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Titmouse of

the grandfather Trophime in this world Long lived - saw a lot of things. Both passed war, and lifted a virgin soil, grew up three children, has grandsons and great-grandsons. Character at it severe, in fights tempered, both will tell, and will be - nobody will overpersuade.

All road his faithful companion. Will sit down on a sofa closer, will link wrinkled hands, and it seems as silushka increases at them - from hand to hand flows. Yes there was a trouble, Polinushka got sick and died. Also there was no former silushka at the grandfather Trophime. Both hands do not hold, and legs do not go, and itself got sick. It seems as started to hurry after Polinushka. As do not twist, and the ninth ten exchanged for a long time.

Many times persuaded the daughter with the son-in-law to get over to them, flatly refused:“ I on the earth was born - on the earth and I will die! I do not want to choke on your floors, to me my izba is more native, I the hands built it. gvozdochek by name I know everyone. Kuda we the friend without friend?“ You will not argue with the grandfather! Here also the granddaughter Verochka ran every day to it. The house will tidy up, will make a lunch, in shop descends. Will sit, will chat.

Verochka about youth Liked to listen to a dedova front. And he for greater effect yes medals will put on a single-breasted coat with awards, will shake for lapels, so that the ring iridescent went, will inspect itself in a mirror, a hand will correct moustaches and, proud, conversation begins. Speaks slowly, with pauses, roofing felts are remembered by something, whether to Vera allows to comprehend the told time.

the House at the grandfather Trophime small, two rooms and a kitchenette. At once the porch under a canopy has a shop. Here on it - that also spends all free time the grandfather Trophime, remembering youth, warming stones on the sun.

Once in the autumn afternoon the titmouse flied. Brisk, naughty. Cela on a shoulder to the grandfather Trophime, in eyes looks, elicits a food.

- Chiu - whose, chiv - I feel! - whispers on an ear.

- Eka nevidal! Look - is not afraid of anything! - the grandfather grumbles, and at most at heart it became warmer, - Wait a moment, I will look now, can crumbs what is.

the grandfather Rose. And to a descent to the house, even forgot to pokryakhtet for an order. Gathered the whole handful of grain different, crumbs grain. Quicker on a shop to treat a titmouse. And that directly sits down on a palm, chooses, what is more tasty, and departs with production on a fence, will regale thoroughly and again behind a new piece sits down on a palm. The grandfather toporshchit moustaches, smiles, pokryakhtyvat. So to it at heart it is joyful from courage of a little bird - a nevelichka. Others - from a distance glance, will fly up closer, will pick up that the grandfather Trophime on the earth will throw, cautiously yes a caution away fly, and this was full, got up on a shoulder, nestled on a fluffy collar, ruffled up and let`s chirp - to tell fairy tales to the grandfather. “Chiu - whose, chiv - I feel! Chiu - whose, chiv - I feel!“

Most of all fell in love by it sunflower seeds, but them was a little, several pieces of everything which were overlooked. Ded Trophime who was not leaving many years the house is farther than a zavalinka, went to the nearest shop behind sunflower seeds... Verochka came always at the same time. Without having found the missing grandfather on a shop, hurried to the house. Whether got sick? But also there did not find it. With a fright called mother, asked neighbors whether there came “ambulance“? Nobody saw anything. Uneasy, ran back, and at a gate faced the grandfather. Shining, cheerful.

“Here! To a larechka descended. Sunflower seeds bought! Look - that I will show!“ - and forward pulls a hand. The titmouse fluttered away from a fence. And on a palm! To a sunflower seed grabbed and again on a fence. There at it the place is chosen, the board burst, so in this crack the sunflower seed just accurately is located - it is convenient to rasshchelkivat. Pecked one and right there for the second arrived and from greed took one more.

Ded Trophime laughs, pokryakhtyvat, strokes moustaches, and eyes and shine life! “Troublemaker you, grandfather!“ - Verochka smiled and went to call, calm mothers, to please with news.

the grandfather Since then changed, became cheerful, looked younger, every morning with a smile meets. And the titmouse to it instead of an alarm clock, will sit down on a window in a bedroom, three times will knock and calls the grandfather on the street. “Chiu - whose, chiv - I feel! Get up, the sluggard, I want to eat, chiv - I feel!“ Ded is also glad. Will come off a bed, will throw with clothes, legs in valenoks, on the way of sunflower seeds in a pocket sypant, and on the street! What what, and business. And soul is warmed by a small lump of feathers not worse than the sun. And all cares only of it. And all thoughts too. And already exhausted the granddaughter.

