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You again, again with me, sleeplessness... Pregnant women have

of the Reason of sleep disorders and methods of fight against them

you are exhausted, exhausted

, but all the same cannot fall asleep. Nightfall becomes torture. Cozy bed, soft pillow... Earlier you should have reached only a bedroom, to put the head on a pillow - and..., it seems, in a second the impudent alarm clock pulled out you from Morpheus`s embraces, announcing approach of new day. And now the bedroom turned into a torture chamber, and perfidious god of a dream absolutely about you forgot - flew away, probably, to the beauties who are not burdened by the grown stomach. And the normal dream is twice necessary for you now: you bear responsibility for that tiny person whose existence so far entirely depends on you - from that, how do you feel, that you eat and, of course, as you sleep; your sleeplessness for certain will not do it good... The growing concern, fear of sleeplessness strengthens a nervous tension, and it becomes even more difficult to fall asleep - the vicious circle, and you in despair turns out: what to make that to break off it?

Loneliness (those who nearby, now, but not with you) and fear before infinite sleepless night - are familiar with the dreams to you such situation? Let`s talk about how to overcome it. First of all, about loneliness: it is necessary to tell that actually you appeared in quite populous company - with you millions of women: on statistical data, 78% of pregnant women have problems with a dream. How to get rid of fear? Not to worry, calm down - not so - that it is simple to execute all these standard recommendations of doctors. It seems to me, here you will be helped first of all by knowledge of the reasons of sleeplessness and understanding of those processes which occur in your organism now. And from consideration of the reasons of sleeplessness our conversation naturally will pass to the most various ways of its overcoming - in a mankind arsenal their whole set, cannot be that nothing suited you.

At a great number of women sleeplessness begins

of the Reason of sleep disorders at pregnant women already in the first trimester of pregnancy, some doctors are even inclined to consider sleep disorders as one of pregnancy approach signs. In the second trimester the dream is usually normalized, but here in the last three months before childbirth sleeplessness appears one of frequent and serious complications of a course of pregnancy. Doctors, arguing on the dream nature, usually say that sleeplessness - not an illness, but a symptom, external manifestation of some processes proceeding in our organism. To win against sleeplessness, it is necessary to try to find out what processes are and as it is possible to neutralize their inevitable side effects.

changes in the woman`s organism are capable to lead To sleeplessness already on the earliest terms hormonal : so, for example, during pregnancy the level of progesterone and some other hormones increases. Mobilizing forces for pregnancy incubation, they at the same time bring an organism to a state of “combat readiness“ and sometimes simply do not allow to relax.


With growth of term of pregnancy of reasons for sleeplessness more and more. The reasons of sleep disorders at pregnant women can be physiological :

  • of difficulty in finding of a convenient pose (the increased weight and the grown stomach very complicate this process);
  • back and waist pain;
  • stir of a fruit;
  • frequent night desires to an urination (the uterus which increased in sizes presses on a bladder, now it is required to be emptied much more often);
  • heartburn (work violations zheludochno - an intestinal path in general are characteristic of pregnancy);
  • of a spasm (especially often pregnant women complain of spasms of legs);
  • an itch in a stomach from - for skin stretchings;
  • short wind (the increased body weight complicates breath, besides, the uterus presses on lungs);
and psychological :
  • chronic fatigue;
  • a nervous tension, a stress (fear of the forthcoming changes, alarm for the child, fear of childbirth);
  • nightmares.

Liouba from these reasons quite will drop down

to deprive the woman of a dream, and most often they also are combined! Allocate in this list what is actual for you, and we will pass to the following section of article - to councils how to struggle with sleeplessness. At once I want to warn: it is not necessary even to try to execute all rather big list of councils which are given in it! Try to choose only what approaches your case that is pleasant personally to you. If any recommendation does not help, try to use another. Each situation is individual, each woman needs to pick up the method, the combination of receptions. Perceive these recommendations not as medical instructions (“To do only this way, and in any way differently!“), and how a friend advice (“Why don`t you try also this? If it does not help, we will think up something another!“ ).

How to struggle with sleeplessness

needs to Begin with

fight for a quiet night dream... since the morning! Duration and quality of our dream in many respects are defined by the correct mode and our behavior during the day . Try to adhere to the following recommendations:
  • Avoid an overstrain. The fatigue which saved up in a day not always leads to sound sleep, sometimes it turns out that after an unlucky day you it is simple not to relax in forces.
  • Try to come not too often into a bedroom during the day. The type of the bed reminding of night tortures can strengthen your fear of sleeplessness, and it will be even more difficult for you to fall asleep in the evening.
  • If in the afternoon you got used to sleep some time, try to refuse for several days this habit or at least to reduce time of a day dream - can be, the night dream will be restored.
  • with
  • If you are tormented by nightmares 1 about which you cannot forget then, in the morning or talk about them to the loved one (the husband, mother, the girlfriend) in the afternoon. Psychoanalysts consider discussion of night dreams as very effective remedy of overcoming of fear of them: in - the first, relatives will try to calm you, and, most likely, they will manage it, and in - the second, investing with words the vague visions tormenting you, you will find out that there are no special reasons for fear.
  • During the day find
  • time and an opportunity for performance of simple exercises which within your powers. Swimming, foot walks and even dances is considered very useful (in the latter case, of course, everything depends on the term of pregnancy and your health).
  • your body has to get used that the bed is a place only for a dream: wean from a habit to lie in - it is not necessary lying to read, watch TV, etc.


in the Evening , hour for two to a dream, begin preparation for that the forthcoming night was quiet and peace. Experts speak about the hygiene of a dream including a number of actions:

