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We buy products together with the child of

the Main task of each mother - to be in time all! Including to run in shop... Stop! Your child already quite independently moves on shank`s mare? Means, you can combine business with pleasure - to make purchases and to give for the kid the training practical classes in shop.

So, forward!

First time of century. shop!

Being going to shop, take with yourself a small bag from dense polyethylene (it more convenient, than a package - a T-shirt). Let the kid himself bear the small purchases - so he feels independent and at the same time helps mother.

It will be better than

if houses you write the list of all necessary in advance that to forget nothing in shop. Well and of course, if you not by car, with you there is still no of adults, do not plan to be bought this time by products on the half-month ahead. You have more important task - to acquaint the kid with process, to tell everything to it and to show.

If the child already was to you in shop, but still played a passive role of “observer“, sitting in a carriage or the cart, surely emphasize novelty of a situation: “And today we will shop with you together, you are already absolutely big and real mother`s assistant.“

to the Child is more senior than

it is possible to lead on the road: “What did we eat for lunch today? Soup which was cooked by mother. And from what soup is cooked? From meat and vegetables - potatoes, carrots, cabbage. And where to take us with you meat and vegetables? Let`s go, we will look from where they appear at our place.“

As it is a lot of interesting!

the Department of vegetables and fruit dazzles with bright paints. The suitable place to repeat with the child of the name of flowers. Let it will show a finger red, green, yellow vegetables and fruit. If your kid already speaks, he for certain knows names of the most widespread vegetables and fruit. And in large supermarkets it is possible to see not on the picture and gifts of the nature, type of mango or avocado, exotic for us.

the Bakery department, as a rule, is located in the most far corner of shop (the known marketing mix). Therefore when you reach, at last, it, it will be quite logical to tell something it seems: “There now, we with you went - went and reached the most important place. Here bread, and bread on a table - most important is on sale.“


to the child what different bakery products are on sale, without forgetting to pay attention to their distinctive signs: color, form, size.“ There is round bread, and there is “brick“. There is black bread, and there is white. There are long long loafs, and there are small rolls... “Well and so on, depending on your imagination and the range of shop.

to the Child is more senior than

it is possible to tell in general process of hit of finished bread in shop: at first wheat grew in the field, then combines reaped a crop, from grain on a mill flour turned out, and on a bakery bakers baked toasted bread and rolls of flour - here how many work of different people is enclosed in one loaf.

Buying by

products, do not forget about each member of your family: let the child pay attention and remembers that for the grandmother you bought rolls to tea, for the father - pork chop, for the senior little sister - yogurts, for a cat - a pack of a dry feed. At children`s age the habit to care for relatives is put.

A it is still very important to p to talk to the child about usefulness of these or those food:“ Cottage cheese and kefir strengthen stones, help you to grow big and healthy. They need to be eaten every day... ““Lives in different fruit much - many vitamins. When you eat an apple or a pear, these vitamins settle at you in an organism and do not allow it to hurt...“

on this subject are actually boundless

of the Variation. You will see what will cause the greatest interest in the kid. Such talk and your personal example create the base for healthy nutrition in the future.

Dream, think out - and you are convinced what interesting and useful will become for the child each visit of shop with you!