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Is a profession which is chosen with special care today. It is the teacher`s profession. By the way, over the country Year of the teacher walks... It turns out - and does not walk at all, and carefully so goes.

Earlier persons interested to become teachers just went to pedagogical higher education institutions. Today other option of education - classical university is offered to future teachers. Over teacher training Universities threat of closing or transformation into branch of other higher education institution, or merge of two pedagogical universities in one soars. The Russian society often treats entrants of teacher training Universities haughtily: and supposedly they did not choose a profession as sense, and are not especially ready to receipt, and in school then to work do not go. Yes even when will go - all the same the authority of a teacher`s profession, alas, is low.

In this situation, obviously, have nothing to be afraid only to the person, reasonably confident in the pedagogical calling. And what to do to the rest?

Probably, many have a temptation to tell itself: or I am convinced of the teacher`s gift and where - nibud yes I will arrive, or me better and to think to forget about pedagogical education and about everything that is connected with teachers.

Nevertheless, it is more favorable to remember the last, and to all entrants, irrespective of the chosen profession.

to That

the reason is: the talented teacher possesses the special power - he is able to interest the pupil in an unloved subject hitherto. This extremely important ability. History when you, either your parents, or your friends radically changed the relation to a subject - and all thanks to influence of the teacher is familiar to everyone. Most of people consider such stories as surprising precedents of the biography, but not as lessons to themselves. Facing a complex vital challenge, not everyone tries to treat it as to unexpectedly interesting call. As to something hitherto boring and incomprehensible - but suddenly explained with the favourite teacher. As though only he is capable to see it entertaining in the world around us. And actually it can do everyone. One, without teachers, being a teacher to itself. And it is the truth.

the Problem that dependence on the teacher is widespread very widely. Can seem to you that your knowledge depends on whether it was lucky you to study at such person; from whether is similar Makarenko and Yanusha Korchaki at your school, in your area, in your city, in your country. If is - it is happiness if nobody put on you on magic glasses of interest in a subject - such is destiny. So supposedly the physics is not yours.

A meanwhile at this problem of the whole two decisions.

Can look for the Teacher independently. Also it is possible to be engaged with high degree of responsibility in self-education.

“and“. As it is the best of all to solve this problem in two ways at the same time.

So, before you the list of school disciplines from which good few causes in you emotional reaction it seems “only not it!“ . Consider that it is a signal to find out about people who gave just opposite reaction and even became famous subsequently. What it they noticed in a subject that it is interesting to them, and to you - no yet?


does not like geography, and the foreign language is pleasant? Nevertheless, it is worth studying several biographies of geographers, since Strabon: foreign will not get to anywhere. Especially as, live all people, contrary to geography, on one patch, foreign languages would exist unless only in the secret purposes.

when you already know

A, than the unloved science of the rested classics axiomatic long ago attracted, there comes the most interesting. Who is fond of this science today? The present permits to be with the famous people on friendly terms. Having learned about this or that scientist, already the next day you can become his friend in Facebook, in Livejournal or send it the letter to foreign university, the benefit the address is available on the website like www. academia. edu (by the way, it is the most interesting network where search of scientists in higher education institutions of the whole world in a consent with their scientific priorities is possible). Why not to admit to the coryphaeus that you want to study at him if this is true? Great masters once were journeymen. Even just watching active scientific life from far away, sooner or later you will see that such people have more friends, than at you, - and it will want to understand at least for the sake of it a subject better.

the Side effect of similar independent search of the teacher - expansion of a picture of the world. You will find out that you suit much more professions, than it seemed earlier.

Of course, it is not necessary to chase friendship only with scientific celebrities. The phrase “Nobody to me not the friend, nobody not the enemy, but each person - the teacher“ is loved by many, and it is deserved. Being able to make out the conscious or involuntary teacher`s beginning in any person, you will become wiser and more attentive - and will is realistic to look at the world.

Search of the Teacher is similar

to free floating in the sea, and in self-education is much from imitation. In what it is possible to imitate the teacher?

In - the first, the favourite teacher, let and in an unloved subject is an also outstanding personality. How to imitate? It is necessary to become the personality most.

In - the second, the good teacher knows that each pupil has difficulties. And here in what imitation? You learn to listen to yourself and will depend less on the assessment given you by people around.

B - the third, the teacher has to believe that he speaks unlike the scientist doubting all. To believe in any theory, at first it is necessary to become interested in it...

B - the fourth, the teacher forms around himself group of pupils. Having understood how it becomes, you will be able to surround yourself with the adherents who are interested in the same questions, as you.

B - the fifth, the good teacher is always ready to answer a question of the inquisitive pupil. So, the expat Timothy About “Connor, the year which worked the vice rector by training at National research technological university MISIS in interview to the website Slon. ru told: “The American teacher is a guide, he gives advice, asks questions, or gives other point of view... When I work, students have access to me in any day, at any time“. But it is possible to behave in a research tone, asking similar questions independently!

So, imitating ideal teachers, you can become the outstanding personality knowing itself, with the developed interests, surrounded with adherents, investigating life and the world around. Well? Great! (It is unlike the average teacher? No matter!)

Then that it is not volume, you would like to go to the pedagogical university and whether you see yourself working at school. It is useful to like this profession first of all for own professional growth. And everywhere will be glad to professionals. And at school - too.

By the way, the president charged to the Ministry of Education to work the mechanism of involvement of perspective university graduates to work at schools recently. Perhaps, for mass providing schools with university graduates this mechanism is actually necessary. But if you already “involved“ yourself in development of own personality, the mechanism any will not be required: if you want to work at school, at you it will turn out.