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Not to eat and die beautiful!

“Above all I was disturbed by a question: “It is worth smearing oil on sandwich or not?! How I could think of something another when all my thoughts - about oil?! I was awfully hungry, but even stronger I was afraid to recover. Fear... It demented me and when I before it gave up, there were unimaginable things - contents of the refrigerator were swept away clean, but hunger did not take place... The clothes became closer... I hated myself and the figure! I thought that I will never grow thin any more...“

On the TV screen - the young and attractive woman. She goes along the counters which are filled up with products asks the price, tries, buys. It I... And lines in quotes is a voice “off-screen“ - my voice. Yes, it was with me, but I am sure that any more will never repeat. Now I do not feel fear for the figure and a remorse when I eat a roll or ice cream. I know that I will eat so much how many it will want to me and nothing will happen to me! Such I came to transfer of studio of Yulia Menshova “Be continued.“ also told about the victory to millions of TV viewers.


to a victory? And why I made it?

the Editor of the program Marina admitted that it hardly managed to find “heroine“ who in detail would tell about how she managed to win against such disorders of food as bulimia and anorexia as it was that she “did“ with it how many ate how many she weighed on how many recovered and how many kilogram would like to have ideally. In total - all - all - what the woman can go to from - for fear to lose a figure! It was necessary to tell how relatives and first of all the husband treated this problem. Perhaps, they did not see any problem at all? Or the husband liked stout women? All these trifles had to show a real picture of all of “hell circles“ which there passes the growing thin woman.

the Woman it is very difficult for p to admit to itself that it has an abnormal relation to food. It is even more difficult to tell about it to someone even if the problem is completely realized. It is a shame and it is humiliating. It is better to hide it, a problem, more deeply and to pretend that nothing occurs. Whether it is really better? What hides under this external wellbeing? Whether women realize that they are sick and this illness can bring them to the latest line behind which there is a death?.

That is why I agreed to take part in transfer, having put aside all “urgent“ affairs - I wanted to help, to warn millions of televiewers against repetition of own mistakes. In Yulya Menshova`s studio I told the story. Only history. Conclusions and the conclusions were made by the experts who are present at the hall - doctors and psychologists. To me it is strict - it was strictly forbidden “to give lectures“. Therefore “lectures“ I wanted to write down and make everything that you, dear women, read them.

Obsession weight loss - purely female mania

of What you are afraid of

above all? Many will answer without hesitating:“ To recover“. And it is valid, results of numerous polls show that today`s girls are afraid to gather extra kilos more, than wars, diseases and even death of close people!

to you is awfully hungry

, and at the same time you resist it very much because you are afraid to recover. You struggle with yourself and can do nothing with it. In total so? It is time to understand why you are obsessed with desire to grow thin, and to try to get out of this dangerous trap which you also delivered yourself.

the Fear of excess weight appears at surprisingly early age. Schoolmates of my daughter to whom for 12 years, gather and say about how to grow thin, unanimously expressing at the same time hatred to shortcomings of own figure. I suspect that business is not limited only to talk.

Very young little girls are seduced with fancy diets. 20 - the summer girl with a height of 160 centimeters weighs only 40 kilograms! She is not hungry at all, she grew thin the whole three years! Now is afraid that if does not limit itself in food, then in a month former weight will gain again.

Each woman wants to become more slender than

to look more attractive. Of course, there is nothing reprehensible in caring for the appearance. However the desire to be harmonous can cost you life. Why?

to Starve itself

there is a dangerous disorder of food - nervously - mental (or nervous) anorexia. By calculations, one of hundred girls has anorexia. Actually, millions of young women have this illness - there can be even someone from your acquaintances!

Sometimes anorexia begins

gradually. The woman can be fond, apparently, of absolutely harmless diet, it is possible to dump only several kilograms. However, having achieved the objectives, she does not calm down. “It is advisable to grow thin still!“ - she speaks, with disapproval considering herself in a mirror. So, she decides to dump some more kilograms. Then still. And still. So there is a vicious circle, and seeds of anorexia get to a fertile field.

