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As time quickly flies! Until recently, apparently, you returned from maternity hospital, and the other day you are already 4 months old. And it is not just next date - it is a new stage on the way of your growing. Why? Yes because your kid already so grew up that except breast milk (we are respectful to those mothers who surely continue to nurse the kid) or dairy mix it already should expand a diet. The kid grew up almost twice if to compare to weight at the birth! And now it in connection with the continuing intensive growth and development needs bigger amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral salts. Time of expansion of a diet due to introduction of the new more concentrated products came, that is introduction of a feeding up is required. A feeding up, being independent food, has to be high-calorie, contain in enough substance, necessary for the child. At introduction of a feeding up it is necessary to define correctly quantity of food necessary for the child on one feeding and for days. The daily volume of food necessary for the child at the age of 4 - 6 months, makes 1/6 from the mass of his body, or about 900 - 1000 ml. And what will be if a feeding up to enter later, for example since 6 months? Unfortunately, then at the child rickets, anemia, a hypotrophy can develop. Besides, timely introduction of a feeding up accustoms the child to more dense food. If not to make it in time, then later there can be difficulties when feeding the child vegetable and myasoovoshchny dishes as the kid will prefer still liquid food. To avoid possible complications at introduction of a feeding up, it is necessary to follow a number of rules: to give to

As the kid got used to receive only breast milk or substitute of milk, the first feeding up has to be homogeneous, that is semi-fluid and well wiped not to cause in the kid of difficulties when swallowing. Further the kid should be accustomed to more dense food which he should learn to chew later gradually. Insufficiently crushed food can cause in the child of vomiting and serve as a cause of failure from food. That it did not occur, it is better to use products of industrial production as the leading producers of baby food, considering features of food of children of different age, let out jars for children from 4 months (the homogenized mashed potatoes), from 5 months (the homogenized mashed potatoes), from 8 months (small pieces) and 1 year (pieces of larger size).


Due to the intensive growth and development and also because products differ on structure and amount of vitamins, macro - and minerals, to the child needs various food. Insufficient receipt of these batteries with food or their loss as a result of thermal treatment of products is negatively reflected on health of the child and development of a children`s organism. The correct catering services provide full physical and intellectual development of the child, high resilience of his organism to catarrhal diseases, adverse factors of external environment. Therefore recently experts pay very much attention to “functional food“. This term means inclusion in a diet of the child of such products of a natural origin which at the systematic use make a certain regulating impact on an organism in general or its certain systems and bodies. How functional food can help the child? Let`s consider it on the example of products of firm Semper, Sweden.

the Organism of babies is especially sensitive

to a lack of iron as its stock created during pre-natal development to 3 - x - 4 - x to monthly age is practically settled. Therefore often, even at the children who are on breastfeeding in the absence of additional intake of iron its deficiency begins to develop. It is established that iron deficiency anemia causes violations of motor and mental development in children of the first two years of life; at children of preschool age leads to violation of selective attention; at school students - to decrease in attention, memory and progress. Prevention of iron deficiency anemia at children of chest and early age is the balanced diet with the adequate content of iron and vitamins. What is offered to children by Semper for prevention of iron deficiency anemia? In assortment of firm there are 4 types of juice with the increased content of vitamin C (60 mg) and gland (2 mg), without sugar addition:

was Begun with juice - we continue by fruit purees . Such abundance can satisfy any gourmet. Mashed potatoes Apple , the Apricot , of Malines and blackcurrant also have the increased content of vitamin C and iron, mashed potatoes of Mango - the increased content of vitamin C, and also Bilberry and Prunes . Of course, all mashed potatoes are made without sugar addition that is reliable prevention of diabetes, excess weight, allergic reactions at the child. Besides, each fruit puree has also functional value:

Thus, the regular use of the functional, prepared without sugar products listed, gives to the child complex protection and prevention of iron deficiency anemia and catarrhal diseases, 4 - 6 monthly age of problems help to cope with a row typical for children (locks, diathesis...) .

One more example. Deficiency of iodine is extremely dangerous to children of the first year of life, especially in respect of defeat of the central nervous system that it leads to development of intellectual backwardness, low indicators of growth and high incidence. For correction of iodic deficiency at children the food enriched with iodine or containing the increased quantity of this element are used (Semper adds iodinated salt in myasoovoshchny and fish - vegetable dishes).

A that the child from vegetable purees Semper can receive: Carrots , Corn with potatoes , the Parsnip with potatoes , Sweet green peas with potatoes . You know that potatoes having big specific weight in baby food are the main source of vitamin C together with fruit, berries and greens and practically does not cause allergii*. Vitamin C is very unstable, easily collapses when heating, long storage, under the influence of light and oxygen. For example, in potatoes after 6 months of its storage the amount of vitamin C decreases twice. Considering it, and also the fact that the child has to receive constantly necessary amount of nutrients and vitamins, firm Semper in addition enriches feeding up dishes with necessary vitamins and minerals. Vegetable purees will enrich a diet of your kid with proteins of a phytogenesis, cellulose, potassium and vitamin A and vitamins of group V. Pasternak with potatoes will subdue gentle juicy taste and incomparable aroma. Curative properties of the parsnip supplementing a diet with potassium and food fibers rich are long since known? - carotene, askorbinka and essential oils. Besides the parsnip favorably influences blood circulation and improves digestion. Sweet green peas are a good source of protein of a phytogenesis. Carrot puree - the main source of vitamin A. It is difficult to overestimate its value: influence on growth of the child, development of nervous system, normal state of skin and mucous membranes, and also visual perception. And whether you know that on the content of phytoncides (the substances which are perniciously operating on pathogenic microflora) carrots do not concede to onions and garlic!?

Vegetables, fruit and berries if they are correctly prepared, have some more very important features:

I, at last (but it is not obligatory in the last turn), you can begin to give to the kid Corn Welling or kukuruzno - porridge . They will make the child`s diet more various and nourishing. Kukuruzno - porridge Semper is enriched with calcium which is especially well acquired in combination with milk, and it is very important for prevention of rickets at children; the potassium which is well influencing work of heart; vitamins and vegetable oils. Besides, it has the stimulating effect on work of intestines. Corn Welling is a nutritious dairy squash with pleasant natural taste.“ Wake a stomach softly“, - Swedes about Welling say. Give it to the kid from a small bottle or a cup in the morning and in the evening, for breakfast and a dinner. Corn Welling does not contain gluten, sugar, is enriched with iron, vitamins and minerals. In cares of mother`s kid often forget about themselves and do not manage to cook to themselves food. Please, listen to our council: take a cup, pour cold boiled water, put Welling and stir before receiving a uniform consistence, warm up it, settle more conveniently in a favourite chair and drink this vitamin cocktail. It will give you feeling of pleasure, inflow of cheerfulness and forces.

we did not set

In this article as the purpose to tell about all problems of baby food which can arise at children of early age. Ahead at us and other meetings and if now you had questions concerning introduction of a feeding up, functional food or food of your child, we wait for you on the hot line by phone: 095 - 135 - 94 - 23 with 10. 00 to 18. 00 on the working days.

* - organic potatoes, vegetables and fruit Mean.

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