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Miracle of the birth

Ania narrowed even stronger eyes when she felt the next wave of pain. The heat weakening bath ceased to help, fights were felt all stronger. When pain abated a little, it opened eyes and the shivering hand reached for a shower watering can. Having discovered water on full power, the girl sent streams to herself to a face and again closed eyes. Before it all that there were all nine months dreamily rushed.

Here the beloved husband presses it to himself... Kisses so gently... Whispers words of love. Embraces and pulls for itself in a bed. Then infinite, passionate and unforgettable night of love. And in a month Ania learns that she is pregnant. And with a smile upon the face and nervousness in heart tells about it to the husband. They are happy... Together go to ultrasonography and look forward when the tummy begins to grow...

Sometimes feels sick the girl a little, but in general she feels well. Ania remembered how she felt pushes in herself one night, only several days later she understood that it is pushed her kid. And in several days the baby for the first time pushed the father when that applied an ear to the wife`s tummy. Their pleasure was not a limit.

Well, there passed four months, and pregnancy became noticeable to people around. The tummy grows before the eyes. Now give way in transport. Time ceased “to hang“ heavy and “ran“. Ania remembered the tears of joy when on the next ultrasonography learned that she will give birth to the boy.

a month more, then one more Went... The girl felt what became heavy... It is heavy to go, sleep and even to breathe... The pleasure of expectation was replaced for Ania at first by irritation and impatience, and then fear of the forthcoming childbirth.

the Girl felt sharp and severe pain in a stomach again and moaned. Then opened eyes, switched off water and began to get out of a bathroom slowly.“ On the ninth month of pregnancy it is not so simple to get out of a bathroom,“ - rushed in the head of Ania. It was wiped by a towel dry, threw with a dressing gown and went beyond a door where it was waited by the uneasy husband. He embraced her, saw to a bed, helped to lie down and suggested to call “ambulance“, but the girl refused, having told that yet not time, and it can suffer houses so far. Her darling did not depart from the native Anyutka, he felt the guilt that he can help nothing to the wife.

Andrey held Ania by a hand and peered at her pale and tired face. His heart painfully clenched at the sight of that pain which is felt by his darling. At the next attack of pain the girl understood what to suffer it is more difficult to become. They decided to call “ambulance“ at last. Andrey helped the wife to rise from a bed, and it began to be going to hospital.

Having been

in delivery room, Ania convulsively went on chamber and nervously bit lips, expecting what will happen to it further. Fights continued to accrue both on force, and on time. Very much the husband`s sms encouraged. He wrote about how he loves it as he wants to be to it near and though somehow to help. From these words it became easier for the girl.

So there passed several hours... Ania ceased to be afraid, she prayed only for one: that all this ended quicker. It did not cease to go on chamber all this time and sometimes left in a corridor because to lie in a bed became intolerable. It seemed to it that now her stomach will just become torn from intolerable pain. At last the midwife came, Ania laid down on a bed. The midwife pricked something with her. Eyelids of the girl became heavy, and she fell asleep. Ania in a few minutes woke up from severe pain. From conversation of the doctors surrounding it the girl understood that she needed to suffer not long.

All this time the midwife on the special equipment listened to heart of her kid. It fought well, accurately, rhythmically. Ania stopped thinking about herself, she knew that to her baby it is much worse now, than it though it seemed to it that worse there is already no place. Several times during fights it seemed to it that she dies. Still in a few minutes she was led to patrimonial chamber and helped to get on a maternity table. Fights did not stop. To it it became absolutely bad, she nearly fainted. About it midwifes ran and something shouted. The consciousness was disconnected, and Ania just lay with widely open eyes and understood nothing.

She heard shouts of the baby, it was her son. Ania felt how on her cheeks hot tears flow. Well, that`s all at it it turned out, it sustained all tortures, and the small miracle - the birth of the kid was an award it.

to It was put the son on a breast, and she looked at it weepingly. All body did not cease to hurt, and she could not move. Only every other day she felt a little better. In a week Ania was written out together with the son, they were met by the uneasy father with a smile upon the face and with a huge bouquet of roses. Andrey for the first time carefully took the son on hands, then gently embraced the wife, with pleasure kissed her, presented flowers and whispered on an ear: “Thanks, darling, for this miracle“.