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“Ease“ of motherhood, or Not everything is as terrible as it seems to

When time to think of the firstborn`s birth came, it seemed to me that I absolutely am not ready to it. To leave the habitual way of life filled with meetings with friends, trips to the country, visits of theaters and cinema for the sake of a pig in a poke, well, a kitten in a diaper, it was represented to me absolutely impossible. And what I will do if at the baby temperature rises or the stomach will ache? From these thoughts at me began to suck in the pit of the stomach and, appear, the answer became obvious is not mine!

But destiny disposed differently: I never had an accurate cycle, and I learned about the pregnancy when about its interruption there could not be also a speech. Yes, actually, and such I had no thoughts. There was only an uncertainty in own forces and fear that I will not cope with all what is called “motherhood“. Same it is necessary! Diapers, baby`s undershirts, inoculations, books, toys, feedings up... The head went around in advance! And now, when I look at the five-year-old daughter with pleasure sending pigeons and modeling the next kulichik in a sandbox involuntarily I smile: as much we think of difficulties of which we have only a remote speculative idea and as we trust ourselves a little. Now as the person who passed through all this I can authoritatively declare - not everything as terribly as it seems!

It is unconditional, one of the main horror stories by which future mummies frighten themselves is a matter of time. More precisely, its total absence after appearance of the baby on light. Like, it is impossible to come off the kid for a minute, there is no opportunity to give themselves though hour or so, to sleep and descend quietly in the same shop. In practice it turned out that all this absolutely not so. Yes, the attention is concentrated on the child, but if it is correct to plan the day, then there is time even on a hobby! I will share the experience. In - the first, purchases it is possible to make on the Internet - the same products will quietly get to you directly home! Here, really, progress miracles! In - the second if to arrange itself a quiet time together with the baby, then it is not necessary to fall asleep on the feet any more! In - the third, time of walks all yours! Read, knit, you watch movies on pass - devices or you plow Internet open spaces, speak by phone with the girlfriend or you learn a foreign language - there is no limit of the imagination and that the most important, to opportunities. And, at last, in - the fourth, as if the husband was not tired at work, he with pleasure potters with the kid in the evenings. And it means that you have couple of leisure hours a day which can be given themselves - darling - to practice yoga, to enjoy the weakening bathroom, to make a face pack or even to visit beauty shop. Pretty cool, huh? The main thing - is correct to plan time.

It is no secret that for most of women the question of pregnancy and childbirth is accompanied by such “frightening“ moment as change of a figure. But here about what we for some reason forget, so it that all in our hands! When I carried the Anechka, I had problems with a delay in a liquid organism. As a result, I recovered on 20 kg instead of 10 - 12 put. Kept to diets, ate properly, but... And after the birth of the baby I had nearly 10 excess kg. Worried awfully, in general tried not to approach a mirror. On this background I developed a postnatal depression, scandals with the husband who very much tried to console me began. I do not know, than everything would end if once did not read on the Internet that the period of a lactation is remarkable the fact that fats are intensively burned naturally, the main thing - actively to nurse the child and to be engaged daily at least on of 10 - 15 minutes. And that you thought? By that moment when to the daughter half a year was executed, I weighed already so much how many and before pregnancy! No, I assume that not all are lucky as to me - genetics and so on, - but what I am really sure of, so it that at desire and certain efforts it is always possible to achieve that result which is necessary to you. It is just necessary to work purposefully on itself and not to be lazy, justifying the elementary laziness with burdens of motherhood!

Here that made me tremble, so is fear of the fact that I will not understand when the baby is needs my help. In actual fact it turned out that cock-and-bull stories about a maternal instinct - at all not nonsense. You really feel the child and precisely know what to do, nearly at the intuitive level! When at Anechka gripes began, I did not know yet that it can give the natural preparations normalizing digestion and removing the cause of painful spasms. But the maternal instinct prompted in time that the daughter should be pressed to a breast, to warm it a tummy, and pain will release! Improbable feeling of a unification with the baby! And when on the fourth month my hare all night long woke up and cried, I told the husband at once that the reason in teeth. Early? In books axioms are given, and in life it happens and so that children are born with teeth! Generally, I was not mistaken. And when you catch yourself that you can determine by gloss of eyes whether temperature at your pusenysh rose, all doubts which remained still disappear finally. I - not Aybolit, but I am mother who precisely knows that how and when to do that to the baby it was good and comfortable.

Here so. And now, with pride looking at the growing-up daughter and with impatience expecting appearance of the second of the baby on light, I want to tell all women: be not afraid of difficulties, actually they are absolutely insignificant before pleasure to be mother of the remarkable, beloved and loving you children.