  • do not eat heavy food shortly before a dream: on a full stomach you will turn till the morning.
  • do not appoint
  • to evening of the affairs demanding physical and intellectual efforts.
  • Avoid an emotional pressure and stressful situations during this period of days (do not appoint to evening of unpleasant talk and rough explanations, ask the family and acquaintances not to call you in the evening and, naturally, you do not watch for the night action movies and thrillers).
  • Take before going to bed a heat bath or a shower. You can add broth of a camomile or several drops of any aromatic oil to a bathtub (for example, lavender) - it will help you to relax.
  • Try to drink
  • less in the evening (watching that the general day consumption of liquid made 6 - 8 glasses), it will help you to cope with such reason of sleeplessness as need of frequent depletion of a bladder.
  • Before going to a bed, drink a cup of warm milk (if you do not like taste of milk, it is possible to add cinnamon, it is a little honey or sugar) or tea from herbs (in this case often recommend the camomile having the weakening effect). And here from the usual toning tea (without speaking about coffee!) it is necessary to refuse. By the way, milk contains tryptophane which it is possible to call soft natural sleeping pill - it substance has the calming, sedative effect.
  • Can eat before going to bed small a boiled turkey sandwich (meat of this bird is also rich with tryptophane).
  • If you feel by
  • weakness, faintness in the evening, you speed up heartbeat, perhaps, the reason of your sleeplessness - a hypoglycemia (low level of sugar in blood). In that case you can be helped by sweet tea, juice or just a sugar piece (and surely tell about these symptoms to the doctor that he confirmed or disproved this diagnosis and took the appropriate measures).
  • Before going to bed smear stomach skin with lotion, it can interfere with emergence of an itch.
  • Ask the husband or any of relatives before going to bed to make to you massage: it will give the chance to relax, will kill back and waist pain, massage of feet and ankle joints will help to avoid spasms. Effective can be also an acupressure to a shiats if someone in your family owns its technique why not to try?
  • by
  • it is not excluded that help in fight against sleeplessness will be given by the homeopathic remedies which are correctly picked up by the expert.
  • Which - to whom will help to fall asleep... sex. If you have no medical contraindications to occupations by sex, you feel desire also know what usually after sex you drives at a dream - why and is not present?


But here nightly ritual of preparation for a dream, and you already in a bed is finished. What to do at night that to you the desired dream flew?

  • First of all - try not to be nervous, not to think that you will not be able to fall asleep, it will only worsen situation.
  • In a bedroom it has to be cool (however it is necessary to avoid overcooling of legs - it is possible to sleep in socks). If there is no opportunity to sleep with an open window leaf, it is necessary to air well the room before going to bed.
  • the Night clothes (a shirt, a pajamas) have to be convenient, sewed from natural materials, not constraining the movements and breath.
  • it is the best of all for li to sleep on a convenient mattress. Find out what suits you - can be, the down feather-bed, maybe, a relief mattress with the surface reminding pieces of cardboard for transportation of eggs, or perhaps opposite to you will be easier to sleep on a rigid surface, and it is necessary just to enclose under a board mattress.
  • to
  • to the Pregnant woman for a dream will need a set of pillows (not less than 3) most different form and the size. It is good if you manage to get a special pillow for pregnant women - it has the wedge-shaped form and is specially intended to enclose it under a stomach. After the delivery you will be able to use it during feeding. Pillows can be enclosed under a side, under a neck, to clamp between legs; you can cover all mattress with pillows - such advanced bed will better take the form of your body.
  • Look for a convenient pose in which you could fall asleep. You will not be able to sleep on a stomach and on a back - means, it is necessary to lay down sideways (some doctors consider that it is better on left - inflow of blood to a uterus so amplifies). Put one pillow under a stomach, clamp another between knees if you are hurt by a back and a waist, you can tuck in one more pillow under a side. Sometimes advise women to sleep in an embryo pose (excessively to remind of as far as it is physiologic, I will tell only that, stimulating blood circulation, it promotes the maximum relaxation of all muscles). You can enclose an additional pillow under the head - in certain cases it not only facilitates breath, but also it appears an effective remedy against heartburn.
  • by
  • Make respiratory gymnastics to which teach on courses of preparation for the sorts 2 ; exercises on a relaxation. When you feel approach of a dream, try to breathe slowly and deeply.
  • by
  • it is not excluded that you will be helped by an aromatherapy. The droplet of lavender oil can be useful not only in a bathtub, but also in a bed.
  • If to you did not manage to fall asleep within half an hour, get up, leave to other room, look through the magazine or read the book capable to cast a dream, begin to knit, listen to the calming music and go to a bed only when you feel approach of a dream.

I, of course, cannot ignore a question, rather painful for pregnant women, of hypnotic drugs. Hypnotic drugs as many other medicines, in your situation it is better not to apply, of course. Doctors resolutely insist that it is impossible to resort to hypnotic drugs in the first trimester of pregnancy when there is an active formation of fabrics of an embryo and further will hardly recommend to you without enough serious reasons to accept such preparations. Anyway - remember: under no circumstances do not make the independent decision on use of sleeping pill! Even if before pregnancy you already resorted to it. Even if it was drunk by your pregnant girlfriend. Even if to you it was advised by the compassionate shop assistant from a pharmaceutical booth. Only the doctor can make the decision on use of sleeping pill!

1 About breathing exercises during pregnancy see: E. Pechnikova “Easy breath“, No. 7 - 8/2001.

2 0 roles and value of dreams during pregnancy see: S. Onishchenko “Childbirth waking or sleeping“, No. 12/2001.