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Let`s do without heat-spots of

As the mirror reflects a state of health of the person. Problems with skin begin, as a rule, at teenage age when both girls, and at boys have a hormonal reorganization. At this time skin needs regular careful leaving which will help it to look healthy and fresh.

Skin - the biggest body of our body on the area. It can be compared to a cover into which all other bodies “are packed“. But it not its only appointment: skin carries out still a set of other vital functions.

Skin serves as a barrier which does not pass inside water and other substances. And here the return process is possible: through a skin time sweat - moisture together with which salts and some other waste products of an organism are outside removed is emitted. Due to evaporation of moisture constant body temperature is maintained, preventing its overheat and cooling.


To skin assigned also other tasks. For example, in it the pigment the melanin protecting from ultra-violet radiation is developed. Skin bears serious blows and stretchings and at the same time is capable to fast regeneration (recovering) from wounds and cuts. And thanks to the sensitive receptors located in skin we distinguish to the touch hot from cold, smooth from rough - that is we are able to perceive.

If to run over skin a finger, then it is possible to feel that it is covered vodno - a fatty film. At one people this film is almost imperceptible, at others - is brightly expressed. Substances of which it consists are emitted with skin glands of two types - grease and stalemate. Both that and others influence by sight skin. If sebaceous glands function normally, only slightly greasing the top layer, then skin looks healthy and smooth. If skin fat is emitted much, then skin gets a greasy luster, and expanded channels of sebaceous glands - a time - give it a type of an orange-peel. At a lack of skin fat horn scales do not lie exactly, and puff up. Skin at the same time dry, dim and rough.


Sweat glands are necessary to the person too. They participate in thermal control, with outside harmful substances are removed then. And still sweat makes the main part of already mentioned film, or acid cloak. The acid cloak is a mix of skin fat and sweat with addition of a quantity of organic acids. It protects skin from microbes as the majority of them “does not love“ acidic environment. The surface of normal skin has sour reaction, it rn (a hydrogen indicator which serves as the quantitative characteristic of acidity of solutions) is made by 5,5. Let`s remind, neutral rn it is equal to 7,0.

meanwhile exist bacteria which prefer to live in acidic environment and even produce acids. These bacteria not only do not do harm, but even possess properties of antibiotics, than help to fight against microorganisms, harmful to skin.

Frequent washings with alkaline soap destroy by

an acid cloak, and then useful kislotolyubivy bacteria give way to harmful kislotochuvstvitelny. As a result acidity of skin is broken. It occurs at a number of skin diseases: at fungal infections rn skin increases to 6 (subacidic reaction), at eczema - almost to 6,5 (almost neutral reaction), at an acne illness - to 7 (neutral reaction).

can be connected by

of the Problem of skin with a condition of nerves, muscles and vessels. Nerves of skin are responsible for touch, painful and temperature sensitivity, and also operate mimic muscles and vessels. Skin muscles are arranged unusually. Unlike other muscles which fasten to sinews and bones they terminate in the skin. Besides smooth muscles in skin is cross - striped mimic muscles, they are in area of a neck and in face skin. Their reduction creates the unique look peculiar to each specific person. Thanks to muscles we smile, frown, with astonishment we raise eyebrows.

All skin is plentifully supplied with very small blood vessels: they bear to cages nutrients, and also work as heatexchange structures. Speed of healing of wounds and speed of updating of skin depends on intensity of blood circulation. With blood system lymphatic system which vessels also form intricate textures in skin is closely tied similar with it on functions.

When the boy or the girl enters awkward age, sex hormones begin to come to blood. Skin quickly reacts to it. First of all, release of skin fat amplifies. Quite often it collects in hair sacks, then at the exit the stopper is formed. If the infection joins, in sacks the inflammation begins - eels are formed. Doctors call this disease of “acne“.

the dermatologist will help to Struggle with an acne. Meanwhile many follow the advice of the friends and acquaintances who, unfortunately, not always know how this disease is correct to treat. Concerning juvenile heat-spots there are several delusions. Let`s try to discredit them and to give several advice on care of skin.

