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Get acquainted: Dominican republic

Ya I live in Dominican republic and I want to share with you information on this country. About the nature, people, sights, entertainments...

History of Dominican Republic is quite famous

. Many know that Christopher Columbus when peddled old stuff stuck to its coast. It is known that there is most the first street, the first city, the first cathedral, the first university, the first hospital of the New World. The word “first“ can often be used in relation to Dominican Republic.

A what you know about modern Dominican republic? Almost anything. It is possible to read the guide, to arrive to hotel of system “all inclusive“, to visit several standard excursions, to learn the word “Hola“ - “Hi“... But it is not all Dominican republic, the same as the Kremlin - not all Russia.

So what it is Dominican republic today`s? The dry statistics says that Dominican Republic - the state in east part of the island of Haiti (Caribbean Sea) and on coastal islands. The western half of the island is occupied by the state the Republic of Haiti. The island is a part of the archipelago of the Big Antilles. The capital - Santo - Domingo. The population - about 9,65 million people (2009), generally - mulattos. In the country a democratic system, a state language - Spanish, the dominating religion - Catholic. The country basis of the economy - tourism and money transfers from emigrants. Export of sugar, coffee and tobacco is of also great importance.

First that is noted by the travelers who visited Dominican republic - a slow current of time. Here nobody hurries anywhere.“ Tranquila“ - relax, “ma ñ ana“ - tomorrow, - seems that these words are the motto of Dominicans and those who here constantly live. In this country you relax and you derive pleasure from everything. It is simple to sit, sipping unforgettable “Cuba Libre“ (rum with Coca) and to admire behind what around is possible several hours which will pass imperceptibly.

Dominicans - very picturesque people. How they are dressed as talk and gesticulate, it is possible to observe infinitely. Men of Dominican republic are the real machoes. Tightened, sports, smiling, with magnificent feeling of a rhythm. To watch how the Dominican dances, - special pleasure, their plasticity is unique. Women like to put on brightly, supplement the dress with bright accessories.

the Dwelling of the Dominican is quite simply arranged to

. Obligatory attributes are lattices at windows, rocking-chairs, a hammock. Usually the housing consists of a drawing room - the dining room integrated with kitchen and 1 - 2 bedrooms. Often in the house of the Dominican there is an exit to a roof where the linen or usually dries in the evening, at sunset, it is possible to settle down and behold vicinities. Dominicans, as a rule, talk loudly and at the same time it is active, in expressive way gesticulate.

the local population and laws of the country are located

To foreigners friendly. Here quite soft immigration policy, Dominicans are very benevolent.

If to consider Dominican republic from the point of view of the tourist, then it is possible to tell that to have a rest here comfortably as that who just wishes to sunbathe and swim in the warm ocean, and that who likes active, extreme recreation.

For example, diving. This sport is very popular in Dominican republic. Certified dayv - the centers will organize and carry out immersions to unique caves. For people who are only going to open for themselves the underwater world introdayva - fact-finding immersions are carried out. In Bavaro there is one of bases of the International association of introdayver - the non-profit partnership specializing in the organization of “the first appointment“ of the person and the ocean.

Dominican republic - one of the world capitals of golf. This aristocratic sport attracts more and more admirers. In Dominican republic great variety of golf courses. The majority of fields are developed by the famous golfers, world champions in this sport. The landscape, design of fields were created taking into account a game interesnost in the field and esthetic pleasure. It is possible to find golf in any club - the instructor both for beginners, and for already owning a club, but persons interested to improve the skill.

Windsurfing, kiting - sports which are incredibly popular on the northern coast of the country. The championships of Russia are held here already traditionally. Services of instructors, sale, rent of the equipment are available.

the highest point of the country - the Peak of Duarte, 3087 m high - attracts subjugators of mountain tops. Ascension on Duarte`s Peak it is remembered forever. At the beginning of a way it is necessary to overcome abrupt 22 - kilometer the road which begins in Harabakoa (Jarabacoa), in Manabao`s (Manabao) Bog. It is enough two days to conquer the highest peak of the Antilles and to live, possessing the most unforgettable and significant their experience of everything that is offered by Dominican Republic.