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Not AIDS uniform, or Once again about new growths on skin of

the Mankind so attended to a problem of distribution of an incurable syndrome of an immunodeficiency that did not notice other danger which approached it at all: new growths on skin. Meanwhile, this problem is very actual for many people and on distribution speed already left far behind the mentioned AIDS.

Doctors sound alarm and urge all who notice plentiful new growths on the skin (pigmentary spots, warts, papillomas, condylomas, ksantelazma, contagious mollusks, birthmarks (nevus), etc.) not to be afraid, and immediately to address for professional consultation to the dermatocosmetologist. As well as the majority of serious diseases, the mentioned new growths on skin are easily curable at an early stage and are extremely dangerous (even a lethal outcome!) at long ignoring of a problem. Always it is necessary to remember that skin new growths are not simply not esthetic, but also can regenerate in malignant. In the latter case consultation of the dermatocosmetologist already should be replaced with the address to the oncologist. It is scientifically established that the healthy pigmentary cell can for 1 - 2 days turn into tumoral!

If to the cosmetologist or the dermatologist your pigmentary new growth on skin seems to

suspicious, after its removal it can send it to the microscopic analysis. By the way, the analysis such is carried out by the pathologist. And it is absolutely natural practice which should not frighten the patient. Even if will find cancer cells in new growths, it is not a reason for panic yet. If you asked for the help of physicians in time, the situation is easily reparable, and in an arsenal at oncologists a number of modern tools on effective fight against the revealed malignant cages.

Physicians already allocated to

the main risk groups which are most subject to progressing dangerous to a new growth on skin:

of the Way of infection:

automatically get Into skin the virus gets through small defects of skin and mucous or through cuts when shaving, microwounds from an epilation, the bitten nails, raschesa on skin, etc.

treatment Methods

the Surgical way - is considered the most traditional, but as a result of removal of a new growth also the part of healthy fabric surely is removed. The method is dangerous also by various infection of an operational wound, a seam divergence. Traditional surgical excision is often recommended for removal of ksantelazm (the hypodermic yellowish plaques in the field of a century which are the testimony of excess of cholesterol in blood). In this case seams are removed in a week.

, as a rule, are deleted with Also surgical way by ateroma (hypodermic spherical mobile grease cysts). Their emergence is most often connected with congenital obstruction of sebaceous glands. Ateroma it is necessary to delete. They are dangerous by an inflammation and increase in sizes. And it is already fraught with a big surgical cut, bandagings with use of disinfecting ointments and reception of antibiotics. During timely removal suture is not even required, and healing takes place in a week, reserving hardly noticeable traces.

Electrosurgical treatment (electroknife) - the bloodless method of removal of a new growth, but is dangerous by electric shock of a zone of influence of an electroknife that it in turn slows down healing. Such method is often recommended for removal of birthmarks, papillomas (thin shoots on the thin skin basis), keratomas (the gray spots which are once reminding the freckles but which increased, shelled and horny) and freckles. Papillomas and keratomas it is obligatory to delete as they demonstrate decrease in immunity and predisposition to an oncological disease.

the Essence of an electrosurgical method consists that the spark precisely deletes a new growth (the surgeon during removal uses special optics), on its place there is a crust which then is processed by spirit solution several times a day. In a week with small the crust disappears. There is no trace left in a consequence on skin. During healing it is impossible to subject the place of operation to influence of water and sunshine.


- removal (liquid nitrogen) - assumes promorazhivany skin which the period of clarification and restoration of an integument follows.

Laser removal - a kind of surgical removal which combines elimination of tumoral fabric in most sparing mode for surrounding healthy fabric, painlessness, speed of procedure and the maximum cosmetic effect when healing.

But it is always easier for p to warn, than to cure. Therefore it is not necessary to neglect elementary methods of prevention of new growths on skin. Among them:

would like to remind

In the conclusion once again to readers of a resource that summer - a time of holidays and improbable solar activity. Chocolate suntan still in fashion, but health - is more expensive. Therefore in the light of the material stated in this article it is worth addressing practice of arrangement of life priorities. And moderate solar bathrooms and vigilance concerning new growths on own skin and skin of close people - pledge of the fact that the come summer will become unforgettably happy and healthy for your family what heartily and I wish you!