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We prepare for the child`s birth: how to choose maternity hospital?

When in a family here - the kid here has to be born, future parents are extremely anxious with a problem of the choice of that sacred place where their beloved child will be born. Some nearly from the moment of conception re-read everything that they find in the Internet, ask again all long ago and recently given rise girlfriends and already by the end of the first trimester are ready to tell that they chose both maternity hospital, and the doctor.

However such have not enough

- the majority is puzzled with a choice problem closely literally for few weeks before childbirth. In principle, if the organism of future mother is healthy, pregnancy proceeded “perfectly well“ and nothing extraordinary is expected, then this approach is quite justified - eventually, problems should be solved in process of their receipt.

But should remember

that, in - the first, people - not the robot, and something can always go in the mode a swagger - a major, and in - the second, ideally healthy women presently, alas, it is a little.

Therefore it will be better than

if you choose maternity hospital in good time - not really pleasantly if you do not manage to make it, and “ambulance“ will carry you, “where god will send“. And the more so it is unpleasant if the maternity hospital planned by you in a planned order is closed on disinfection (date of estimated childbirth which to you was designated in consultation - nevertheless piece very approximate and statistically “precisely in time“ gives birth to only 4% of women). In such cases the lottery quite often turns out: will carry - well, is not present - means, no. And the child`s birth - at all not that process in which it is worth relying at random and to push luck.

And it is better for p to get acquainted with the doctor not for couple of days to “event“ that he at least managed to get acquainted a little both with you, and with your medical card, and with your organism. And in general was on the place not to appear in a situation when the chosen doctor goes on leave or leaves for study just when you have to give birth.

Therefore we will competently choose

. At first we will decide on sources. How we usually choose maternity hospital? There was only “gossip hotline“ earlier, now to it the feature to study responses on the Internet and even let to receive own impressions - in maternity hospitals now more freely, than years 15 - 20 back was added, and a lot of things (service level, a condition of the room) you can see with own eyes.

However should remember

that any responses - only subjective opinions of people with which at you it can appear very little general. For example, all have different ideas of comfort and if someone writes that in maternity hospital “purely, but it is poor“ - not the fact that so it also is, and there absolutely a sphere drive. Simply, perhaps, the person got used to other standards of life. If specify the fact that the child is brought on joint stay at once as minus (“and will not even allow to sleep!“ ), can quite be that you have other values, and you - would just like to be from the first hours with the kid so this minus for you will be plus.

So responses and so-called “ratings“ - it is good, but only as one of factors which is better for analysing in a complex with others, having just brought for itself together information on what governed in maternity hospital, what personnel, how many people in chamber what service is provided for an additional fee whether close the maternity hospital is located to your house (in emergency not great pleasure to go through all city to rush hour on traffic jams). What will seem essential to you - can not concern others and vice versa at all. So you proceed only from the priorities.

So what should be found out and estimated first of all?

  1. of the Condition with prenatal office: what chambers, as far as they pure and comfortable, how many places, what personnel in office that is allowed to be had in chamber that from necessary should be brought from the house as in maternity hospital is not present (for example, of CD - the player or a heater in a cold season).
  2. of the Condition in the delivery room: whether it is equipped with the equipment, necessary for difficult cases, whether there is an opportunity to choose how to give birth (for example, you are ready for vertical childbirth, and your maternity hospital cannot provide such service as under it it is not equipped).
  3. of the Condition in postnatal office - whether perhaps stay, joint with the child, what chambers, what level of service whether there is in each chamber of souls also a toilet or they “on the floor“ how competent and polite personnel whether they will help if it is difficult - and on whom it is specifically possible to count whom it makes sense to address (for this purpose it is also useful to learn “public opinion“). Important and that, how many people in chamber, and here requirements at all different: someone is irritated by presence of neighbors, and to someone, on the contrary, it is sad in individual chamber where “and to talk there is nobody“.
  4. the Children`s office - is nearly more important than all the rest in maternity hospital. To give birth to the child - half-affairs, it is important that the personnel were rather qualified, and after the delivery nothing “wrong“ happened to the kid. Therefore (and here again the best assistant - “gossip hotline“) meticulously find out, whether adequate nurses in children`s office whether they finish feeding mixes of kids - the babies who are separately from mothers; as far as in general carefully, carefully also show consideration for children.
  5. What in maternity hospital of a neonatology - it is also extremely important. Not all children are born healthy, and from qualification of doctors who will observe them, a lot of things depend. And competent recommendations of skilled doctors very much will be useful to you after an extract even with the healthiest baby.
  6. It is important what additional services the maternity hospital can provide: an opportunity to choose a type of childbirth (vertical, classical), various options of anesthesia, including epiduralny whether are possible (and on what conditions) childbirth with the husband, visits on demand - it is probable, something from this list will be for you extremely essential.
  7. of Subjects who has serious problems with health, it is important to consider specifics of maternity hospital: in the presence of diabetes, diseases it is warm - vascular system, kidneys, and also in a case a Rhesus factor - the conflict in the large cities the woman in labor in a maternity welfare unit has to be sent to the relevant profile maternity hospital. And in those places where there is no such opportunity, it is necessary to make secure and report in advance the main diagnosis that doctors were ready to the help adequate to your case and involved adjacent experts.
  8. the question of payment Is important
  9. . To you and only to you to solve, whether to give birth, using only an insurance, or to use additional services and how many in general money you are able to afford to spend for a payment for stay in maternity hospital and on “gratitude“ to doctors and personnel. However you remember: it, of course, is important, but is one thousand times less, than to successfully give birth to the healthy child therefore it is better for future mother to concentrate on the main objective, and it is more reasonable to charge settling of financial questions to the sane and responsible family member (usually it is husbands or parents). Anyway, it is necessary to get acquainted with quotations on services of maternity hospital in advance and to solve everything on a family council.
  10. by
  11. Choosing maternity hospital, it is important to find out its reputation in general. Practically in any city there is a parental website on which it is possible to find similar information - “ratings of maternity hospitals“, quantity of positive and negative responses. Once again I will repeat, it should not be a fundamental factor of the choice, but this nuance should be taken into account surely: as they say, ten thousand lemmings cannot be mistaken.
  12. Well and the last moment (but not on the importance!) - it is reputation of the chosen doctor. On this question it would be desirable to stop separately that we also will make in the following article.

Natalya Protsenko