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Netherlands: the corner of stability

Tulips and mills, rich cultural and night life of big cities and silent picturesque small villages, good ecology and economic stability of the country - whether is an occasion to think of acquisition of the Dutch real estate? Especially as in crisis the market showed relative stability.

for twenty years, since 1980, real estate prices surely grew in the Netherlands. The peak of growth fell on 2000. In total from 1995 to 2001 increase made 78%. Internal political changes of the beginning 2000 - x significantly slowed down growth rates, however the real estate continued to rise in price up to current crisis. As a result of universal economic instability banks toughened conditions of issuance of credits, and sales volumes fell. But catastrophic depreciation did not happen, and sellers were ready to concede in the price no more than 10 - 15%. 2009 - y brought stabilization, and housing prices for last year even showed symbolical increase for 2%. the Dutch prices of qualitative objects it is difficult for p to compare

, for example, to Bulgaria, but everything depends on your preferences. For example, really to buy the spacious apartment in the quiet residential area of Amsterdam calculated on a big family for 215 thousand euros. It will be three-sleeping, or, according to the Russian standards, the four-room apartment, in close proximity to shopping centers and playgrounds. At the same time the single apartments overlooking the channel located in the center of the capital “will hardly “keep within“ such sum.

the prices are more modest than

In Rotterdam. If the age of the building is not basic, it is possible to pay attention to houses 1950 - x years of construction. Small double apartments in them of 53 sq.m cost of 67 - 68 thousand euro. And here the housing at cost does not concede in the Hague to capital. Double apartments in 105 sq.m cost about 240 thousand euros here.

the Choice of certain houses is also huge

, and again everything depends on the budget of purchase. It is easy to find a small lodge in 65 sq.m on a site in 300 sq.m for 86,5 thousand euros. However, such “budgetary“ option at a distance from the capital, for example, in the small town of Dirkskhorn on the western coast of the Netherlands will settle down. Well, and for country houses in the closest suburbs of Amsterdam and 2,5 million euros not a limit.

How to buy

the Transaction of purchase and sale of real estate in the Netherlands, as well as in many other European countries, it is rather simple. Any essential restrictions for foreign citizens are not set. Registration usually takes several days.

In the beginning the buyer does by

to the seller the offer on purchase - so the parties agree about the price. If the seller accepts the offer, the preliminary contract is signed. At this stage, as a rule, the buyer makes a deposit - 10% of the purchase sum. Then the contract is transferred to the notary who appoints date of completion of the transaction. After that all necessary documents gather for object, and in case of attraction of a mortgage its assessment is carried out. In day of completion of the transaction the agent usually accompanies the buyer to the notary where that signs with the seller the main contract of purchase and sale, or the Contract for transfer. Now the property right passes to the new owner. A re-registration of this right in the Land register - a duty of the notary.

the Accompanying expenses according to the transaction for the buyer make in general 9,33 - 11,36% of an amount of transaction, including a tax on transition of the property right of 6%, the commission to the agent of 1 - 2% (plus the 19% VAT) and various registration payments.

How to contain

As well as in Russia, the subsequent maintenance of real estate includes two items of expenditure: tax on object and utility payments. The annual real estate tax is defined by each municipality independently, however its size is small and makes 0,1 - 0,3%. Rates are reconsidered each four years. The sum of utility payments (water, gas and electricity) in many respects depends on consumption, however it is worth being guided approximately by of 1,8 - 2 thousand euro in year.

I, of course, before any owner of foreign real estate the question of possible terms of stay in this country rises. Before registration of the property right to the acquired housing entry into the country happens regularly, after registration of the visa. The consular fee makes 35 euros. Further the owner of real estate has the right for visa privileges, namely for the Schengen multivisa with “corridor“ of stay in the Schengen area to 90 days in a half-year. And here purchase of housing in the Netherlands, as well as in the majority of other European countries, does not give the right to residence permit - it is the essential, but insufficient basis.