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My childbirth, or the New citizen of Russia

to Give birth that day I, in general, and did not gather, though 41 weeks of pregnancy began. A day before it (and there was it Friday, June 11; i.e. not only that Friday, so also holiday day) the doctor from consultation, having made KTG, told that everything is bad, KTG of 7 points is (not enough), it is necessary to lay down in maternity hospital and to trace this KTG in dynamics. I left consultation, got into the car (I was driving) and arrived to maternity hospital with the direction and strong confidence that now here I will repeat KTG and I will go home. To make this KTG I had to take place bureaucracy of a reception, to represent from myself the patient, to rise in office and... As a result I learned that I have fine KTG, 10 points, and good ultrasonography, the kid near is powerful 3000 - 3100, everything is good with it. Heard an assessment of my state, learned that to go to me a week more... But! Some I was overcome by laziness (or it was not laziness?) ... It is necessary to undergo the extracts procedure to go home, I arrived officially. And evening of holiday Friday it is possible to imagine how the maternity hospital “is brisk“ and how not easy to catch the doctor on duty. I think, all right. I will spend the night, since morning I will make one more KTG (there will just be dynamics) and I will go... The holiday everything is tomorrow. What to roll here?.

Somebody can imagine a sound as if at you the champagne cork shoots inside? In the morning in the sleep I heard such sound... in. It is difficult to transfer my thoughts to that moment. Fear? No! More likely, curiosity. After numerous courses and mountains of the read literature I was grounded and knew that such sound can be characteristic when the bubble bursts. I was not mistaken! The bubble burst, waters departed... Everything said that home I will not go now... Having left chamber on the sister`s post, I reported that “it seems to me...“

About 8 in the morning the doctor on duty (that which overnight reported that to go to me a week more) placed in a rodblok with the skeptical remark that I will have everything not too soon, the organism is not ready, I not in labor. I in this maternity hospital had an arrangement from the manager of delivery room to whom I called and, having apologized, reported what I in a rodbloka, but, is told, I do not give birth. She answered with a sleepy voice: “All right, we will meet“.

Should pay to

tribute, it appeared in about 20 minutes. Well, left me... And where me with the departed waters and disclosure in a finger? I began to feel, of course, something, but at the same time decided to have a sleep since I was adjusted that everything will occur a minimum of hours 10 - 16 (to me so told!), and forces are necessary as they spoke on courses. And if does not begin, then stimulation and other achievements of modern medicine threatens there (fie, fie, fie!) .

was So prodremat by me from 8 to 11 in the morning. Very quietly lay in the box, connected to KTG, and breathed as taught on courses. It should be noted, I trained a half of pregnancy precisely! The doctor came, asked whether we will do anesthetic? I answered that I am not present. The doctor smiled: “Well, we will look at you“. Though morally I was ready that I can break when it is very sick.

In the twelfth hour to me my doctor with the phrase comes: “Well what you became silent here?“ I answer supposedly I do not sleep, but I doze, but something somehow seems to me that process began it seems. And whether in general I cannot reach a toilet (“duck“ did not impress me), and that your put enemas ask, probably... She watches me, does big round eyes and speaks: “My dear, well you give! So did not begin, and comes to an end already! And it is not an enema, and the kid here - here will appear!!“

the Doctor began to call

urgently midwifes that prepared all necessary (nobody waited so soon, did not prepare). Here and at me became the same eyes, a somnolence it vanished as if by magic, and I with a fright began to be afraid, to invent that ah as to me it is bad and painful. I was adjusted on childbirth, and here... Well, I overslept hours-long labor which somehow passed by...

A at 12:00 exactly after two attempts already. Boy, 3540 / 52 cm. And mine: “Hi, my treasure!“ And Treasure, groaning at me on a stomach, tried to pinch the first colostrum...

P. S. The doctor called my childbirth is exemplary - indicative (without uniform prick, a hysterics, a shouting, for such sprint time). Told that it was necessary to shoot the movie - a grant “What there have to be childbirth“. The citizen snuffled nearby. We from its first shout both did not leave, were together and fought for breastfeeding. Periodically (already together) looked out of a window of chamber from which our general car parked directly on a carriageway roadside was visible too already. Did not evacuate.