. The most dangerous places for a small penis of a family - kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony. Parents have to take care of that the child could not get to these rooms in any way. For this purpose it is enough to establish latches and latches at height, inaccessible for the child. It is better to glaze a balcony, and on usual windows to put special frames with mosquito grids. Separately it is worth talking about household appliances.

It is no secret that children adore pressing all buttons in a row so on the gas or electric stove, the washing machine and other miracles of equipment it is expedient to put the protective plastic panel which will hide handles of rings, switches etc. (such locks are on sale in any household shop). Other obvious danger - furniture with acute angles. Here the decision too simple - the acting corners can be hidden protective corners from latex or plastic. It is possible even to avoid a visit of shop, having pasted foam rubber pieces a painting adhesive tape which will not leave marks on polishing. The excellent invention - locks - locks for lockers and boxes without locks. Such locks protect cases from curious children`s handles, but easily open adults. Other adaptation from the same series - protective caps for electric sockets. They are made of special plastic or rubber therefore they can be inserted directly into the socket, and to take out by means of a special key. As it was already told, besides household measures, it is necessary to follow also some rules of precaution. First of all, do not forget to look for the child even when he, apparently, quietly sits in the room, and vygotovit a lunch in kitchen. Silence - not a sign that “everything is good“. It is quite possible that the child already found to himself a dangerous toy. Of course, this rule does not work at night. If you sleep with the kid in different rooms, to force itself to rise and come specially into the nursery optional at all. The radio nurse can help out you. Having put one block of this device near a crib, and the second - at itself in the room, you learn at once that the kid woke up, and right there hurry up to it. The main thing - to pick up the radio nurse with pure communication. In this plan it is possible to rely on devices from Philips AVENT: they, unlike analog devices, use the DECT technology which guarantees protection against the hindrances created by other devices, for example, mobile phones.

the Radius of action of the radio nurse of Philips AVENT reaches 330 m so you will be able to use it at the dacha, without doubting close connection with the by the baby even at distance. Communication between blocks of the device is confirmed by a light and sound signal therefore, having departed too far, you right there learn about it. Besides, the radio nurse of Philips AVENT is simple in use, it has small dimensions - easily everywhere to take the parental block with itself.

the Device allows not only to hear the kid, but also to communicate with it: if the child wakes up alone and will begin to cry from a fright, you will easily calm him by the voice. These devices have also additional functions: you can include a melody of a lullaby which will be lost on the children`s block, or to include a bulb - it will serve as a night lamp. And sensors of temperature and humidity will help to create the most comfortable situation in the nursery. It is necessary to notice that the radio nurse “protects“ the kid not only during a dream. This device is irreplaceable in many other situations. It can be used and when the child is awake, for example, plays in other room or on the seasonal dacha. And if you are on vacation or on a visit, certainly, your attention any more not takprikovano to the baby therefore the radio nurse will help you and fully to relax and to avoid troubles.

Coming back to safety rules, it is worth mentioning one more idle time, but important council: bathing the kid in a usual bathtub, surely put rubber or any other mat that the child did not slip on a bottom and did not fall. Strangely enough, the children`s injuries got during acceptance of a bathtub are quite widespread.

I last parting word: for a minute do not lose vigilance! Even if your kid behaves ideally, and you do not doubt his independence, you should not relax too. No devices and cunnings completely will replace a sharp-sighted parental eye and attention.