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For two

I want to Begin birthday with the fact that washing pregnancy was as in the fairy tale - very easy and carefree. All 9 months I rushed as an electrobroom, easily tied laces and did a pedicure. I was delighted with the pregnant look simply. At first looked forward to emergence of a stomach, and after 20 weeks as it appeared, I could not inhale on it. And in general considered it as a work of art. Despite all this, I all pregnancy was pursued by fear that I will give rise earlier - at first very much waited for 24 - weeks, when it is considered nobr that the kid if he is born, it is possible to rescue, then 32, then 38. Such expectations I held on to 39 weeks, but before term I all - gave rise - for 6 days earlier.

So, on May 5. I woke up incredibly easily and with the most excellent mood and from what to it to be bad - behind a window the bright sun, the beloved husband nearby and... At me the stopper departed! This find.

Ya with cheerful squeal jumped, and constantly was at the tip of the tongue: “Already soon, already soon!“ Very similar feelings at me arose months so 9 back when I saw the second stripe which began to be shown on the test which N - the number of minutes could not make out Nov accurately from - for the shivering hands. Oh, as I waited when I have though some harbingers of the coming childbirth, and here, at last, the first...

Business remained to

for small, to find out for which time departs a stopper and when already there is “it“. As turned at me in the head, per day - two, but it is ringing to the doctor and an exit in conference I was finally assured that at me “it“ will occur not earlier, than in a week, and even two. But to the doctor on acquaintance I all - decided to go to maternity hospital...

in all details I will not describe

my visit, but the phrase that if to 11 I do not give rise, then 12 with things in maternity hospital, finally implanted in me feeling that to give birth to me still about - go - go as not soon. It`s all right, I have so many cases - tomorrow Borka has a birthday! I spent the remained day to conferences behind discussions by that essential, and including I told all that I am quiet as a mammoth and I am not going to give birth yet. And yes - I had one more harbinger, training fights (quotes I will not put yet) - easy such pandiculations of a stomach. There were they with frequency of 10 - 9 minutes.

Evening was very cheerful - Borka returned, and we began to discuss the tomorrow`s festive menu. As the holiday was it, it also made this menu, than amused me incredibly. For some reason it seemed to it that pilaf and herring under a fur coat - it for a holiday table. I tried to argue, but understood soon that it is useless - Boryasik raved pilaf, anticipating it until we went to bed. And still I made manicure, the situation was such that could give rise in any day, and I had a resistant conviction that I have to meet the kid in all beauty. Well I wanted so. Here only did not begin to paint nails, was already late, and I went to sleep. Time was 2 hours.

on May 6. All night long I dreamed fights... To sleep with them was, as if it will more softly be expressed, not really comfortably, I woke up. But the dream did not wish to pass - fights were in reality. Looked at time - 5 hours. To vanish from a dream and to understand that to what, I got up, went to a toilet where understood that there was left Boryuska without pilaf, and two my most favourite a muzhchinok will have the general birthday - at me waters departed.

Me, strangely enough, the improbable tranquility seized: I began to mark fights (which went with frequency approximately 6 minutes) and without hurrying to prepare in maternity hospital. I took a shower, shaved, guided which - what maraft and, of course, with breaks on prodykhivaniye of fights, made up - nails. Also was going to please still nevertheless Boryuska with pilaf, but previously having called the midwife. That, however, told me that there was enough leg in hands and barrels in maternity hospital. There is nothing to do - Boryanchika went to awake, to congratulate him and to report joyful news. That half asleep, seemingly, understood not at once everything, but jumped and gathered immediately. I managed to throw in myself which - what breakfast, we grabbed the trunks prepared in advance and jerked in maternity hospital. Fights were already every 4 minute.

Now about them, darling, it is a little. I was very surprised that it is already real fights. I remember, someone in conference told that they are very similar to pains at monthly, only once in 10 is more feasible. And I, remembering as I once from these pains fainted, imagined it!! Well, fights went off at me with a bang! And as I skillfully “prodykhivat“ them, you would see, just the pro.

In maternity hospital № 26 we arrived already closer to 9 - ti to hours. Borka was not let in at once, told that after all procedures, polls - surveys and epiduralny anesthesia he will be spent in rodzat, about an hour through two. That he did not sit as the unfortunate relative, all this time under a door, I allowed to go home him, agreed that I will call when it is necessary to leave. Meanwhile I was interrogated and examined - disclosure was not any, and fights went. The neck hardly passed a finger, but to me ordered not to be upset, under epiduralny anesthesia it will perfectly reveal. Yes I also did not think even, I had a fighting mood, raised and in general some festive. Can therefore I have all and it turned out so easily.


to me made an enema though I was afraid of it most of all after stories of girls, I did not even feel that to me downloaded already all pear, and was sent to walk on procedural and “to do the dirty deed“. I even asked additives, all it seemed to me, time not painfully - means, badly. But refused to me.

Time flew very quickly, we joked with “girlfriends by misfortune“, I rang round all relatives and acquaintances to report news. It was harder and harder to do it, however, fights went in 3 minutes therefore I dialed number during fight and tried to blurt out all information in 3 minutes and if was not in time, then picturesquely breathed like a dog in a tube. After all procedures I was sent in rodzat. Ah yes, nearly forgot! First of all I in procedural was given cotton wool with acetone - to erase a varnish.