Delusion the first: eels are only at fans of chocolate, pizza, ketchup and donuts.

Scientific this fact is still not proved to

. However it is precisely known that the food with the small content of fats and a large amount of vitamins reduces fat content of skin.

Rule № 1. You monitor food. Eat more products containing vitamins and cellulose - berries, fruit, vegetables, porridges. Fermented milk products are very useful: kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese. Young people need boiled meat, fish, a bird - the proteins which are contained in them are necessary for growth. If as speak, eels went, it is necessary to reduce in a food allowance sharp, fried, salty, chocolate, cocoa, sweets. Beer and furthermore - hard liquors is inadmissible.

Delusion the second: the face should be washed with soap, and to squeeze out spots.

to do

of it just and it is impossible. The more fat you will wash away soap, the more skin fat will be produced by skin. If the inflammation took deep layers of skin, then after expression of spots there are hems.

Rule № 2. It is necessary to wash neutral cosmetics - a skin or gel not to wash away the thin acid cloak protecting skin from penetration of an infection. And a shower should be taken not hot, but warm. And it is impossible to squeeze out spots. The cosmetologist has to carry out procedure of deep clarification of skin which is in some cases necessary.

Delusion the third: spots develop from dirt and pass from the sun and from the beginning of sex life.

Of course, dirty skin should not be, but predisposition of an organism to an acne can be and hereditary. If the disease has already an effect, it is better to avoid the sun. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays for short term the condition of skin can improve, but in the fall summer suntan will cause an aggravation.

Though hormonal “storms“ in the growing-up organism cause growth of eels practically in all, the disease proceeds heavier at that who have not as it should be digestive organs and the nervous system, and early sex life is overloaded here at anything.

Rule № 3. A healthy lifestyle - here that is necessary for skin. You do not smoke, play sports, walk in the fresh air more. Hide the inflamed skin from the sun. If with health something not as it should be, especially if hurts a stomach, a gall bladder, a pancreas, intestines, tell about it to parents and see a doctor. Most often malfunctions in a gastrointestinal tract are very quickly reflected in skin.

Delusion the fourth: treat do not treat - with eels you will make nothing.

Well it absolutely not so. There is a lot of ways of treatment of an acne.

Rule № 4. It concerns cosmetics of care of skin. The part of them is on sale in shops and in drugstores (without recipe). Choosing gel or cream, it is necessary to read the instruction for application attentively. Do not use the cosmetics containing heavy fats.

Krom of means on care of skin medicines exist. On their application the doctor can give advice. Only he will correctly estimate a condition of your skin and will appoint the necessary treatment. Often what suits you does not suit others at all.

As arranged skin to
On the structure skin reminds puff pie. Its main layers - epidermis, shit and hypodermically - fatty
cellulose Epidermis - the top layer of skin - is elastic, elastic and strong. It possesses property to be restored quickly at damage. In turn epidermis consists of five layers. The top layer - horn - is formed become obsolete, myort - vy cages, but appearance of skin in many respects depends on it. Full replacement of cells of epidermis happens during of 21 - 28 days. New cages are born in a bazalny membrane on border of epidermis and terms and in process of a growing move ahead upward. Derm`s
(actually skin) is similar to the elastic mattress formed by the bound fibers of collagen and elastin. In a term there are blood and lymphatic vessels nourishing skin, the nervous terminations, muscles and also grease and sweat glands. And though shit it is also not visible outside, depends on its structure whether there will be skin elastic or sluggish, smooth or wrinkled. Even skin color is connected with a state terms: healthy pink color demonstrates normal work of blood vessels.
the deepest layer of skin - a gipoderm (hypodermically - fatty cellulose). The role of this peculiar pillow under dermy is very big. It not only helps to support temperature balance, but also protects internals from blows and concussions.