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In the summer - on the North!

If bored you hot Turkish beaches and the dusty European capitals, and you do not know where to spend couple of summer weeks so that they were remembered well, then, maybe, Norway - just that it is necessary for you.

we approached

a question of moving to the country of fjords considerably: gathered group in 15 people, received the Finnish visas (it is simpler to get them, than Norwegian) and employed the bus in St. Petersburg. Fast and comfortable, it brought quickly us to the most distant and fine part of Norway - the Lofoten Islands - through all Finland and the most part of Sweden in one days. And further we moved under the own steam - on ferries and local buses.

Both types of transport strictly observe the schedule, but are expensive. Norway in general very noticeably beats the tourist a purse - even a notorious salmon whom there as in Moscow area dirt, is more expensive, than in our Russian shops.

Local money - Norwegian kroner - in abbreviated form are called as NOK. Euro sense is not enough to drag dollars to Norway or, they are not in use there, a course in exchangers bad and commission charges too big. it is better for p to take

with itself a plastic card and to use the ATM, and without prolonging this pleasure on several times - it is necessary to pay for each address. Still you should not forget, as exchangers, and ATMs work till 5 in the evening, and on Sunday have at all a rest.

But can and bargain with sellers of tickets for different types of transport - they can give a fair discount for group. However, they for some reason consider as group only the company exceeding 10 people. But even if it is less of you, all the same try to agree - there is a chance that to you will go to a meeting.

the Sun found

a shchelochka in a curtain and tychtsya persistently by a ray in my closed eye. How you will order to sleep in such conditions?! Night, by the way! Well, night not night - you will not order to the polar sun: it evenly shines day and night. And day and night stridently squeal over the head of a seagull.

the Lofoten Islands are located

behind a polar circle. Continuous mountains and fjords, wind and marvelous beauty! Weather here such changeable that the forecast behind it just is not in time. Gulf Stream, it be wrong! This warm oceanic current bears the waters in close proximity to Lofotenov and does not allow frosts to rage in the winter on - polar. But it breaks summer, bringing wet gusty wind. For that week that we carried out in these parts, temperature fluctuated from +30 to +8 therefore I warn at once - without warm and moisture-proof clothes on such travel there is nothing to do.

But if you “are completed“ correctly, unforgettable impressions are guaranteed to you. The matter is that the main richness of Norway, besides fish and oil, is an untouched nature. Therefore you can drink water safely not boiled practically from any reservoir, and a grass such green here that personally I constantly had desire to begin to be grazed. Wild deer, though disappointed - were not so similar to the noble image created by children`s animated cartoons, were some small, of the size of a big dog and as if - however were eaten by a moth absolutely manual. They quietly were afraid on the cervine affairs directly in the middle of the highway, without paying the slightest attention to cars.

of the City all standard - accurate, multi-colored. Probably, life in monotony of northern winters demands bright spots that the melancholy did not jam, and small - in one - two streets. But on these streets it is possible to find such monuments that did not dream any Tsereteli, - every summer there takes place the festival of works of young Norwegian sculptors, and everything that this freaky youth “navayat“, here and remains. In each town surely there will be small, almost home, cozy three-stars hotel. And in each town there is some muzeychik - though fisheries though ice (there is also such!) . There is a huge museum - an aquarium, even the museum of trolls met to us. But whale show, certainly, blocked all these sights!

Actually for the sake of whales we also went on Lofotena. Here, in 15 nautical miles from the small town Andeness, they have “pasture“. And when we were tensely trampled down before cash desk and counted approximately 100 euros from a nose in local currency for the forthcoming trip, most of all were afraid that the whale will not deign to emerge to greet us, and our money cried! But the kind girl - the cashier calmed: if the underwater giant ignores us and will not come up, we will again free of charge go to a rendezvous point. It is so much times, it will be necessary so much nevertheless to meet thetas - and - thetas!

Under leadership of guides we go to a distant pier where waiting for tourists the small boat already rocks. Oh, what it is small! At our disposal only the deck and a superstructure which we immediately also occupy. Under a vigorous tarakhteniye of the engine we go hiking! Hour one and a half of our floating shelter with concentration splash further and further from the coast. Viscous long waves smoothly raise it and carelessly drop in an abyss. Then raise again and again drop... And suddenly the motor becomes deaf... “Do not worry, - the captain declares, - we wait for a whale!“ There pass 20 minutes. 40 pass... To some lady it is below absolutely bad - around her guides fuss. Work skillfully - obviously at them considerable experience... The captain by a vigorous voice tells from time to time how well to a whale below as tasty... Then turns on the underwater microphone - we hear how under us sing, not less than four huge animals talk... Stir, do not hurry to emerge. And suddenly the captain appeals as if the football commentator when to someone scored a goal: “Here it, here!! Look on the right!!“ Literally in ten meters huge hulk is shown. The whale got used to the general curiosity and does not turn on enthusiastic cries and clicks of cameras the slightest attention. It lies on a surface, acting from - under waters as if the submarine - dark, smooth, - and throws out fountainlets in air. And then does for the sake of what we did all this way, - shows us a tail. Inexpressible, graceful, simply ballet movement - and the ocean is empty again...

to us showed to

during a trip the whole three whales, and all of them waved to us with tails. As it appeared, at them unique - two identical not to find tails. On them, but not on “faces“ society of protection of cachalots which will organize these excursions distinguishes underwater giants, keeps the chronicle of their life and spreads reports on the website on the Internet. And tourists are handed the diploma - there it is written whom exactly of those wards we had honor to contemplate.

Excursion lasted five and a half hours, and, I assure you, on the way back, when we began to be fed with broth with sandwiches, I ate everything and asked additives. Do not laugh, please, it is a subject of my special pride. Those who after the postponed sufferings were still capable to eat something no more than five people were taken!

I still I had a habit - now I regularly look on the whale website that with tenderness to look at a tail number 962 with which to me waved from waters of the Ledovity ocean. Remarkable tail!