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To sound young

the Voice are given by our true age the same as a neck, hands and a look. But now and it learned to rejuvenate.

Beauty and force of a timbre depend on a structure of the voice device and a condition of vocal chords. With age sheaves weaken, are narrowed, on them small knots which do not allow them to be closed up to the end are formed. The voice weakens and begins “to jingle“, its range is reduced.

Rates of withering depend on much: from genetics, stresses, a way of life... However there are several ways to make so that you started over again being confused to the daughter by phone.

Fitness for a diaphragm

the easiest way - to be engaged in p in voice training with the doctor - foniatry or vocal teacher - fonopedy. By means of special exercises you learn to breathe correctly a diaphragm, to connect resonators, will increase the range.

to Someone “to begin to sound“, it is necessary to watch a bearing.

breath, so, the loudness, purity and accuracy of “hit in a sound“ depends on a bearing. These occupations to all other help to solve problems with diction. In a month results will become noticeable. Regular exercises, according to experts, help to keep during all life a voice young and sonorous.

Groan instead of a song If you are not enough


for regular foniatrichesky trainings, some cunnings will help to make a voice younger and more beautifully.

  • Since morning try to strain sheaves not too. You should not shout and it is even simple to talk loudly: the voice should give time “to wake up“. Begin day with warm-up - yawn with all the heart and you low melodies with the closed mouth.
  • the Monotonous speech not too well influences a voice timbre. Sheaves wear out less if in a voice various modulations sound. Every day carry out such exercise: get up in front of the mirror, make an exhalation, then a breath and you say sounds:“ and, e, and, oh, at“. Each sound needs to be pulled until you have enough breath.
Call of hormones

If suddenly at you was changed


a voice timbre, descend to the endocrinologist and be convinced, whether all as it should be with a hormonal background. Changes of a voice can be connected with diseases of a thyroid gland, and also with reception of hormonal preparations and oral contraceptives. In that case from the rejuvenating operations will not be to sense.

  • Not bad improves soundings of a voice postanyvany. Relax, you hold the head directly. Try to publish easy groan by means of the letter “m“. At the same time the sound has to pass through a throat freely. Then pass on lasting (at the same time to lips has to be a little shchekotno). Connect to concordant “m“ vowels “and, oh, at, e, and, y“. You say vowels softly, without pushes, slightly slightly opening a mouth.
  • what we eat Matters for a voice timbre. Include in the menu the products containing vitamins B and With (especially sprouted wheat grains, bran, a liver, veal, rice, eggs, sweet pepper, a dogrose, a color and white cabbage, oranges, spinach, potatoes).
  • of the Baize that professional singers drink crude eggs have under themselves a real basis. If eggs do not tempt appetite, replace them with milkshake with freshly squeezed carrot juice.

Teflon sheaves

Among those to whom not to liking long laborious work with voice, other method of its rejuvenation - plastic surgeries is very demanded. Still yesterday croaked a frog, and today it was filled in with a hand bell - whom it will not inspire on a feat?

Plasticity on sheaves is carried out according to two scenarios. The first option - is entered into them by various fillers: special gel, collagen, fatty tissue, Botox, teflon. It helps to cope with a nesmykaniye of sheaves, the frequent reason of an osiplost. At the same time sheaves stanovit massivny, a timbre - below. So this way will suit the men dreaming of a courageous voice, but in any way not to women - unless together with gender surgery.

of Plastic according to the second scenario is just done by a voice higher: by means of a number of manipulations of a sheaf “pull“, and the timbre becomes higher, thinner and younger. The truth sounds invitingly? In practice it is, however, harder and harder.

Or perhaps to the psychotherapist?

Alas and ah - plasticity of sheaves is generally done abroad, in the USA, for example. Our experts are more conservative and prefer “to sharpen a voice“ only in case of diseases of the voice device which do not manage to be cured some other way. That is easy to replace a soprano with a viola or the tenor on a bass will not turn out. Resort to “tightening“ of a voice and after the operations which gave complication on folds (for example, operations of a thyroid gland, removal of a tumor in a throat).

the Reason of such restrictions - in possible complications after operations. In total - this serious surgical intervention (several hours in the operating room under anesthetic), there can be reactions to the entered material. Besides some types of the rejuvenating substances, for example, Botox or collagen, resolve over time. Respectively, effect only temporary.

Any surgeon before execution sends to

the persistent patient for consultation to the psychotherapist. As medical practice, desire to cardinally change a voice, as well as to replace appearance shows, in 90% of cases has the psychological reasons.

Five rules of a beautiful voice

  1. Load of a voice has to correspond to degree of its fitness: do not try to outvoice a loudspeaker and do not try to take la of the second octave if you have viola.
  2. Get rid of a habit to clean a throat clearing the throat. It conducts to microligament injuries, on them “small knots of shouters“ which do not allow a voice to sound purely and at full capacity are formed. Whisper in large numbers is harmful to a voice too.
  3. during colds to protect a voice especially important. Do not run out on cold having got excited, use a humidifier.
  4. be not fond of
  5. of aerated water, alcohol, nuts, sunflower seeds, coffee, the fried, fat, pereperchenny and put too much salt food. Leave off smoking.
  6. Harmfully to talk much after plentiful food - the diaphragm “is recorded“ by a stomach at this time, breath becomes short, and chances to injure sheaves increase.