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Every tenth five-year-old child has night enuresis, and by 10 years - every twentieth. Boys wake up wet twice more often as bladder capacity at them is more, and process of maturing of a brain more slowly.

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Depending on the reason of night enuresis and a condition of nervous system of the child two types of an incontience of urine - neurotic and nevrozopodobny. Both of them demand consultations of the expert, and treatment the doctor, most likely, will appoint, a miscellaneous.

Nevrozopodobny enuresis is connected by


in case of a nevrozopodobny incontience children quietly treat night troubles. The desire to get rid of them without which it is difficult for doctor to count on success, as a rule, is absent.

Neurotic enuresis is connected by


The neurotic enuresis is “younger“ than

, the it is simpler to fight to doctors against it. Sometimes it is enough to expert to relieve the child of uneasiness and to inspire confidence that he is capable to control himself in a dream. Observe whether the child strong sleeps. It is important to know it FOR definition like enuresis to pick up the scheme of treatment. Unlike the “neurotics“ having sleeplessness, patients with a nevrozopodobny incontience usually sleep tight.

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For purpose of adequate treatment the doctor also surely will define the pathology reason. The following belongs to the most widespread. Psychogenic violations. Rather often it is a stress when changing school, appearance of other child in a family, frequent quarrels or divorce of parents. And sometimes a consequence of less significant incidents - overexcitation after a family holiday, a visit of circus, purchases of a long-awaited toy, the scary movie or the fairy tale before going to bed.

In these situations children have a subconscious aspiration to return to infancy when wet diapers were a usual thing, and mother at once reacted to them. So the child tries to draw attention to experiences about which he for various reasons cannot tell. A task of adults - to understand what happens to the son or the daughter.

Defects of education. First of all it is about not developed so-called skills of neatness in time. After the birth the urination is carried out automatically, but already in half a year the kid feels concern before wetting a diaper. If parents do not land the child, at least, after a year on a pot, they do not allow to be created to a conditioned reflex. Heredity. The risk to ache with enuresis of any origin is high if among relatives already someone suffered from it - statistically, these are about 75%. Family alcoholism, a psikhopatiya also belong to risk factors. Minimum brain dysfunctions. This state is shown by a headache, hyperexcitability or, on the contrary, increased fatigue and tearfulness. The vulnerable nervous system often from - for a stress or even usual cold can lose control of an urination in a dream. It is desirable to preserve such child against the psychoinjuring situations, at least two times a year to show to the neuropsychiatrist and to accurately carry out his councils.

statistically, in tropical countries children have practically no enuresis, unlike cold

Associated diseases. Adenoides, chronic tonsillitis, helminthic invasions, hernia, diseases of kidneys, a stomach, intestines and other diseases of a time declare themselves night enuresis. Then an urine incontience the organism signals about the developing illness. Therefore be not surprised if the pediatrician directs the little patient, say, to the ENT SPECIALIST - to the doctor, other experts. Or he will recommend to make the analysis of urine, blood, a calla.

of Pathology of urinogenital system in certain cases can be also shown by an involuntary urination in a dream. It often occurs at boys when narrowing to extreme flesh (fimoza) or an urethra, at girls - at inflammatory diseases belts and some congenital anomalies are lower. Then the boy urgently needs survey of the urologist, and the girl - the gynecologist.

At neurotic enuresis is quite often helped by consultation of the skilled psychologist and psychotherapist. Also the physical therapy and reflexotherapy
are effective Miyelodisplaziya`s

. The wrong development of the lumbar segments of a spinal cord which are responsible for work of a bladder sometimes becomes the reason of the enuresis which is not giving in to treatment. A picture of lumbar department of a backbone and electroneuro - a miografiya help doctors to find a disease. Perhaps, even special backbone operation is required.

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In a stock doctors have many ways of treatment. These are combinations of the drugs strengthening nervous system, calming and regulating dream depth, a diet, hypnosis and an electrodream, physical therapy, acupuncture. But that the appointed treatment worked, the corresponding situation is necessary. And here a lot of things depend on the correct behavior of parents. Then the way to recovery strongly becomes simpler!

do not abuse

At all and do not punish the son or the daughter for a wet bed. At best you will not achieve anything, in the worst - aggravate displays of neurosis.

Enuresis can be a symptom of various serious pathologies - for example, epilepsies.

so that the child very much wanted to get rid of an illness and believed that it in his forces. Promise in an award what long ago he dreamed of - a toy, rollers, the bicycle. Also buy in “advance payment“ - let the gift will be incentive for further victories.

It is desirable for

that the dinner was in 3 hours prior to a dream. The approximate menu includes cutlet with buckwheat cereal, egg, bread and butter. From kefir, milk and porridges cooked on it, vegetables and fruit it is necessary to refuse in the evening as in them there is a lot of water. And kefir and apples besides also possess diuretic action.

Let the child washes down a dinner with several drinks of the special tea helping at an urine incontience. Instead of usual tea leaves it is recommended to use mix of the St. John`s Wort and a yarrow taken equally. On a cup of such tea it is also useful for child to drink at breakfast and during the lunchtime. After a dinner it is better to drink nothing. But if thirst overcame what to do - give to drink.

Before the dream offer the child a piece of cheese or several added some salt nutlets. These products have property to detain liquid in fabrics that will not allow it to overflow a bladder.

For an hour to a dream and before going to bed, the child (even if he does not feel in it a special need) has to descend in a toilet.

Put a pot near a bed. The age in this case does not matter: who will want to go sleepy to a toilet, natykayas in the dark on furniture!

For the night include a night lamp in a nursery. Many children are afraid of the dark, but not all speak about it to parents. The fear can prevent to get up when it is required. Raise a bedfoot of a children`s bed, having enclosed under her legs plates of 5 - 7 cm high, to reduce pressure of abdominal organs upon a bladder.

the Mattress has to be rather rigid.

you do not awake with

the child in a toilet in the middle of the night. In - the first, interrupting a dream, you prevent the rest of nervous system necessary for recovery. In - the second, knowing that will wake, he for certain will oversleep the responsible moment. Therefore let hopes for himself, but not for you.

All sick night enuresis to children the after-dinner dream is useful to

. Hour - another of day rest calms and restores nervous system, does a night dream not such deep.