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As we were born

you have “pleasure“ to get acquainted with the story now of the father of the little boy how he is this father, went to childbirth.

I Will begin

with the fact that once in the spring, upon return from distant business trip in which stayed as obliges even 3 days, home, the wife met me with unusually mysterious look. Long it was not necessary to ask, to me it was told that we now pregnant women, and also the test for pregnancy with positive result was shown.

First thoughts of presence on childbirth at us did not arise as that is not accepted in our state that men were present at childbirth so we got ready for childbirth as all ordinary people: the pier, goes to maternity hospital mother, and the father stays at home and waits for messages.

the Change in the relation to the forthcoming event came as now it seems to me, after correspondence with my old friend at whom just the same event took place a year ago. Lenka (so her name is) long and with delight described to me as they with the husband gave birth to the daughter and as for her presence of the loved one in her life - the husband important was near.

the Push for run of thoughts in the head was received by

. I, without thinking twice, offered the wife the services in the arisen question. Then still I also did not know about that as well as what occurs on childbirth and, to admit, did not think that I will get in rodzat.

At that time I did not know

what I want: it was terrible to me to go with the wife, and it was a shame to admit it, to turn a back, to refuse. And I solved - let everything take its course.

pregnancy in spite of the fact that it passes within nine months, flew quicker. We with the wife very responsibly approached the choice of maternity hospital (we gave birth in Spasso subsequently - Perovsky hospital of the World and Mercy) and at the choice especially were guided by maternity hospitals with reasonable payment and a possibility of joint childbirth.

the Desire came to be present in process of acquisition of knowledge which was gained from various magazines and on courses at the same maternity hospital. In process of finding of knowledge not only the desire, but also confidence in need to be with the wife, opportunities to help and support came.

By the way, is not enough

which of people familiar to me supported idea about joint childbirth. Their arguments were reduced to the words “there is nothing to make there!“ or “it is necessary to you?“ .

I the most interesting that only the people having knowledge of childbirth or last through joint childbirth understood desire, our with the wife, to give birth together and in every possible way tried to support us.

we were not sure by

Till the latest moment that we will give birth together - the matter is that the maternity hospital in December was closed “on a sink“, and childbirth at us according to the plan had to take place from December 29 to January 6. But the maternity hospital opened, though with delay, 31 - oho, and childbirth at us did not want to begin. Every day we with the wife adjusted ourselves that tonight already everything will begin, but woke up in the morning without hint for the beginning of childbirth.

in the Morning on the eighth of January I was already going to rise and go to work as suddenly the wife told me what supposedly began.

Day was cold - minus 25 on the street, in maternity hospital drove the car.

the wife was taken away Then on survey. There was a long expectation in a reception of maternity hospital, was nervous. There is a special wish to note friendliness and understanding of personnel, to the father on childbirth they treated as by the itself understood event. We met the wife already in a rodbloka. childbirth it is difficult to p to describe

, I will tell just we gave birth 15 hours and never before, despite the preparation received on courses, I did not feel such helpless. And at the same time it was succeeded to help: calmed, did massage. The wife is very glad that we were there together.

the Moment of birth of the son I will never forget

: at that moment I already had a state similar to shock, and from outside I had, probably, enough air of detachment, but I was happy.

I believe

Ya that joint childbirth pulls together spouses, improves contact with the child and it is absolutely useful to men to look how it occurs.

on childbirth I can advise

to Those who wants to be present:

  1. needs to go for childbirth only if you want it if you do not want, then and there is nothing to do there;
  2. can be Wanted
  3. , having read books about childbirth and having listened to clever people on courses of preparation for childbirth;
  4. can Be present only after the corresponding preparation - courses, differently it is possible to crash down in a faint because you do not know, as well as than to help;
  5. the opinion of the wife is Very important
  6. - if she does not want to see you on childbirth, then you should not go;
  7. Should not listen to opinion of people who did not test it, - they do not understand what speak about.

We also will give birth to other children together, and not because it is our whim but because I believe that it is correct that and has to byl that parents have to meet together the child in this world.

I Apologize

that shortly and a little chaotically turned out.