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The puncture of a fetal bubble (amniotomiya) of

of Operation, the preparing patrimonial ways which are most often applied in labor is an amniotomiya (a puncture of a fetal bubble) and a crotch section.


- artificial opening of a fetal bubble. Depending on the term of performance can be:

  1. Premature - made prior to childbirth. The indication for a premature amniotomiya is carrying out a sort - exciting therapy;
  2. Early - if the amniotomiya is executed by
  3. in the range from the beginning of childbirth to 7 cm of disclosure of a uterine pharynx. It is carried out according to the following indications:
    • a flat fetal bubble as it slows down development of patrimonial activity;
    • abundance of water as restretching of a uterus results in weakness of patrimonial activity;
    • incomplete prelying of a placenta demands opening of a fetal bubble for ensuring pressing with a head of the bleeding site of the placentary platform and reduction of bleeding;
    • carrying out rodostimuliruyushchy therapy at weakness of patrimonial activity when childbirth continues more than 12 h, the woman mentally also is physically tired that she increases efficiency of the means reducing a uterus;
    • of a disease it is warm - vascular system, an arterial hypertension at a late gestoz, a hypertensive illness, diseases of kidneys.
  4. Timely - made at the end of the I period of childbirth, namely at disclosure of a uterine pharynx from 7 cm before full disclosure, i.e. the end of the I period of childbirth when the fetal bubble executed the functions and its further preservation can lead to development of pathological states (a premature otsloyka of normally located placenta, weakness of patrimonial activity).
  5. Overdue when at full disclosure of a neck of a uterus the fetal bubble is not broken off that there was no premature otsloyka of normally located placenta as it can lead to pre-natal death of a fruit. In rare instances the child can be born in a fetal bubble with the exfoliated placenta (in the people speak about such cases:“ was born under a lucky star“).
by Amniotomiya`s

it is carried out at vaginal inspection, usually by means of a bransha of bullet nippers (the special tool similar to a hook). The puncture of amniotic covers is made at fight height at the maximum tension of a fetal bubble that provides convenience of performance and safety of this grant (skin of the prelying part of a fruit is not injured). The index, then middle finger is entered into the formed opening in a fetal bubble, the opening gradually extends, and waters slowly are issued.

This procedure absolutely painless as in covers there are no nervous terminations.

at the time of an amniotomiya the doctor estimates color of waters: on this sign it is possible to judge a condition of a fruit. It is normal of water transparent if waters of green color - it means that the kid lacks for oxygen which, in turn, leads to relaxation of locking muscles of intestines, and first-born kcal - meconium mixes up with amniotic waters. Yellow amniotic waters testify to an illness which develops at a fruit at incompatibility of blood of mother and a fruit on a Rhesus factor or a blood type.