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Circulation of kittens in separately taken house

Me was always called “aelurophile“. It`s true. I am not indifferent to these lovely graceful beings. Now with me there live two cats - 13 - summer the Fox (an accent on the first syllable) and the one-year-old Chucha called so from - for the of absolutely unpredictable character and amusing appearance.

I Want to tell

a story which occurred at my place this summer, literally the other day. I live in the private house, and for my wards having a tail with arrival of spring the real freedom begins. For days on end they vanish on the street, striking up acquaintance to numerous boyfriends from the neighboring streets. Usually the day before spring razgulya I put to cats of an inoculation, reducing their sexual appetite. But now the whole spring passed under the flag of efforts about a dog and her numerous posterity, and I missed this process. By the way, our Bonya brought 13 puppies, but childbirth took place with complication against strong inflammatory process, and in a week was come to do operation, and then to look after a dog and puppies. Generally, had no time for cats. Time of inoculations was missed.

By my calculations, in the second half of June it was necessary to expect emergence of cat`s posterity on light at the Fox. The Chucha walked more modestly, I could not call exact terms, but assumed that a plus-minus few weeks from the Fox. In the middle of June the Fox began to twist to herself a nest - as usual, in the most improper place - in a drawing room under a sofa. It was necessary to build urgently to it the place to which gradually she was accustomed.

on June 22 the Fox began to show very strongly concern, to look in eyes, to make up and be nervous. Were carefully tested by it as potential places for childbirth and all corners of the house are rejected behind unfitness. Eventually she calmed down on that box with soft rags which I also prepared. Childbirth took place at night. A fox at us a cat skilled, mummy very responsible therefore I for it especially did not worry.

in the Morning 23 - go could observe the idyllic picture - the Fox licking two tiny kittens - red and gray. At my emergence, she proudly reported miaow, a pier “I made it!“

All this time of Chucha led rather free life, appeared home only to eat and doze on the favourite chair. It is necessary to tell that cats did not get on together and constantly quarreled with each other so they even had to be separated by means of a mop. The mature Fox who everything could not accept the house of the foundling Chuchu was an instigator of cat`s scandals always. Probably therefore “out of harm`s way“ the younger cat also appeared at home only as required.

in the Evening 5 - go July Chucha for some reason decided to spend the night at home, and together with me on a bed. As I did not try to expel her, she with persistence took the place nearby. So we were tormented till the morning. But also morning Chucha did not escape from a bed. On the contrary, buried in a blanket and continued to lie there. At home there was a repair. Especially I had no time to be engaged in a cat (though it was necessary!) and I, the charter to fight against it, left it where she to herself chose the town. On a stomach and the bulked-up nipples, I assumed that soon and she will become a mummy.


U of Chuchi planned first labor therefore I periodically came into a bedroom to visit the ward. In one of my visits signs of fights were obviously found in a cat. I quickly built it a box for childbirth and put on a floor nearby. She flatly refused to lie in her, persistently coming back to the prigrety town. It was necessary to set up a box with the giving birth cat directly on a bed. It suited it quite. Continuous bustle between workers whom it was necessary to feed and monitor repair process, and the woman in labor having a tail was farther. Somewhere in an hour process of childbirth went. To the horror I found out that Chuchi, unlike the Fox, have though no maternal instinct at all. She bewildered looked at the pottering-about wet lump and pushed away it paws. She did not undertake any attempts to lick the been born kitten and even to gnaw through an umbilical cord. Just tried to find the place more conveniently that “it“ to it did not prevent to lie quietly. It was necessary to take business in hand.

cut with

Ya an umbilical cord, slightly wiped to a kitten a nose and a mouth. Tried to palm off peeping shivering the baby to the mother under a stomach, but nothing from this left - Chucha and was not going to recognize it the. What to do? As it is good that houses are one more feeding mother - a cat! I transferred a kitten to a box to the Lisiny grown-up kittens. They by this day already opened eyes and looked against only the been born baby the real giants! To my happiness, the Fox with big sympathy treated the adopted child - licked it, warmed, and later some time he nestled at her on a stomach. It is necessary to tell that real mummy was absolutely unaffected by the fact that her kid somewhere there was carried. It peacefully lay in a box on a bed.

