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Childbirth with the husband: for and against

On this subject discussions are conducted long ago. Both supporters, and at opponents of joint childbirth have powerful arguments. Here also pregnant women are lost, without knowing on whose party the truth. Look for information on the Internet, collect on particles, and are afraid to make the wrong decision.

However today the website for mothers of supermams. ru aggregated all pros and cons of childbirth with the husband. Whether it is worth giving birth together with the husband what consequences of each of decisions will be, and also in this occasion look for advice to men in today`s article.

Childbirth with the husband:“ for“

Childbirth with the husband - it is fashionable. You can hear enthusiastic responses of girlfriends, to see propaganda in the press and on the Internet.

to the Giving birth woman in the presence of the husband more comfortably. Realizing that nearby the loved one who not just observes, and takes great pain to help, the woman gives birth more easily.

the Husband can help

not only morally. Doing to the giving birth wife massage of a back and the lower part of a stomach, taking away in a toilet, calling midwifes, helping to breathe at attempts, the husband is the most directly involved in labor.

Childbirth with the husband is good

also the fact that the husband can control medical staff, specifying what pricks and tablets give to the woman in labor, what their contraindications. At the husband doctors and midwifes behave more correctly and politely.

Having given birth to the child “together“, at the newly made father fatherly feelings are shown at once, he begins to love the child earlier, without long accustoming. Further such fathers nurse children on an equal basis with mother.

Affection of the husband for the wife amplifies. They as though become a whole that can confirm a set of couples. The relations become stronger and come to other level of development.

Here history of one giving birth: “I gave birth with the husband. During fights he helped me to overcome this pain, and at the time of delivery “breathed“ with me and made an effort. He observed all process, saw how there is a head, and then and all body of the child. After the delivery our relations became more trembling and warm, and sex - sensual and gentle“.

Childbirth with the husband:“ against“

Some women consider that presence of the husband at childbirth only stirs. During fights and the process of childbirth they cannot get off mind that the husband is “source“ of their sufferings. Now to them it is so heavy, and it is relieved of it.

Also the husband can test fault that he cannot help the wife in any way. It is aggravated with the fact that the wife can become irritable and break on the husband, shout at him and say that it does everything incorrectly.

Childbirth with the husband can not only not strengthen a family, and on the contrary, to be a push to disorder, especially if before in the relations not all was smooth.

the Husband can not calculate the forces and at the responsible moment to panic or in a faint and to draw all attention of doctors to itself. It is impossible to be sure for all 100% that the spouse will remain quiet and judicious.

of the Opponent of childbirth with the husband is considered that the birth has to be secret, and in the woman there has to be a riddle. The husband absolutely has no need to know such anatomic details of an organism.

the category of women who hesitate therefore against childbirth with the husband Is. Confuses them that the husband will see the wife in an unattractive look: shaggy, groaning from the pain which is c not find any peace in different poses, with horror represent that the husband will drive in a toilet... Or in general will see blood, slime, the placenta remains, a bloody umbilical cord. Thinking of how they look at present, women will distract from the process of childbirth.

But the most important argument against childbirth with the husband, is that after all what was seen the husband can lose any sexual interest in the wife! Moreover, the man can even have disgust to once to the beloved and will begin to treat her after the delivery only as to mother of his child. And this fact will be confirmed by many men! And only the skilled psychologist will be able to help with it.

Here that tells one giving birth with the husband:“ After the delivery with the husband I noticed some changes in behavior of the spouse. He as though moved away from me, became the stranger, kissed only on a cheek and avoided proximity. If sex at us also happened, then everything occurred quickly and without emotions. He explained me it with what cannot forget what was seen at the time of delivery. Though there passed already whole year! I wrote down it to the expert, and, it seems, slowly everything is adjusted“.


Councils to men

If made the decision to give birth together, then it is better to be prepared for childbirth in advance. Attend special courses, read literature.

Let the wife feels your support and confidence in happy end. Be not lost, take with yourself the book about pregnancy and childbirth. Read to the wife that she knew what now happens to it.

you Monitor its breath. Show the example as it is necessary to breathe correctly during fights and childbirth. Stroke or mass to the beloved a stomach and a waist (if mastered technology of massage).

during attempts you hold the wife by a hand or caress a face and the head, you tell it gentle words. You breathe and tuzhtes together. It is absolutely optional to p to watch

“to that place“, it is possible to stand at a headboard of giving birth.

do not climb to doctors with the councils, but also do not show an absolute indifference to their actions. Attentively execute their recommendations. You are not rude and do not panic.

If you feel

that you cannot observe the events any more, leave the room not to distract doctors.

Be ready

to unexpected behavior of the wife. If she asks, leave its one and do not give her an excess reason to be nervous.

If you consider that in maternity chamber you do not fit, but to be near the wife at such important point all is want, stay with the spouse during fights. And at the time of delivery wait for birth of the kid where - nibud behind a wall.

In case the wife insists on joint childbirth, and you against this invention, do not give arguments which can seem to the pregnant woman unconvincing. Explain better that you will not be able to behave and refer to weak nerves.

Councils to the women who decided to give birth together with the husband

If all of you decided to give birth with the husband, so weighed all pros and cons and estimated possible consequences.

In this question the most important is a desire of the husband, his initiative. Arrangements and coercion it is impossible to push to it. And it is impossible to hold up as an example other families too. You will not be able to foresee reaction of the husband.

And whether the husband at childbirth is necessary? Perhaps, to you will be more comfortable if nearby there is mother, the sister or the girlfriend?

Anyway whatever you made the decision I wish you in it good luck!