Of course, not all who keep to a diet, anorexics. Some really have reasons for concern, and to them does not prevent to dump several kilograms. But many women have a distorted idea of own figure. Such false idea of itself can be compared to a curve mirror in the room of laughter: you seem to yourself thicker, than is actually.

Therefore sick with anorexia terribly is afraid to grow stout - even if it thin as a match. She constantly is engaged in physical exercises and is several times a day weighed, being afraid, not to recover as if and “not to spoil everything“. When she eats, puts to herself absolutely slightly - slightly. Or can absolutely nothing is.“ Every day when I went to school, mother collected to me a lunch, and nearly an every day I threw out it, - Olga, the girlfriend of my daughter tells. - Soon I got used to eat nothing, and even when wanted to eat, could not. There was no appetite“.

At first anorexics, similar to Olga delighted with the fact that reduce weight. But improper feeding? eventually? affects an organism. Patients become sleepy and apathetic. Progress at school begins to suffer. At some the periods stop. Sometimes their pulse weakens and arterial pressure falls so that threat for health is created. But anorexics do not feel danger. In fact, the only danger to them is again to gain the weight, at least kilogram.


of the Patient makes the diagnosis “anorexia“ when the weight of her body falls by 15 percent below norm and within three or more months it has no periods.

Anorexia - not the only type of disorders of food and not the most widespread. Nervous bulimia - the scourge striking almost is three times more than girls, than anorexia. A constant overeating - one more type of disorders of food similar to bulimia. Give all this we will consider in more detail.

the Hidden scourge

“The girlfriend admitted to me recently that she secretly takes food and eats. Then it causes in itself vomiting. According to her, it proceeds two years“. These are lines from the letter of the girl in the heading “Column of Councils“ of one magazine. The girl described the symptoms typical for disorder of food which is called bulimia.

Sick with bulimia snatches on food and absorbs it quickly and in large quantities. Then she tries to get rid of eaten, is frequent - artificially causing vomiting. Of course, such procedure of release of a stomach will seem to much disgusting. But here what is told by the women who were influenced everything:“ The more at you experience, the it is easier to do it again. The first feeling of disgust or even fear are quickly replaced by requirement to repeat it“.

It is considered p that bulimia and anorexia - “different sides of the same coin“. Though symptoms at these diseases opposite, it is both connected with obsessions about food. But, unlike anorexics, it is much easier for patient with bulimia to hide the illness. As they eat much, they do not grow thin, and release of a stomach does not allow them to grow stout. Therefore such people not too thin and not too full, and from outside it seems that they eat as all.“ Within nine years, - Elena says, - I ate with greed, and then caused vomiting, it repeated sometimes four - five times a day. Nobody knew about my problem which I reliably hid behind a screen of confidence, content and quite usual constitution“.

However with those who suffer from a constant overeating the situation is differently. It is similar to patients with bulimia, they for time eat a large number of food. As the constant overeating is not followed by release of a stomach, such people are as a little, and very full and sometimes have obesity.

Health hazard

All three types of disorder of food constitute serious health hazard. Anorexia can lead to severe exhaustion, and is frequent - by some estimates in 15 percent of cases - to death. The overeating, is followed it by release of a stomach or not, hazardously to health. Sometimes because of obesity develop life-threatening warmly - vascular diseases, diabetes and even some types of cancer. Artificially caused vomiting can lead to injury of a gullet, and abuse of laxatives and diuretics - in extreme cases to cardiac arrest.

But should pay attention to one aspect connected with disorders of food. All these troubles happen only to women who lack self-esteem which are inclined to have feeling of depression and alarm. Therefore having anorexia, bulimia and a constant overeating usually feel unfortunate.

It is obvious that they need the help! But how to help those who suffer from disorders of food, to be exempted from persuasive desire to grow thin? We will surely consider this question in one of the following articles on this subject - I promise!