Somewhere for an hour I distracted from cat`s affairs, having returned to house efforts and when came to visit the woman in labor, with horror found the sleeping cat, and in a corner of a box of one more been born kitten. It was completely in a film, with the umbilical cord attached to an afterbirth and did not give any signs of life. I touched it - ice. Broke off a film on a muzzle for air access - any reaction! Undertook still which - what unsuccessful attempts of reanimation - zero! Reproaching itself with the fact that disregarded a cat, put away the kitten dead from a box in a package. Later in the evening I was going to bury him where - nibud on boondocks of the yard.

Within an hour one more kitten was born

. Everything passed according to the scenario of the first. Any reaction of mummy to the birth of the kid. And it after the first removed to a box to the Fox who was obediently reconciled with sharply increased livestock. It is necessary to tell that Chucha, having given birth to the third kitten, left to walk on the street and till late evening I did not see it.

But it is not the end of history with kittens yet. Somewhere through of 5 - 6 hours, in the evening, I pass by a package of the died kitten and I see that it (package) moves! The fox lies with kittens, Chucha walks on the street. That there could be? I develop a package and I see the moving lump of slime and clots of blood. Live! Itself I do not remember as well as what, I cut an umbilical cord to a kitten and incurred him in a cat`s kindergarten. The fox is not able to consider: where four, there and five kittens will pass! The competition near nipples of the wet nurse grew. Especially, if to consider that the grown-up kittens had a big advantage. But later some time heart-rending peep in a box stopped, all numerous posterity of the Fox safely gorged on and fell asleep.

useless cat`s mummy came back home Late at night. Also it was indifferently filled up to sleep.

there Passed two days. All morning Chucha strongly made up to me, ran for me from the room to the room, slightly I will sit down - jumped on knees. The cat strongly was nervous. I assumed that she not really well feels - the nipples which bulked up, and there are no kittens - that. Therefore massed it a tummy to relieve pain. It, of course, useless, but there`s nothing to be done...

In fauna, unlike people, instincts operate. Who could present that my cat will have no maternal instinct at all? At least, I so considered.

worked with

Ya at the computer. The cat lay at me on a lap, but somehow sharply began to worry and escaped. Later some time I went to look for it. Also found in one of house corners behind boxes. She plaintively began to mew at my approach. What my surprise when, having lifted a cat, I found under her was... kitten! Without doubts, it was no one of adopted children of the Fox. It was just been born kitten! Nearby the afterbirth lay. You will not believe, but this time Chucha worked on all cat`s maternal canons: she already gnawed through an umbilical cord and carefully licked the was late the been born kid. I transferred it from a corner to a box (the benefit, it was not let in junk after the delivery yet). Also everything was farther as had to be couple of days ago. Mummy very jealously reacted to all actions with the kid - I checked, whether all at him as it should be. The kitten was very small and weak. I began to worry - whether our mummy having a tail will have milk?! Having waited until the Fox leaves the place with kittens, I took one kitten from a chuchiny dung and returned it to mummy. I assumed that two days are already term. The kitten of 100% is able to suck - is checked, let develop milk for the newly appeared brother.

of Chucha accepted “the stranger“ of a kitten very friendly, having tightened a paw to a stomach. To my simplification, in a few minutes searches in a stomach having a tail zachmokat. Hurrah! Means, milk is! And what Fox? You won`t beleive it! It, appears, ran to walk to the handsome - a cat. Cat`s songs sounded under windows all day. I was late with inoculations again! About the numerous posterity the Fox forgot. And I - that held up it as an example as it is model - indicative mummy!

Kids in a box at it woke up, began to peep heart-rendingly. Everything was necessary to return to me in the places. Chuchina kittens removed to the mummy. As in time in it instincts woke up! And the Fox few times in a day visited the posterity, fed and again escaped to walk with a cat. She really is not able to consider, and any difference - two or five kittens. She noticed nothing!

of Chucha already more than a day sits in a box with the kids. Even to drink and eat I bring to it in a box - so she is afraid to leave kittens even for insignificant time!

Here such cat`s everyday life at us. And in September we will wait for replenishment again! And it must be said - not only at the Fox. I - on the 8th month of pregnancy so efforts are coming still those! But it already another story altogether.