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David is a zemlyanichnik of

On the Ninth of July - day of David - a zemlyanichnik. By this day in the woods and on meadows of a midland of Russia the wild strawberry keeps up. Girls and women took bast baskets and baskets in old times and went on berries. “The first berry in a mouth is put, and the second is carried home“.

wild strawberry (Fragaria vesca L.) - a perennial grassy plant from family rozotsvetny, 5 - 20 cm reaching height , with creeping escapes. A rhizome at wild strawberry short with numerous roots. Stalks direct or rising, covered with an easy down. Leaves are ternate, radical, from above dark-green, softly trimmed, from below - sizovato - green with a long scape.

Flowers white with 5 petals, are collected in inflorescences in the form of an umbrella on of 3 - 5 flowers. the wild strawberry in May - June Blossoms. Fragrant fruits - the false berries of ovoid or rounded shape representing the expanded receptacle it is bright - red color. And the real fruits of a plant it is small zheltovato - the brownish semyanka shipped in pulp of berry.

of Berry of wild strawberry were eaten by our ancestors in the Stone Age.

It is a plant it was well known to ancient Greeks and Romans who appreciated wild strawberry berries wonderful aroma and taste.

the Patrimonial name of wild strawberry comes from Latin fragare - to smell sweet also as vescus - edible. The wild strawberry was mentioned in the works by Virgil and Ovidy. And for the first time described its medicinal properties Apulya. The wild strawberry was appreciated also in Ancient Russia.

fruits of wild strawberry contain vitamins: B1, B2, B6, E, P, S, carotene, folic acid, sugar, lemon, apple, salicylic and other acids, essential oil, tannins, flavonoids, minerals - phosphorus, iron, aluminum, chrome, copper, manganese, potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, cobalt...

the Wild strawberry possesses the all-strengthening, anti-inflammatory, spazmolitichesky, knitting, sedative properties.

Infusion from leaves of wild strawberry calms nervous system, slows down a rhythm and strengthens amplitude of warm reductions, expands and strengthens blood vessels. One tablespoon of dry leaves is filled in with 1 glass of water, boil of 15 - 20 minutes. Cool, filter and drink during the day in the equal portions.

the Medieval famous doctor Wang - Sviten cured a consumption by means of wild strawberry. At the started illness the doctor attributed to patients to eat a large number of berries within a month.

to Karl Linney by means of wild strawberry managed to get rid of painful gout. And Fontenel was sure that he lives long only thanks to wild strawberry.

Traditional medicine treats berries and leaves of wild strawberry a hypertension, atherosclerosis, stomach ulcer and a duodenum, diseases of a liver, a spleen, infectious jaundice, tuberculosis of lungs, bronchial asthma, diabetes, a neurasthenia...

Outwardly wild strawberry the bleeding and purulent wounds treat. Broths rinse a throat at quinsy.

Is recommended to limit to

wild strawberry at pregnancy. It is impossible to eat it at an open ulcer of a duodenum, at pancreatitis.

Wild strawberry are widely used in cookery for jam making, compotes, by preparations of jelly, fruit jelly, kissel, jam, wine...

To weight loss juice of fresh fruits is applied on 4 - 6 tablespoons in day.

the Compress from infusions of leaves of strawberry - a fine face cleaner at any type of skin. For cleaning of normal face skin prepare strawberry lotion. Mix ½ glass of strawberry juice and 1 glass of vodka. That part which is going to be used is parted with boiled water 1:1.

dry skin Lotion from wild strawberry . To knead and fill in a handful of fresh berries of wild strawberry without greens and tails with 1 glass of warm boiled water. To draw of 1 - 2 hour. to Filter, add 1 teaspoon of glycerin and to apply to clarification of the person in the morning and in the evening.

of the Mask from strawberry is bleached, rejuvenated, moisten skin and give it a beautiful opaque shade. Besides, they dry eels and narrow pores. 2 tablespoons of strawberry to knead, turn in a gauze and to put on a face for 20 minutes. To wash water of room temperature.

For mitigation and bleaching of hands . To mix 2 tablespoons of strawberry juice, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of cream. To apply with a brush on hands. When dries up, one more layer, then still, and so to of 4 - 6 layers. to Wash away at first warm, then cool water and to grease hands with nutritious cream.

Face pack . 1 tablespoon of strawberry to knead, add 2 drops of lemon juice and 1 beaten egg white.

Mix of berries with egg white . Take 1 tablespoon of berries or 1 teaspoon of juice of wild strawberry and the beaten egg white, to mix and apply on face skin for 15 minutes. To wash away the tampon moistened in warm tea leaves of green tea. In 5 minutes to wash cool water.

of the Chronicle saved information that notable medieval ladies for preservation of long youth of a body took baths about addition of strawberry juice, removing thereby withering time.

Magicians claim that the dried flower of forest strawberry enclosed between pages of a romance novel helps to find the soulmate.