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Stop to wrinkles!

Processes of aging of skin are genetically programmed and begin almost imperceptibly with age 25 - 30. during this period renewal of cells of skin begins to be slowed down, skin loses the elasticity and elasticity, wrinkles develop.

the first wrinkles in around eyes and a nosogubny triangle are Most noticeable

. However not only the genetic factor influences the speed of withering of skin, there are also external enemies of beauty and youth of skin, having learned to fight with which, it is possible to slow down process of formation of wrinkles considerably.

Enemies of skin

Ageing of skin accelerate such factors as the sun, wind, cold, dry air and smoking. Most of these of “enemies of skin“ provoke education of free radicals - molecules which cause violation of a cellular exchange and lead to aging of skin.

Hormonal changes during a menopause also affect with

our skin is irreversible. From - for decrease in level of production of women`s hormones, skin becomes thinner, becomes dry and becomes covered by a setochka of wrinkles.

How to help skin

With any age care of skin has to include its regular clarification, moistening and nutrition. To prolong skin youth, it is necessary to protect it from negative influence of sunshine and to provide sufficient saturation with oxygen. Application of various hardware techniques, use of “oxygen“ cosmetics, sunblock creams - all this will help to stop active formation of wrinkles, will make skin elastic and elastic.

Refusal of such addiction as smoking is a one more indispensable condition for beauty and youth of skin.

Care of skin at different age

Formation of wrinkles can make

less intensive if to use the special cosmetics considering needs of skin for different age. So, in 30 years care of skin still has preventive character and consists in regular use of cosmetics which help to clear skin of the died-off parts of epidermis, saturate it with oxygen and nutrients. Around eyes at this age it is already possible to use specialized creams which smooth small wrinkles and do not allow to be formed by deeper.

needs already to pass

In 35 years to means on care of skin with an anti-aging complex: gels and fluids for care of skin in the afternoon and night cream against wrinkles. to years the main objective of care of skin reduction of negative consequences of hormonal changes becomes p>

To 40 - 50: active food of skin, restoration of a cellular exchange and level of lipids.

Krom of cosmetics of youth of skin are promoted the balanced food, vitamin-rich, minerals, polynonsaturated fatty acids. For additional food of skin it is possible to use the special vitamin complexes intended for health and beauty of skin, hair and nails.

Effective components of anti-aging creams

the Modern cosmetic industry uses by production of anti-aging cosmetics both natural natural components, and innovative components - result of serious scientific developments. These or those components, as a part of cream against wrinkles, have various effect depending on which they are recommended at various expressiveness of age changes on skin.

Fruit acids render to

on skin effect of a peeling and give it beautiful, healthy color. The skin cleared of dead cages begins “to breathe“, absorbs useful substances from cosmetics more actively, remains young longer. Before use of creams with fruit acids, it is necessary to consult with the cosmetologist concerning the scheme of their use as too frequent and intensive use of such cosmetics can accelerate age thinning of skin.

Existence in structure of cosmetics on leaving of vitamins E, With, the beta - carotene - antioxidants, helps skin to fight against negative action of free radicals and improves its appearance. The beta - carotene also stimulates cellular updating, however most effective to use it as a prophylactic. When using anti-aging cosmetics it is necessary to try not to overload skin and to use at the same time only one means with this or that effect.

the Help of esthetic medicine

Various techniques of esthetic medicine allow to clean wrinkles and to return the lost youth. The used hardware technologies and methods of esthetic medicine become more and more perfect, have the expressed rejuvenating effect and have a minimum of side effects. To clean the available wrinkles, the complex of various techniques which are selected the expert, in each case individually can be used.


For disposal of wrinkles carrying out a laser peeling, injection techniques, cryoprocedures, mesotherapies, injections of Botox and other effective modern procedures for rejuvenation of skin can be appointed.