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Doctor House of

at the beginning of a week to me is guilty of everything the girlfriend Anka called. “You saw a yesterday`s series about doctor House?“ - she blurted out in a tube, having passed a greeting. “Hi, - I resolutely corrected its tactlessness. - No, and that?“ “Tam was such series interesting yesterday. Showed some party when there are a lot of men and women sit at little tables and communicate, then change to interlocutors. It is possible to Urzhatsya. How you think, we in Moscow have something similar?“

Here so I for the first time learned

about the speed dating parties, but still vaguely understood what role they can play in my life.

Specifics of my professional activity are far

from entertaining and leisure actions, but I, nature, curious and inclined to adventures, could not disregard Ankino the message. And I got into the Internet.

“Speed Dating - it a format of parties pass - the appointments organized to the purpose to acquaint people with each other“ - educated me.

“Girls accommodate for little tables with numbers. Men through each 3 - 7 consistently change minutes from one girl to another. After each meeting guests note the impressions about the interlocutor in “the card of sympathies“ or directly exchange contacts. Further organizers compare “cards of sympathies“, and, in case of coincidence, send contacts to participants“.


thought up this system of parties in 1985, at the beginning of 20 - oho centuries became madly popular among inhabitants of Los - Andzheles and New - York, and today extended worldwide.

my first impression coincided with the conclusion of the girlfriend - “to urzhatsya“. Similar to a fair at which as goods people speak. Cynically, strange, chaotically. And movement of men probably very much reminds cockroach runnings.“ Well,“ - I summed up the result of the obtained information and left this subject.

However speed dating haunted me. Why it pursued me, it became clear only closer to days off. Rolled up by everyday affairs, Friday evening I remembered that I have to make surely on the forthcoming days off: to go to parents, to clean the apartment, to prepare to eat for a week and still to drop in to tooth. The list of affairs not too differed from that which was on the previous days off. Here only the device of private life did not get under the list of what I have to carry out in any way.

A life my personal already more than half a year did not please with pleasant events. Casual acquaintances in traffic jams, on the street or in cafe were so rare and fleeting that could not satisfy my need for love. More grooms could not be taken. Sometimes at me the light thought ran to take dancing classes or fitness that the advantage for a body helped to expand a circle of acquaintances, but time always slowed down my undertakings by the limited number of hours in days.


Then to me again remembered “Doctor House“. By the way, I did not watch that series about which Anka spoke. But herds to think of speed dating in other direction, and came to a conclusion that this way of acquaintances is not so bad as it seems at first sight. Two hours a week - that maximum which the person who is actively involved in the sphere of business can allocate. And 10 acquaintances - this that minimum which it can receive for these a couple of hours. Then that speed dating - good option for workaholics.

can call

of Whom the workaholic in our country? Yes almost everyone. And the one who 5 days a week at office earns to himself on bread and butter; to realize the one who has the business and the one who tries himself in this life to the maximum. In the head the seditious thought began to creep in: “And why is also not present? Even if I with anybody interesting will not get acquainted, then I will write about it article...“

... Since that time about 4 months passed. Now I can not only offer you this article, but also I can brag of the fact that in several weeks I to a marriage.

Ya all - visited the speed dating party and I can tell that there take place these actions absolutely as they are described by organizers. Evening on which there were I was at the restaurant located in the center of Moscow among fashionable boutiques and memorable places. I was lucky, and on that evening there were many men, nice to me externally and just that to whom it was pleasant to communicate. I will cast in the lot with one of them soon. I hope that forever.

What it was? Regularity or lucky coincidence? Someone directed me from above? Or I turned the destiny into the right course? I cannot answer. But I know only one: doctor House is guilty of everything! Well, and Anka, of course.