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The small kitchen of

Most often kitchen is the main place in the house. Here not only prepare and eat, but also all family members communicate heart-to-heart. And even if the kitchen absolutely small that enough many families are a problem, it can become the center of the house and the favourite place. The main thing - to approach registration of kitchen with special care, having planned and having placed everything in the best way.


will be suitable

For small kitchen an angular way of planning - when the kitchen furniture is located along adjacent walls. At such way it is good to get a folding table, or to build at a free wall a bar counter with the leaning-back table surface.

One more way of planning - to one line when all objects stand at one wall. At such planning choose the place for the refrigerator in the beginning. Then establish a desktop - a case, for placement of various products and ware then mount a sink and the gas or electric stove which divide a working surface too.

Main when planning small kitchen competent use of each centimeter of useful area has to be p>

. The furniture which will not “eat“ space will be able to save these centimeters: sborno - knockdown furniture, with folding elements, on castors, and also the built-in furniture.

Correctly having picked up kitchen furniture and having optimum placed it in kitchen, it is possible to solve problems with the lack of space. For optimum work it is the best of all to unite a sink, a plate and a table a table-top, and all objects have to be at one level.

the Excellent and practical choice for small kitchen - the low refrigerator. Its surface can be used as a finishing little table. The case - a compartment where it is possible to place much more objects can be the interesting decision for small kitchen. If a case - a compartment low, its top part it is possible to cover with a table-top and to use as a working surface.


the angular table-top on which it is possible to place the objects which are often used in use - tableware, spices, tea accessories, knives Visually will help to expand space of kitchen.

the bar counter which can replace a dining table is Very functional

. Over a bar counter it is convenient to place metal system from hangers and hooks. Then the glasses hanged on it, cups, glasses will always be near at hand.


Perfectly will be suitable for small kitchen a soft kitchen corner with seats which lean back. It is possible to store various kitchen accessories and stocks in special niches.

placement of the built-in kitchen equipment is Very actual

for small kitchen. It is better to choose sink a round form as it is more capacious. Having got a table under a sink with the built-in container, with several moving-forward offices, it is possible to get any subject which is stored under a sink with ease. This option though is not cheap, but is very convenient.

the Lunch zone

the Main place in small kitchen is the place of acceptance of food, and it is important that it was comfortable. Other furniture and household appliances are placed as it is possible more compactly.


For small kitchen will be suitable a lunch little table with folding sides by means of which the area of a table-top increases. Such little table can be placed with a window.

the folding little table which has castors is Very convenient to

. It can be moved and put anywhere. It is used not only as a dining table, but also as a desktop, and also as a support under pans.

One more option of placement of a dining table is its “building“ to a window sill by means of legs. It can be both sliding, and folding.

of Cunning in small kitchen

the Window sill can be used as the decorative shelf for flowers or to place on it pass - beds with greens. If there are wooden shelves, then to them it is possible to attach hooks and to hang up on them, for example, circles.

needs to reduce as much as possible number of the opening doors and doors, having replaced them sliding and folding or in general to leave regiments open. It is better to supply cases and regiments with vertically rising blinds that will increase useful area.

If a kitchen aperture to expand

, then the kitchen will seem is much more spacious. In kitchen it is better for door to do sliding or in the form of a folding partition. Visually it is possible to increase the sizes of small kitchen by means of a glossy stretch ceiling.

the “Correct“ lighting

are Distinguished by several options of illumination of small kitchen.

the First option assumes good illumination of working zones (lamps can be built in in suspended cases, to light a cooking surface by means of illumination of an extract) and over a dining table.

In the second option , except illumination of a working zone, are placed still by lamps on walls which easily turn in different directions, visually expanding space.

At the third option needs to cover walls with light wall-paper or to paint them with paint of a light shade and to strengthen the top lighting.


Mood of small kitchen

Color preferences at all people different, but by means of color it is possible to lighten mood, and in small kitchen also visually to expand space. In - the first, kitchen of the small area it is the best of all to register in light tones.

Actual for small kitchen is also green color. This color lightens mood, removes stress and refreshes, it is color of harmony and tranquility. Optically it is possible to increase the sizes of kitchen by means of blue color. White color creates feeling of lightness, but it is better to use it in combination with other flowers for achievement of cozier situation.