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The alphabet of restoration

If the kid is born by means of Cesarean section, so its first shout - a special miracle. About mothers who gave rise in such a way doctors speak:“ Kesarochka“. Validly, on - kind and it is beautiful. As about a bird. But that the period of restoration passed without complications it is “to feather“ rather and with new forces to wave wings towards to happiness of motherhood, it is necessary to follow special recommendations.

After Cesarean section the most difficult are the first days. Such trifle how to turn over sideways, to cough, is deeply allowed to inhale or reach a bed hardly.

the First days

In the first days after operation newly made mother is in an intensive care unit where her state is watched by the nurse and the anesthesiologist. Measure by it the arterial pressure, pulse, temperature, estimate extent of reduction of a uterus and intensity of vaginal allocations, an urination. The nurse changes bandages in the field of a postoperative seam. After application of epiduralny or spinal anesthesia the woman has to be in a bed from 3 to 12 hours. It is necessary to rise gradually, without hurrying, without sharp movements and it is obligatory in the presence of someone from medical staff or relatives. It is possible to sit down on 2 - 3 - y day after operation.

to feel more conveniently after operation, it is enough to follow the following advice:

Revolution sideways

  1. In order that is easier to turn over from a back sideways, first of all, bend knees so that foot rested against the plane on which you lie.
  2. Rest
  3. stupnyam and raise hips so that the body became straight from shoulders to knees.
  4. Turn hips aside and lower them. Then turn an upper body in the same party.

So, you lie on one side. Such way rescues your seams from damages and relieves elbows of painful friction about sheet.


If during operation of Cesarean section was applied by

the general anesthesia, it is necessary to cough to get rid of the slime which accumulated in lungs.

to clear the throat, without being afraid of unpleasant or painful feelings, use simple equipment which is called “barking“. Despite the ironic name, it is really effective and recommended by experts.

  1. needs to strengthen seams hands, a small pillow or to tie with a towel.
  2. Now deeply inhale
  3. , having completely filled lungs.
  4. the Following action - a full exhalation, sharply, but is accurate - having pulled in a stomach, but not inflating it.
  5. Make the sound similar on “gav“.
  6. Repeat
  7. several times within an hour, especially if you feel gurgle or whimpers in a thorax. If the thorax is clean, and you regularly get up from a bed, there is no need to do it often.
If “the unusual birth“ is planned by

owing to special indications about which in detail we already told in the article “Invaluable Help in Childbirth“, to be trained correctly to cough it will be extremely useful.

Rise and walking

For the first time will help to rise by legs from a bed to you the nurse after permission of the attending physician. At the same time you can feel weakness and dizziness. Be not frightened! It is natural, you just underwent a band operation! Irrespective of whether the general anesthesia or an epiduralny anasteziya was applied, the feeling of weakness at the first rises is inevitable.

Now, having for the first time risen, at first think that the most difficult already behind, and your first rise already means that you firmly follow a way of restoration, and everything will go smoothly and quickly.


to be roused, make the following:

  1. Having turned sideways, allow legs to overhang from edge of a bed and transfer yourself to a sitting position.
  2. Sit a little and do the movements by legs.
  3. When you will be ready
  4. , lower legs on a floor and get up (surely with assistance). Stand as it is possible pryamy. It will not damage to your seams even if it seems that they stretch.
  5. As soon as get used to stand, take a small step.

Every time, rising from a bed, you will notice that it is easier and easier to do all this.

try to increase duration of your walks gradually Now. Only do not forget to think at the same time:“ I - well done! With each step I get stronger. Each movement brings closer me to an extract home as each wave wings carries a bird closer and closer to her treasured nest“.

Intestinal gases

They, darling, force to attract attention after any operation on an abdominal cavity. Speaking more simply, it is a situation, it is banal sounded by the words “Swells Out Me“. As the reason of this trouble delay of intestinal activity as a result of operation acts.

will help to Cope with gases to you:

are emitted to

the Urination


One more ticklish moment - possible difficulties with an urination. They can arise after a catheter in a mochetochnik, anesthesia and operation on an abdominal cavity.

be not anxious, drink more liquid, try to urinate in soul or a bathtub. If you cannot urinate, the catheter is still necessary for you for release of a bladder.

Healthy nutrition

Day 1 - y. to the Woman is allowed to drink the water without gas acidified by lemon juice. Considering that usually after operation droppers are put, in the first days mother receives all nutrients directly to the blood course.

Day 2 - y. For the second day after Cesarean section the woman is transferred from chamber of intensive therapy to postnatal office. The diet after Cesarean section is similar to a diet after any band operation. The dense food is excluded - at this time it is necessary to spare bodies of a digestive tract as much as possible.

Day 3 - y and further. The diet is expanded gradually. On 3 - y after surgery low-fat chicken broth, the boiled meat scrolled via the meat grinder, cottage cheese or meat mash or a souffle, porridges enter day into the menu. All diet is divided into of 5 - 6 receptions. allowed to drink not really sweet tea, rather thin kissels, compotes, dogrose broth. The usual volume of food at each reception - of 70 - 100 ml.

the First independent chair has to be on 3 - 5 - y day after operation. After that it is possible to return to the products used during pregnancy, but taking into account the restrictions recommended for the feeding mothers. By this time milk usually comes.


of Normalization of a chair and prevention of locks very much promotes:

Feeding by a breast “from And to I“

Exists a possibility of the first feeding in the operating room provided that operation was performed at local anesthesia, and rules of hospital allow such feeding. But with feeding you should wait a little if operation was performed under the general anesthesia or your child demands medical care.