- Verok, you sunflower seeds - that bought? Al forgot?

- Bought

! - shouts more loudly that heard. And under a nose whispers to himself:

- you Will forget with you here!

- Not salty?

- Not salty.

- Precisely? Al forgot to ask?

- Yes asked, asked! Not salty! Do not worry! Try itself.

- Than? Teeth - that only cream of wheat needed to be chewed, - the grandfather laughs.

- Oh, the grandfather! You will not miss with you!

A he was also not going to miss! Very long ago did not feel such happy.

No more, no less, and the fifth year passed as the titmouse visited every fall the grandfather Trophime. He waited for it as native. Here only did not wait this fall... Having caught sinichy hubbub behind a window, the grandfather Trophime started to hurry on a shop. Put legs in valenoks, wrapped up a jersey, took in hand a bowl with sunflower seeds and hurried on the street. Pulls a hand forward, and nobody to it flies. Jammed heart at the old man, bad scented. “Ouch - ouch! Whether it does not matter happened to you? My bird was gone, however...“ Threw to sparrows down to the ground a handful of sunflower seeds from disappointment and slowly trudged to the house.

tomorrow, in a week he did not hear familiar knock in a window. The melancholy hard pressed down it to a bed. He also did not eat with sense anything, and reluctantly talked to the granddaughter, flatly refused to drink drugs, and watched everything in an empty window, quietly dying away.“ The time to me came from Polinushkaya to see,“ - the grandfather Trophime noted to himself the last line. Did not get up any more.

Had the first snow. The sparrows and titmouses lured by the grandfather a flock scurried about between branches of an old apple-tree, but the food to them was already taken out by the granddaughter and that not always.“ Absolutely the grandfather bad became, - Vera on mother`s ear whispered. - Yes! The years are taking their toll“. Children and grandsons in turn were on duty at the old man`s bed, trying to foresee any his desire, but he lost interest in life. Did not burden them with the whims as it usually happens in similar cases. Asked silences. There was a wish to be alone to it. Sometimes, having caught loud snore, it for a couple of hours was left, running up on urgent matters, even without guessing that the grandfather pretends to be to allow them to have a rest. He slept a little, a couple of hours in days. Here and today pretended to be, released Verochka. Having remained one, stared in a wall, the pattern on a carpet examines, turns over the life in memory, mentally talks to Polinushka. And suddenly - knock familiar in a window! “Chiu - whose, chiv - I feel! Hi! Here and I! Waited for me?“

Ded Trophime to eyes did not believe

! Came off a bed molodets, any stone did not crackle, presses palms to glass, tears for pleasure acted.“ Ah you, my bird! Where you strayed all this time? Was tired of waiting for you already“. Pounded tear fists on eyes, squelched a nose and began to put on quickly. Having inhaled a full breast of frosty air, the grandfather sat down on a shop. The titmouse right there priporkhnut to it on a shoulder, for moustaches pinches from time to time, in the ear whispers:“ Chiu - whose, chiv - I feel! As I am glad to you! Missed! Flew to eat in a cowshed collective-farm and hardly got out to freedom“. And the grandfather Trophime brushed away a tear, only already brilliant, for pleasure again. Put a hand in a pocket, sunflower seeds got and forward stretched. And the titmouse will take a sunflower seed and not on a fence flies, as usual, and to it sits down on a shoulder, there and has dinner as if she is afraid to leave the grandfather. Was sated, nestled on a fluffy collar of a sweater, ruffled up and chirps - tells the grandfather about the adventures, and he listens, smiling, assents as if he understands all she speaks about. Quietly the gate creaked and Verochka entered. - Ded! Whether you it? - eyes and began to shine for pleasure.

- Rose! And we - that thought...

- What thought? Were going to bury? Early still to die - that. Let Polinushka will wait for me a bit, and I will live meanwhile...

gave to

I a hand forward. The titmouse right there flushed from a shoulder and sat down on a palm...“ Chiu - whose, is living - I feel!“