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The dog gnaws walls, things, footwear. What to do?

Such behavior can be connected with fear of loneliness, with the fact that there is a problem with health, also with the fact that the healthy dog cannot long be in inaction. Most often this problem is known to those who got a puppy recently.

Is one more reason which is the cornerstone of this unpleasant process - it is a natural instinct. The matter is that in the nature predators, having caught production, tear it to pieces. The dog tries to do the same. This usual standard of behavior at an adult dog can be modified at young age by means of some measures.

For puppies

very little puppy has to have his fenced-off corner, room where there is an access only to certain objects. Do not leave it in full isolation. It is small, one is afraid to remain. Organize its place so that he could see and watch what occurs around.

the puppy, a young dog has to have toys. The puppy is quickly bothered by toys therefore give him not everything at once, and gradually. When one bothers, give new, and old hide so far. And so on.

When the dog plays

with the toys, encourage it, you praise.

If you found the moment when the dog took a subject which will gnaw, at this moment it is possible to distract attention a sound, by voice, to begin to squeak, rustle, distracting attention and giving to a puppy a toy which can be gnawed. However, it is necessary to be attentive because if to begin to squeak, rustle later when the dog already gnaws, then the dog can think that it is such game. And that it is interesting...

do not allow a puppy to gnaw old boots, slippers which “so to throw out“. No, the dog cannot distinguish footwear which can be gnawed, from that that under a ban.

If the puppy “was caught in the act“, at the moment when he gnaws not the toy, he should be scolded, it is possible to fray easily by the scruff as it is done by mothers of a dog. Not long, it is rather simple to take by the scruff and to tell firmly: “It is impossible!“

a pepper medicine which are sold in pet-shops are Very effective

. In a word, the puppy needs toys and attention as to the child. And toys should be bought periodically new when old to it become uninteresting. And in general, puppies, as well as small children, sleep much. Therefore attention they take away very little.

If dog adult...

Such behavior means that it is lonely that it walks a little, plays, communicates. The fear of loneliness is shown right after leaving of the owner or in a few minutes. But if the bad behavior is shown through a wide interval of time, for example, in several hours, it means that the dog looks for, than to occupy itself, seeks to realize the energy, wants to play.

What to do?


Before leaving a dog at home one, walk her on the street at least an hour, let`s it be run, play enough, she has to be tired. Feed after walk.

Stop bad behavior when you see process, but not when the event already took place. Only at the moment when the dog does it, tell “It is impossible!“ . Only at the moment when the dog takes the forbidden subject in a mouth.

the dog has to have a big space for free movement in the house. Give to a dog several toys. It have to be toys with which the dog loves and got used to play. For this purpose it is possible to accustom her to game with them by means of game “bring“ or “fight“ for objects. Give some more toys just before withdrawal from the house.

Leave to

turned on the TV or radio, not loudly to create effect of presence. Be sure that wires out of a zone of access of a puppy.

the Owner of a dog or future owner of a dog has to know

that the dog needs to give the chance of walks during the day. For an adult dog - it is at least three times, for a puppy - from five to ten times a day. It is vital for an adult healthy dog.

At adult dogs the destructive behavior can accept the improbable, enormous sizes: the dog barks when there is one, sorts furniture, tears off linoleum, gnaws walls. In advance think whether you will be able to find for a dog sufficient time, to walk, play with it. Otherwise the animal will suffer. If you doubt - do not take a dog!

A if made the decision, and a puppy at your place - do not miss time, from the very beginning tell a dog that it is good and that it is bad.