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The most important person of

All the life I was afraid of pain both physical, and psychological. Likely it also influenced the choice of my profession - I am a psychologist.

When I became pregnant, tested the real horror: it was necessary to give birth (though before childbirth it was still very far), toxicosis and a heap of other problems. Several days shivered with horror, even forgot to tell the husband about this news. When learned, very much was delighted that we will have a child. And here I understood: we will have a child, the kid, the son (for some reason the thought of the boy came at once)! Everything rose on the places at once, all fears left. I began to think not of pregnancy as about a condition of a body, and about the child.

All pregnancy departed easily, the stomach only growing reminded that there the whole world disappears and grows.

the First ultrasonography in 12 weeks showed that there will be a boy (as I and felt), the father was delighted! At once told date of childbirth - on January 21 though warned that only 5% of children are born in time.

the Kid grew at

, gained weight, was very mobile: the stomach shook nearly 24 hours a day! On the 35th week hypostases began, pressure rose, began to gain weight sharply. The doctor made the diagnosis - gistoz. It was necessary to lay down urgently in office of pathology.

Before New year I decided to descend in maternity hospital in which was going to give birth. Got acquainted with the manager. office of pathology which had to observe me before childbirth. On reception decided that I will come to lay down after all New Year`s vacation, number on January 11. But having come after New year to maternity hospital, I did not find the doctor. It turned out that it on the sick-list. Urgently through acquaintances began to look for another. While looked for, in office laid down only on January 17. Decided to give birth with the husband for a fee - on a VHI insurance, still call such childbirth author`s. Also found the doctor. Yes it that after seconds did not regret. Got acquainted, it turned out that we are namesakes - both Natalya.

When laid down in office, Natalya Timofeevna took great interest in my arrangement at once though she had to deliver only at me! Placed in double chamber - luxury, performed inspection at once (it turned out that there is a disclosure on two fingers!) Natalya Timofeevna talked to my doctor who will observe me in office of pathology.

I Laid down on Thursday, and on Friday severe pains in the bottom of a stomach began. Pains arose at any change of position of a body: I could not sit, lie, go, turn with a side sideways. At once complained to the attending physician and Natalya Timofeevna. I was urgently sent for consultation to the traumatologist and the orthopedist who made the diagnosis at once simfizit - an inflammation of a lonny joint. Also forbade me to give birth independently.

When learned

that will do Cesarean section, all fears, experiences returned at once. But here Natalya Timofeevna came to the rescue. She very in detail and well told me about the operation, reduced on excursion in postnatal chambers, in office of the childhood where the first days are kids. Somehow at once it became easier.


Made the next ultrasonography. Operation was appointed to January 25, told that before this term I will not give rise for now collect analyses. On Monday, January 21, in 5. The 30th mornings departed waters, and here I remembered initial date of childbirth. In total - my kid got to these rare 5% and decided to be born precisely in time! Called Natalya Timofeevna, told on a post and went to pack things. Strange, but I was absolutely quiet, likely did not understand yet.

Me was sent to prenatal chamber. Here - that to me also came understanding of all events, and me shook. I understood that I will see soon the kid for whose meeting I prepared all 9 months.

the nurse Came and led me in delivery room. There I was undressed, gave special boot covers, a hat and laid on the operating table. It was awfully inconvenient to lie on a back, the pot-belly very much pressed on a hollow vein, the head began to spin, pressure rose. At last, the anesthesiologist came. Accurately probed a backbone, found the right place. And here the torture began. I could not in any way lying on one side, to bend the head to knees that to me entered anesthesia, stirred a stomach. Nurses who kept me in the necessary situation came to the rescue while entered medicine. I will tell honestly, feeling not from pleasant. It seemed, the backbone holds apart and is filled with something cold. Then inserted a catheter into a vein. Soon my body below a breast lost sensitivity.

my doctor Came. Asked about health, once again calmed and started operation. And here, at last, I hear shout of the little man. I do not see it yet, in a breast everything holds apart with happiness, and I already love it. In eyes there are tears, and I hardly can make out it. Maternal heart was not mistaken - it is the boy. Yes what! Weight - 4420 gr., growth - 55 cm, the real athlete!

of the Kid was carried away to wash, dress. And here it again with me, put to a breast directly in the operating room. The children`s doctor right there asked permissions about statement of inoculations. And suddenly I realized huge responsibility for the kid that in his life I am the most important person, and in my life - he!