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The second main event After the first main event in life - the birth of our son took place in life of

2,5 years. And I began to think of happy continuation.

the First pregnancy and childbirth proceeded so ideally that, lying on a maternity chair right after the son`s birth, I agreed to give birth to the second right now. And as all process of incubation and the birth did not leave negative emotions, and even delivered the mass of pleasure, it was easy to decide on the second child. But, nevertheless, 2 stripes entered into a stupor (so quickly everything turned out, I am not ready and as the son, will not be enough for it time and that will be told at work, did not manage to leave after the first maternity leave etc.) . But already in few weeks all fears and doubts were forgotten, and toxicosis which did not release more than three months began. Having grown thin for 6 kg., went to the doctor which offered hospitalization, but we managed trips to private clinic on droppers within two months, and the feeling sick began to recede.

Was registered in a maternity welfare unit, remembered all delights of free medicine, but it was all unimportant in comparison with the forthcoming changes. On ultrasonography in 18 weeks we from 90% confidence were told that there will be a girl. And it added impatience waiting for the second main event in life even more. On all subsequent ultrasounds confirmed that the son will have a little sister. The desire to have the daughter was present at me, probably, from that age when we began to play with girlfriends in kindergarten in “daughters there are mothers“. And more than it is sure that almost each woman wants to be the girl`s mother. Especially, already having the son. Therefore up to the birth of the daughter I could not believe in the happiness. And even answered a traditional question of the midwife showing the child not at once though perfectly saw distinctive features of the girl from the boy.

But with anything the incomparable moment remained before even more than a half of all pregnancy... I was overcome by a new illness - a uterus tone which remained up to the beginning of childbirth. It was caused by experiences concerning health of the son. At that moment we went to hospital on removal of adenoides, as knocked down a state. Therefore I call all, I convince that it is impossible to be nervous during pregnancy, to take it seriously. Besides I refused preservation of pregnancy in hospital conditions and trusted in medical supplies which helped to avoid premature birth.

it was very heavy

of Dokhazhivat until the end of pregnancy, there was such feeling that the organism did not want to get used to current state in any way. Each movement of the daughter turned into a certain torture and to turn over from one side on another during a dream, spent till 10 minutes. Thought that as well as for the first time, I do not reach the appointed PDR - on May 23. By the way, this number falls on birthday of the husband, it also gave optimism. But, despite all difficulties concerning health during pregnancy, we were born very much even full-term - on the 40th week, on May 17.

If for the first time I did not manage to be frightened of

as childbirth was premature, then I began to be afraid of this childbirth already on 36 - oh to week, in such time our son was born. And the more I waited for them began, the more visited evil silly thoughts. I want to tell that uncertainty of the events, and for the second time full awareness for the first time frightens.

to Give birth we planned in the 8th maternity hospital as 15 which managed to become for us to the family it was closed on a planned sink.

So, exactly in 36 weeks we concluded the contract with maternity hospital for conducting pregnancy and childbirth. the contract was concluded with doctor Karabin I. Yu. I never imagined that the man will deliver me, but changed the opinion right after we with the husband were convinced of professionalism of the doctor, read many responses and having got acquainted with it personally. The doctor gained the openness and a reverent attitude. We met it several times after the conclusion of the contract for KTG - researches. On one of the last surveys of I. Yu. rendered a verdict about disclosure of a neck on 2 cm and suggested to wait for childbirth in a hospital, but owing to house circumstances I refused.

to Meet by

our baby (as well as the son) we gathered with the husband. And again approached it with all responsibility, having made all tests in advance and having prepared all necessary things. But failures did not want to abandon us in any way... Shortly before childbirth our father caught heavy flu, having infected with it the son later. Therefore to give birth I went with restless heart... And the husband not absolutely recovered, and the child stayed at home with high temperature.

So, arrived home after the last survey of a neck. At 2 o`clock in the morning fights which reminded a tone, already habitual for me, only differing in the frequency which made of 5 - 7 minutes began. made the decision to call the doctor, that night it was on watch and therefore it was not really a shame to awake him at night. We were told to gather and come...

Having completed the last chores and having called the grandfather to sit with the senior, we went to a taxi to maternity hospital. Our garage, as always, was forced by neighbour`s cars and as there were 2 o`clock in the morning, we did not begin to awake car owners. Therefore it was necessary to use services of the private driver. What aggravated even more desire to give birth right now. But it was impossible to change anything any more, and we went, having taken with ourselves all in advance packed things.

B reception had to wake the security guard that that opened a door. And as in office more was nobody, I was invited quickly enough in viewing where our doctor went down. Survey was a little painful, but more unpleasant impression was left by such intimate procedures as shaving and an enema. If the first ended quickly and without serious consequences, then the last finally beat off desire to give birth. With the son, in the 15th maternity hospital, I was given the chance most to control all process, here the nurse did not want to lose at all from as it seemed to me, a two-liter container, having poured in me in everything without the rest, despite all my beliefs that else slightly - slightly, and I will burst.

Further us with the husband was sent to separate patrimonial box. At an entrance on the floor on a wheelchair already given rise woman lay with the kid. Having envied it white envy that it has already all behind, we followed in delivery room. Boxing represented rather big and light room with glass partitions which allowed to exchange glances with other giving birth. But in process was any more not before, shouts and groans behind a wall frightened and suggested an idea of the wrong architectural planning. Well, unless it was impossible to think of creation of a certain privacy for the woman in labor with foreign experiences? But isolation from medical personnel was well planned. So, throughout all childbirth before a culmination point to us the midwife came into the box all few times to take of instrument reading which measured heartbeat of the child and frequency of fights. The doctor looked at disclosure which made by then 3 cm

I exactly at 6 in the morning punctured a bubble. It was not sick, simple the cold tool was felt inside. There were few waters, and they were transparent.

our First labor took place

under epiduralny anesthesia and therefore this time I was afraid to pass the moment when it could be put, constantly reminded about it to the doctor. But understood already soon that anesthesia of this look did not include in its plans under the pretext of the second, shorter childbirth at all.

After opening of a bubble feelings, absolutely new to me, and concepts began

. Fights gained new value. There was a feeling of very strong internal compression of all bodies which lasted 2 hours, and then I decided that I have too the right to shout, but actually I just could not constrain myself and even subconsciously thereby wanted to draw attention of personnel. What in principle I also achieved about an hour later. I. Yu. came, the midwife reported on it that I already shout, and they left chamber.

Probably, they planned to call the anesthesiologist, but right there returned, having heard my cries that is pressed on a basin by the child`s head.

Very painful survey on fight showed to

disclosure of 8 cm that finally killed hope for anesthesia. As well as then, for the first time, I did not feel attempts at all, perhaps, for this reason and to make an effort it turned out badly. In half an hour of efforts on a couch we passed to the chair prepared by the midwife. I could not make an effort on put three times for fight, being broken on shout, for as was punished by an epiziotomiya after which I at once was born sweetie long-awaited pie weighing 3360 gr. and 53 cm in height

Process of mending was rather unpleasant, than painful. And patrimonial pain passed at once after child put to me on a stomach. Soon our father already of two children went home, and we with the daughter to postnatal office.

On a question of our doctor whether it was pleasant to me to give birth which it set right after childbirth, I did not find what to answer. I can only tell that first labor was carried out so that I wanted to give birth to the second, same were a hard work which led to the second main event in life.