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The miracle New Year`s

Was Christmas of 2008. We with darling froze and were cheerfully heated at relatives near Vyazma. Since the early childhood we (I and my sister) under the sensitive guide of mother guessed for Christmas. In addition we wrote names of young people on paper pieces, and at daybreak having hardly woken up, pulled out one which had to mean a name of narrowed. In this rural house with the crackling oven and the fir-tree which is not sorted yet I remembered that I pulled out just a name of darling for last Christmas. And now persuaded him to tell fortunes addressed to our child. No, the child was not in plans yet...


Ya names of girls and put to it under a pillow, and it names of boys - and to me. In case kids are not expected, was on one empty piece of paper. Long-awaited morning came. I pulled out an empty piece of paper. And it with a female name.

our relations developed promptly, and we decided to get married in the fall - just to manage to save up money for a wedding and travel. And in the spring I successfully agitated him “to begin to do children“.


Ya that if couple was protected all the time, then then it is difficult to conceive the child from the first. The husband decided to start implementation of the plan since April 2 because we are people serious. And in a week I went in an electric train me terribly felt sick from people and foreign smells, and I wrote it cheerful sms about the resident who was already beginning to live in me.

in several days, without having waited for a delay (laziness was to wait for a week more), I bought the first in life test for pregnancy. Then my friends to tell that dreamed them that I began to call... Yes, yes, both dreams, and Christmas fortune-telling came true.

From this day my husband, walking with me for work, began to jump skipping and to sing songs. I shamed him that it to me prevents to keep secret. To week on the thirteenth in me something the beginning moves. A week later I knew for certain that it not “something“, but “someone“. Could not understand everything why my so insensible husband - does not feel what girl, bright at us. Ha - ha - ha... On the first ultrasonography on the fourteenth week told that we have a boy. And Lisa began to be called Vanka. I was perplexed. But it is short. On the twenty fifth week Vanka became Lisa again. Or rather, Vanya - Lisa. Just in case.

All the time well felt and it was vigorous, cheerful and full of energy. But... Found protein in urine, on ultrasonography made out FPN. FPN - me puzzled. From where fetoplatsentarny insufficiency could undertake? Having read all horrors of such diagnosis, having cried several days, I went for a fee to redo ultrasonography. The doctor became exhausted, trying to understand on what basis made me such diagnosis.

already and the father felt

After the seventh month as far as we have a cheerful maiden. She so strongly froliced! Jsobenno at night!

Since the beginning of the ninth month I so waited for childbirth that towards evening I began false contractions. I so tortured the husband that he sent me to maternity hospital to consult. There I was hospitalized. From our chamber of all took away on emergency Caesarian, was slightly - slightly terribly. Then to me made ultrasonography. My girl somehow was cunning entangled by an umbilical cord, the doctor was puzzled. That we were not zazhalet in advance, I decided to speak about it to nobody. Three weeks later me wrote out, having told what to give birth early. There was an eve of New year. I was delighted. There was a strong wish a live fir-tree. Next day we bought a fir-tree. Products by new year. And decided to tempt in the evening the husband that at last will go to maternity hospital (was on December 27), there was no wish to give birth for New year.

did not manage to Tempt with

. Waters departed, and we called “ambulance“. The husband tried to convince me that I peed the pants that it is not waters, than very much amused. He left me in maternity hospital and left. I so hoped to give rise itself, doctors and midwifes did not doubt that will turn out. But in several hours of stimulated fights the KTG device showed that on each fight pulse of my baby only 60. And me made the emergency Caesarian.

A since morning was brought shaggy and slightly - the person, slightly swarty from physiological jaundice. Felt robbed, so there was a wish to give rise most. And here from - for the general of an anesthesia as if a memory blackout.

In February of this year my husband started new adventure. “Kipish has not enough“, - says. Generally, Lisa will have a brother soon!

P. S. Most important: and me, and to the husband made the diagnoses not compatible to conception and the birth of children in due time...