Try to take away the child from children`s chamber as soon as you recover. It is necessary to remember that certain physical factors complicate applying of the child to a breast.

Even the fear can become the reason of the first unsuccessful feedings. Besides milk can come later (to 5 - 9 day) from - for applications of the general anesthesia and restriction of application of the means reducing a uterus, lack of the necessary hormones which are emitted at natural childbirth. However your kid needs so a chest milk!

Remember the following rules.

Demand applying to the child`s breast right after childbirth or after you depart from an anesthesia. But do not expect from the first applying to a breast of the real feeding as both of you need to learn much still.

Ask supports for your doctor if you meet a ban of doctors or nurses of hospital on feeding of the child in postnatal office if childbirth took place normally. Have to bring you the child for feeding.


Most often in maternity hospitals after Caesarian use the drugs compatible to chest feeding, however nurses still frighten mothers by harmful drugs, especially antibiotics. Ask your doctor what preparations to you are appointed and whether they are compatible to feeding. Write down names of these drugs.

Can happen that in time intended for feeding, your child will sleep. Wake him in spite of the fact that it will seem not ethic. When he wakes up, at once begin feeding. The main thing - your desire to begin and continue feeding. Production of milk very strongly depends on two things: your confidence is that you can feed the kid, and sosatelny activity of the child.

When the kid was brought for feeding, surely apply it to a breast even if he sleeps: children can suck in a light slumber.

Be patient

. Do not worry, the child will not be hungry as the need for food at newborns is small. Your child first of all needs love and caress. Press it to yourself. He “will remember“ your heartbeat and “recognizes“ you.

If the child was

with you not earlier 3 - go day and at the same time contains separately:

Being in chamber separately from the child, decant both breasts - better to make 8 - 10 short attempts for 5 minutes, each 2 hours, excepting a night break with 24. 00 to 6. 00. Your kid was only born, and colostrum is produced a little so far - on his natural requirement. Therefore decanted 5 − 10 grams are much. And it is impossible to be decanted “to a last straw“. Do not torment yourself. Collect colostrum in a small bottle, 8 hours it can be stored without refrigerator, at the room temperature. At the first opportunity give colostrum to your kid, it is the best of all from a spoon, having put the kid on the elbow so that he was on it poluvertikalno.

If the child is brought to you to feed on hours, keep still of 6 - 8 decantations, excepting a night break. Usually every second feeding - is inefficient from - that the child is finished feeding, and he got used to suck from a bottle. If during feeding the child actively sucked a breast in the correct situation, consider this appointment as decantation. If the child sucked inertly - decant a breast after feeding.

At each appointment to the child should concentrate not on that how many it will exhaust, and on how it takes a breast.

Surely put the child to both breasts in one feeding, for the best stimulation of a lactation. Act this way before essential inflow of milk which can begin for 2 - 5 day after the child began to be brought on feeding regularly.

you Feed with

the child only when it is quiet. Otherwise it will not be able to find and take pacifiers. If the child strongly shouts, press him to yourself, shake and calm. Then give a breast. To reduce a postoperative indisposition, when feeding the child enclose under it a pillow, laying down sideways. Over time pain of a seam will pass and you will test only pleasure when feeding the child.

you with the kid of the house!

be not nervous if you have failures when feeding the child. It is necessary to begin feeding quiet and weakened as far as it is possible. Learn not to think of anything that can afflict, upset you.

Besides, mental tension can reduce release of milk.

Invite the consultant for breastfeeding for training in practice and technology of breastfeeding (it is necessary to learn to put correctly, correctly to take away, nestle, feed from different provisions, to feed lying and to sleep together in the child, it is correct to decant if it is necessary)

To consultation on breastfeeding put the child to a breast each 2 hours irrespective of, he sleeps or is awake, excepting a night break with 22 - 24 one o`clock in the morning to 4 - x mornings.


the child with yourself in a bed as soon as you keep within and you sleep all night long near it.

your food when feeding

When feeding by a breast needs to include not less than 500 ml of milk, kefir or curdled milk, of 50 - 100 g in a daily diet cottage cheese, about 200 g of meat, 600 g of vegetables (different vegetables it is better to enter in turn), 1 egg, of 300 - 500 fruit (the quantity should be increased gradually), 35 g of creamy and 20 g of vegetable oil.

Should exclude the alcohol and products causing an allergy: honey, citrus, strawberry, chocolate, canned food, sausages. It is necessary to drink enough liquid. It is also recommended to resume reception vitaminno - mineral complexes for pregnant women and feeding as the need for vitamins and minerals remains same high, as well as during pregnancy.

It is desirable for

that someone helped you about the house that you could devote time to both restoration of own forces, and establishing breastfeeding. Through two - three months you will be able already to begin to be engaged in special exercises to find elasticity of a stomach, symmetry of legs, beauty of a breast.

Anyway, you now - mother! The proud, but gentle and loving Kesarochk`s bird. Wave wings over the cozy nest and carefully cover it, here your happiness - happiness of motherhood is concentrated now!