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The Manager of major trading company already picked up at work of

the second time supports career itch. Not dirty money is guilty, but need on hundred times in the course of the day to shake hands with each passer - cross. And it is not the only illness which can be brought from clean office.

the public Place

the Exchange of opinions on a workplace turns into the real exchange of flora and fauna: sure handshake, a friendly kiss on the cheek, heated argument in a smoking-room - such degree of proximity is not in vain. Of course, the staff of offices risks very moderately in comparison, for example, with doctors. But office to office discord: if it is accepted to send all itself to the companies to business and to go to work, you will not fall yet, most likely, the unhealthy atmosphere reigns in it. Together with an award for labor feats of drummers viruses of flu, hepatitis A, salmonellosis, dysentery wait...

How to be saved? The predicted diseases - for example, during a flu epidemic or a rubella - it is possible to neutralize thanks to timely vaccination; with the others it is more difficult. It is unlikely who will have enough endurance (more precisely, tediousness) to go in a gauze bandage, not to offer to anybody a hand, to observe a distance at conversation and not to have dinner in corporate buffet. Besides these measures will not rescue from door handles with myriads of bacteria, surfaces of tables and a public toilet.

the Best protection against troubles - the steady immunity supported with good nutrition and positive emotions.

Than to jump aside from the coughing colleague, tell it a joke and eat a full-fledged lunch, but not a roll with tea - advantage will be more.


It is given birth and we get divorced together

you can not catch at work as flu, but biorhythms at you with colleagues are synchronized for certain. Especially if you woman. Researches showed that critical days at the employees working together not less than 10 months come approximately at the same time - the difference makes no more than a week. And for a standard the schedule of the chief, as a rule, is chosen; the others “adapt“ to it. Scientists explain this phenomenon with the fact that the women`s hormones which are responsible for periods provide to the hostess not audible with sense of smell a smell which intensifies function of similar hormones at surrounding women.

Why women at the hormonal level readily submit to
senior on a rank, so far remains a riddle.

Very actively female organism responds also to pregnancy of the colleague: often it causes unconscious awakening of a maternal instinct. Leaving in the decree is infectious - personnel officers and heads of the enterprises well know about it. Despite the most careful selection of the employees who already have children, sooner or later each employer faces a phenomenon of general motherhood at separately taken office.

At men other weaknesses: the Swedish scientists are convinced that for them divorce of the colleague is infectious. The sociologist Yvonne Aberg analysed data on family life of 37 thousand people working in 1500 the different companies. It appeared, the wave of stains at work often causes also the subsequent wave of new marriages, and the released candidates often look for new couple among colleagues.

Infectious ideas

Can catch

also others drowsiness even if you well slept.“ Health“ already wrote about opening of the American psychologists: they observed and analyzed behavior of staff of office and students of university and found out that they catch drowsiness and people sensitive, emotional, inclined to empathy yawn for the company.

A here cheerful collectives where “to cover a glade“ on Friday evening - sacred business, bear the hidden threat. At least of one fan to drink presence at office very dangerously: statistically, such person will involve not less than 4 colleagues to the sphere of alcoholic interests.

Anyway our physical and sincere health at work depends on suggestibility degree. This characteristic does us susceptible to foreign thoughts and diseases. If it happened to you to like idea of the colleague how it would be exciting to sell company secrets to competitors, or you suddenly felt all symptoms of pregnancy, having seen enough of the subordinate, so you can inspire almost everything: from flu to idea of world supremacy.

How to be protected from such influence? It is considered that the person is more educated, the more difficultly he gives in to suggestion. People whom since the childhood learned to submit to seniors are easily inspired; by the way, they most often become messengers of gossips. The victims of the most unexpected and painful moods near and jealous gimpers become more often than others. And clever men and rebels easily adapt to any changes in collective, whether it be change of the chief, the novel of the married colleague or a flu epidemic.