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Care of skin of the newborn

In order that it is correct to look after the newborn`s skin, it is necessary not to forget for a second that it very gentle and vulnerable. The clothes of the child always have to be soft and natural, and seams on it have to be outside. As for hygiene of skin, for the child it is very important point as healthy skin is the main barrier and protection of its organism against an infection.

So, let`s sort as it is necessary to look after the child`s skin during the day.

needs to be begun Morning with

with washing. We begin with the child`s eyes. We take a pure wadded tampon and we moisten it in warm boiled water. We wipe eyes in turn, at the same time for each eye it is necessary to take a new tampon. It will warn a possible transmission of infection from one eye to another. It is necessary to wipe eyes from an external corner to internal.

If at your child white allocations in an internal corner of eyes accumulate, it is possible to use camomile broth for wiping. Also, if eyes ôsourô, it is possible to try to dig them breast milk.

After you finished with eyes, it is possible to pass to care of the newborn`s nose. In it crusts which need to be deleted that the child could breathe freely can accumulate. Clean a nose usually hard zhgutik from cotton wool. Ear sticks do not suit for these purposes as the child`s skin still very vulnerable, and the nasal courses are too narrow. We moisten cotton wool with children`s oil - it will soften crusts and will allow to remove them without serious consequences.

after that we moisten a wadded tampon with boiled water and we wipe all face.

During the whole day needs to watch that skin of inguinal folds and buttocks remained pure and dry. These places at the child are most of all subject to aggressive influence of urine and a calla. Therefore dirty diapers and diapers need to be changed regularly.

After the child pokakat, skin of buttocks and inguinal folds it is necessary to wash out properly under flowing water with children`s soap. At the same time your movements during washing have to be surely directed in front back - it will prevent hit of microbes from an anus on area of genitals.

After you washed out the polluted places, the child it is necessary to dry up. For this purpose use a warm and soft towel. At the same time the child it is necessary not to wipe (it for his skin too big test), and to get wet.

can apply after that to

the moisturizing children`s cream on the washed-out places. It will calm irritation and will promote fast restoration of skin.

If you are not at home, can use special children`s wet towel wipes.

Evening - usually time for bathing of the newborn. At this time usually all house assembled, and the child, as we know, it is better to bathe with the assistant. Bathing usually promotes calm of the child and better falling asleep. However if your child does not calm down, and, on the contrary, is overexcited from this procedure, can transfer it to any time, convenient for you.