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Harmful loadings of

Physical activity - a key to health. But if too to lean on a key, the lock will break, isn`t it?

Have more than sport - less health?

In an elite sport the high fees, but pay them not just like that, and for ultrahigh loadings. Independent experts consider: to reach them and only that athlete who accepts a dope can survive. But, as still Paracelsus, “learned all poison, and all medicine, matter only in a dose“. Doses of preparations which are accepted by athletes are that that by the result of career champions become sick people, or, in any case - not absolutely such which they were conceived by Mother Nature.

Here couple of tricky questions: to whom fighters - heavyweights and weightlifters are more similar: on people or bulls? And to whom skiers and athletes are similar: on women or men? Business reached that from - for hormonal a dope the whole teams of sportswomen talk deep man`s voices.

Sport - a grave?

at the beginning of the 19th century seriously the theory existed: as an ideal figure - the sphere, and an organism in the form has to be as much as possible roundish. Therefore it is necessary to eat more and to move less.

In the 21st century advantage for health of restriction of movements was proved by famous Moscow professor Anatoly of Sittele. As a manual therapist, he came to a conclusion that loadings which they demand from them tennis, sports dances, occupations on exercise machines and many other types of physical activity are contraindicated to the backbones of modern citizens weakened by small mobility. The twisting movements which are present at the same tennis, fight, boxing are especially dangerous.


surplus loads in weightlifting are Extremely dangerous. Anatoly of Sittele claims: it is necessary to pay for beauty of a figure reached at fitness classes in disagreement with health. A striking example to they are problems Sharon Stone who fine got prettier after shock occupations in gyms, but she began serious malfunctions with health.

Professor Sittele does not suggest to take seat in a chair at all and not to get out of it day and night. About his points of view, physical activities have to be evidence-based and individualized for each person. For example, if you have a problem lumbar department of a backbone, “to swing“ a press by means of raising of direct legs harmfully. But it is possible to manage perfectly such exercise: lying on a back to inhale and exhale with five-kilogram freight on a stomach. The same effect and even better, and harm for a backbone any.

By the way, especially sharp “tooth“ at Anatoly Sitel on school physical culture. In his opinion, developed yet nearly in 30 - e years of the last century of a technique of physical training of school students hopelessly lagged behind modern science.

School physical culture needs to be changed. However, each person himself also will understand if he remembers, for example, jumps through a goat: this exercise of advantage cannot bring to future mothers and future fathers - too. It is worth remembering the slogan habitual to us “Run from a heart attack“. Not only our domestic scientists, but also their western colleagues speak about advantage of walking for health.

Sport and children

to Grow up the child healthy, beautiful, strong - a normal parental duty. And if the child also progress in sport achieves - absolutely well. Here to you and the reason for which mothers conduct for the handle of the kids in sports sections. However, kids, having worked time - another, not always react rough fun to the words “gather, it is time on training“.

I here opinion of the child needs to be considered: in - the first, the sport chosen by you has to it be interesting, and in - the second, is feasible and not to turn into sports penal servitude. To understand that will suit your child, it is necessary to know what “sports“ features are characteristic of this or that age.

of the Three-year-old and younger cannot play any sports owing to age. Further, from 4 to 6 years, at preschool age, children perceive occupations in the form of game. Tiresome “we do time, we do two“ they can take out in very limited volume. Ball games, relay, run competing in speed - here those exercises which will get a response in souls of preschool children.

to Younger school students (7 - 10 years) more intensive loadings and even exercises on development of muscular force (squat, push-up), but only without burdenings are already available to

. That is dumbbells, even the easiest - are forbidden! The main danger of sports loadings at younger school students - risk of emergence of deformations of a skeleton.

At this age its formation just also goes in the most active way therefore any uneven loading (for example, different on the right and left leg), is capable to lead to unrecoverable curvatures of bones of a basin or a backbone. Too considerable load of legs (for example, at occupations by jumps) is fraught with flat-footedness.

to Children of middle school age (11 - 14 years) and to teenagers (from 15 years) constantly increasing loadings - are permissible

up to intensive and long trainings. But also they have “Achilles` heel“ - non-simultaneity of maturing of different bodies during the period of rapid growth. Bones, muscles can manage to grow, and heart and vessels lag behind. In such situation heart is capable “to revenge“ for unreasonable loading development of a kardiopatiya which heart failure will follow.

Before sending the child to this or that section, take him by hand and take away in fizkulturno - a sports clinic or at least - in district clinic. Because except your and his own desires and preferences there are objective indicators of health which will specify, is how useful or, on the contrary, is harmful, there will be to your child this or that way of sports career.

How early it is necessary to give the kid “in athletes“? It depends on a sport. In 7 - 9 years it is better for nobr to pay attention to swimming, gymnastics, fencing, tennis, figure skating. For age 9 - 11 will be suitable years basketball, skis, sailing, chess and checkers. 10 - 11 years - volleyball, water polo, fight, rowing, speed skating, track and field athletics, a diving, modern pentathlon, soccer, hockey. In 12 - 13 can practice years cycling, boxing, weightlifting.

do not wait for

that the young talent given to section right there will begin to give records on the mountain. The first months, and even one or two years will leave on OFP - the general physical training. Only having brought up her, it is possible to shoulder the child rather sports loadings. By the way, for this period you will be able finally to choose, achievements in what sport your offspring will glorify your surname.

of One is given “to sport“ to make them champions, others - to grow up healthy, harmonious persons. Depending on it it is also necessary to choose a sport. If you want that the child tried to obtain records, it is worth sending him to that look where its congenital physical advantages as much as possible will help it with it, and shortcomings will have the smallest value. And vice versa: if there is a task to strengthen health, it is useful to take away the child in that section where his physical defects will be corrected.

For example, in archery coordination of movements is very important

. The young athlete who was born with the developed sense of coordination has more opportunities to become the champion in archery. But frankly awkward child who has all and falls from hands, having been engaged in this sport, gets chance to get rid of the shortcoming though, most likely, will never achieve outstanding results in archery.