Rodzal was

small separate very light kabinetik with a huge window. I was laid on a couch and connected a lot of sensors. I waited for an epiduralka. At once I will tell about personnel - about such relation I and did not dream. Otherwise, than “Mayyushechka“, “girl“, “sun“, “lassie“ did not call me, and such relation was absolute to all. The midwife Tanya - courtesy, there was no devil-may-care attitude, helped and supported as far as could. The doctor Kurbatova Olga Vladimirovna very much was pleasant to me. Such simple woman and together with those, very professionally worked.

the anesthesiologist Came. She was very lovely young woman, did everything madly accurately and periodically warned that now it has to be a little bit unpleasant to me, but I felt nothing of that kind. The only thing, was not really convenient to lie, having turned in legs and having rounded a back during fights, but the award was. Girls what is a high - epiduralny anesthesia! Pain left instantly, I felt nothing at all, and lay and went bananas in full relaxation. And, I could feel and move the legs them, I could even go if it is necessary. About fights I recognized only by the monitor which stood nearby. And still I periodically watched indicators on Kiryushkina and calmed down - with him everything was good. Well, me the perfect bliss, and still a fine sunny day behind a window seized... Generally, only 3 hours of a night dream affected, me exhausted. I called Borke, told that at me everything is remarkable. And I want to have a sleep, and at it I will not be able to make it. So he was told to wait for the house at phone. I cannot tell that I slept - dozed rather, periodically “departing“. To me several times added anesthetic to a catheter, and I tried to force to relax, have a rest and gain strength before an important issue. The anesthesiologist warned me that for me was not shock that will give birth sick, especially against present pleasure. And I prepared for it and waited... If it is honest, then I thought that to give birth to me still not soon, I even asked the doctor whether I will give rise today. And here, as a butt on the head, the doctor looked at me and speaks: “May, and you will already give rise, disclosure full soon, the head was inserted!“

Ya was shocked - so quickly! Time flew by immediately, and I thought that I will give rise only in the evening. Generally, I call once again the husband and I bring into shock already it. Since I did not want that it was present directly at childbirth, we agreed with it that it was nearby, and I as will give rise, I will call it, and it will be carried out to us in rodzat. And still, exactly here - not after the text, not to, namely now - I want to tell many thanks of Nastyushe that held constantly connection with conference and all to you. You do not represent as far as your support, your cams helped. And it is not mere words, I directly spinal cord felt that think of us, worry about us, and it gave so many forces! Thank you, my family, I love all of you!! Here!

A I entered childbirth meanwhile (expression - that what). Anesthetic to me was not added any more, fights appeared again. I was tormented by wild thirst, in a mouth everything dried up so that it was heavy to me to say therefore one more midwife had to moisten periodically to me lips with a saving gauze tamponchik. Through some time began to podtuzhivat me. To me allowed to be extinguished few times then around me turmoil began, and I understood that here it, time has come, I give birth!

Some movements, time - two - three - four, and my couch turned into a chair. I waited for wild pain, but at the same time, I precisely knew that I will not cry, and I will try very much. Several attempts as I was told, I prodyshat. Then to me allowed to make an effort. It seemed, we give birth all crew - who pulled me for a night dress who palmed off on me under hands some levers that I squeezed them who held my legs for a bigger support, but everything shouted: “The Maya, crap, crap, give still slightly - slightly pokakay!“ Girls told then me that they in other rodbloka heard that Maya has to crap. I about two times for an attempt made an effort, turned out. I did not wait for unreal pain, there was only a feeling of very severe stretching - very unpleasantly, of course, but it is possible to worry especially as in vanity and you do not manage to realize it especially. The only thing, was spent for some reason many forces, and not everything managed to be sent to the necessary course. Though I read the sea of literature, and everything in my head was classified - that “in the head“ it is impossible to make an effort, and it is necessary “there“. Well, not really well at me it turned out, though I all life had a quite good press. But which - how to do it correctly learned. Through several attempts to me allowed to touch a head of the kid since the thin skin gathered on a head “in a small group“, near at hand I had something gentle, soft, similar on a sharpeychik. And then I remember, the midwife shouted to me that I prodyshat fight, and I thought, on the contrary, that I was extinguished - so I earned the tiny razryvchik. I cannot precisely tell, through how many attempts of Kiryushk was born, something around four - five. I felt as something moved, Boole - Boole - Boole - plyukh, and the feeling of stretching passed, then some movements, and I heard thin golosochek... I gave rise!

the Midwife showed me our economy and asked: “Who?“ I answered: “Kiryushka!“ . I was in euphoria. To me put it on a stomach - such tiny, sinenky, defenseless, and I embraced him and could not believe that it mine. Such inexpressible feelings, it seems, you see it for the first time, and he is already such native, such darling, it is yours... It is impossible to explain it. I examined it and could not see enough. As now I remember, the first what I paid attention to - thin, accurate fingers with long nogotochka which mother had to cut off next day, to pass test. And patches. So funny - just they pushed me from within. Then it was carried to wash, weigh, and I remembered that having become puzzled, forgot even to apply it to a breast.

Kiryushik was born

in 13. 30, 8 / 9 points on Agpar, 3 kilograms, 52 centimeters. And meanwhile to me added anesthesia through a catheter, and sewed up my gap - I did not feel it in general (one more plus of anesthesia). Well and I, naturally, rang round all.

of Minutes through 20 Borka - such uneasy, confused after the delivery came!! I the first time it saw it. As I love it!! And at once brought Kiryunka, already svetlenky, washed, processed and on ridiculous swaddled - such little gnome. It at once with the great pleasure took a mother`s breast, and we admired, studied and enjoyed it. I lay, fed the boy, very weak, weakened after a hard work, but such happy! All left, and we were just three together, I cannot give those feelings - such quiet family happiness...

there passed three months Now, our gnome grew up and turned into the little pretty man. And all of us also cannot admire it - we rejoice to each movement, each look, each smile. And I, the foolish woman, so was afraid that I will miss a stomach, on warblers, and they were succeeded by so many positive emotions that I do not know at all how I lived without the hare earlier.