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Rest in the village of Morshchikhinskaya of

last year I opened for myself “green tourism“. It appears if there is a wish to have a rest in the rural atmosphere in the open air, it is not obligatory to buy urgently there the house at all or to marry the local guy. Practically to any village it is possible to arrive and find owners who with pleasure will hand over the room, will feed with traditional dishes and will show the most beautiful places. In some villages even organize excursions and exits in the wood. Besides, I could draw wonderful types which quite often meet in untouched the person places.

Having arrived on etudes to Kenozersky regions last year, I fell in love with these places at first sight. It is not surprising that the next year I without hesitation agreed to go there. But if in the first trip we visited the central village of the reserve “National Kenozero National Park“ of Vershinino standing directly on the bank of Kenozer, then this year the destiny abandoned us in the village of Morshchikhinskaya which was successfully placed on the bank of Lekshmozer.

As by request, the village were surrounded by picturesque places. Haystacks which we called “mammoths“ for their characteristic form were already collected: they stood on several vertical poles located consistently one after another, and around “a muzzle of a mammoth“ huge “tusks“ - two more poles for a support stuck out. It was succeeded to photograph boats on the lake, instead of the lost photo with boats at one of exhibitions. During the work on the drawing “Boat“ there was a small incident: the owner decided to swim somewhere then when I wrote this boat. That supposedly as I will finish work now, he responded to my remark:“ Do not worry, the artist, I will return soon“. And it is valid, approximately in half an hour it returned, having kindly put the boat on too place and having suggested to popozirovat. But that year human figures in a landscape did not interest me...

From this village us for several days was moved in a hunting lodge around Maselgi. It was very unusual to live in tiny a lodge in the wood. Around anybody, only the wood, the lake, bilberry, mushrooms and mosquitoes. Here they - that were not the most hospitable neighbors and very much prevented us to write etudes and to sleep. In the first night we even in a dream caught these bloodsuckers. And on following courageously decided to fight with them, having heated the furnace. We even managed not to get poisoned by fumes and prepare a surprising tastiness buckwheat cereal in the furnace.

the Final of “expedition“ - in Kargopole, a lovely small town on the river Onega. Wooden lodges, churches, cozy small streets and the majestic northern river became a finale of this fine trip. In spite of the fact that we stayed in Kargopole only a couple of days, I managed and to investigate everything there and to draw several drawings. However, locals in the person of one serious and not really sober man very much were surprised why I write “a shed of my neighbor if it is possible to write from my raspberry brake“, but, despite its “councils“, work was written such as I conceived it.


was successful the Trip. We visited different places, made good photos, have well a rest...