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The lie detector - whether checks on honesty are lawful?

Are the device it is considered one of the most important inventions of mankind. At the word “polygraph“, or the lie detector, associations with investigation and law enforcement agencies occur. But in recent years commercial structures even more often use this device for control of personnel, and also during interviews of candidates at employment. In spite of the fact that a polygraph - rather expensive pleasure, the companies address services of polygraphologists or take the constant worker in a staff of the company.

Long time the polygraph was used by

in law enforcement agencies in criminal practice and in bodies of security service. Since 1950 - x years, in the USA the device began to be used also in commercial structures, but all - the law on protection of employees against a polygraph was adopted, and in many states such checks are forbidden.

“The law on protection of the rights of employees in connection with testing with use of a polygraph“ (1983) allows

similar check in case the person is suspected of plunder of property of the company. In this case the employer is obliged to provide to the employee the letter in which reasons need of such check. At employment to the applicant can suggest to undergo such testing, but he has the right to refuse. Practice of check of shots by means of a polygraph quickly extended also to other countries. Except the USA, use of a polygraph at the legislative level is fixed in Japan. As for the CIS countries, this question is regulated only by regulations, instructions and instructions. Though in Russia the bill of application of a polygraph is discussed recently.

in the territory of the countries of the former Soviet Union this method of management of personnel began to be used rather recently, but its popularity grows. There are specialized firms which are engaged in sale of the necessary equipment and the centers of training of polygraphologists - experts of the lie detector. At employment or in the course of work to you can already suggest to undergo testing on the lie detector. For what purpose also such requirements of employers are how lawful?

For a start let`s understand what represents testing on the lie detector and what is the time it borrows? The device at the same time registers changes of such physiological parameters as a blood pressure, pulse rate, breath change, etc. For this purpose to the examinee touch sensors are put on a breast, a stomach and fingers. Check can last long enough - to of 2 - 3 hours. the Polygraphologist asks a set of questions which it is necessary to answer honestly. At the wrong answers there are physiological changes in an organism which are fixed by sensors. whether

Can deceive a polygraph? According to producers and firms - sellers - it is impossible. Modern computer polygraphs work with accuracy of 100%. Sellers declare that polygraphs are effectively used at disclosure of thefts at the enterprise or commercial structure (in warehouses, in finance departments), for detection of the facts of industrial espionage, frauds and even establishment of loyalty of staff of the company and identification of the facts of sabotage. Commercial structures want to be reinsured in the conditions of fierce competition. For example, check of those employees who are going to leave is motivated with what when leaving people can take away with itself valuable information, and to transfer databases to competitors etc.

As testing on the lie detector is almost not settled at the legislative level, can be carried out only with the consent of the employee. Any coercions are violation of constitutional rights of the person. Despite guarantees of producers of polygraphs, all - there are cases when the person manages to deceive the “clever“ device. A lot of things depend on qualification of the expert who holds testing.

Except that to do with the person who was convicted of illegal actions? For punishment it is necessary to bring criminal case, to collect proofs of fault. As a result, the charges based only on indications of a polygraph break an innocence presumption. On the other hand, by means of such check it is possible to dismiss insubstantial accusations from the person and to prove his non-participation in commission of illegal actions.

Thus if to you suggest to undergo testing for honesty, to you to decide - to agree or not. At the same time it is necessary to weigh all pros and cons. Carrying out check requires the written consent tested. If you were dismissed for the reason that you refused to undergo testing on a polygraph - it is safely possible to appeal to court or to labor union.