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Thick professions of

What unites the director, the accountant, the teacher of kindergarten and the nurse? Risk to gather extra kilos! Why representatives of such different professions grow stout?

Accountants and directors: + 3 kg a year

“When I only came to work with

to accounts department, visitors were interested: girl, where seniors? - the participant of an accounting forum writes. - For few years I grew up on two sizes and from Masha turned into Maria Sergeyevna. It is advisable to grow thin kilograms for fifteen, but I understand that I will lose solidity, and it is necessary to keep a tight rein on subordinates... I hate the work!“

statistically, the accountant really - one of the “thickest“ professions. Few years of such work that on sides unappetizing folds began to appear. And that is why it occurs.

Nerves. Reports, audit, audit... The one and only mistake - and troubles not to avoid. And what we do when we are nervous? Correctly - we eat something fatter, more satisfying, more with pleasure.

What to do?
  • Work is only a part of the life. Do not stay for days on end in office, find to yourself hobbies and interests in the “external“ world.
  • Enter fitness in the schedule (it is possible to begin with usual walks). Eventually, the problem of extra kilos is more serious, than the new trousers dispersing on a seam. Completeness significantly increases risk of development warmly - vascular diseases, thromboses and diabetes. Unless it is our limit of dreams in life?
  • be not too strict
  • to themselves, understand that you only the person also have the right for a mistake. Nervous cages are in this situation spent less, and consumption of candies and cakes stops.
  • by
  • Choose less high-calorie fuel if the brain demands feed, - not simple, but complex carbohydrates: small loafs, vegetables, muesli etc.

Intelligence. To people of this profession it is necessary to think quickly and accurately. Here not to do without glucose! And where it is taken? Usually in chocolates, cakes, candies.

Hypodynamia. Serious work takes away a maximum of time and forces. Here not that on fitness - on walks there is no time! And the shortage of the movement multiplied by stresses and improper feeding does an unusual donut of the ordinary person.

Status. As air it is necessary for people on responsible positions that reckoned with them. Otherwise any labor discipline. Traditionally in society leanness is associated with unreliability, and portliness - with validity. Extra kilos - the checked way to seem are more solid. Traditions, however, under the influence of universal fashion on a healthy lifestyle begin to change recently - but before full change in opinions is still far.

In one risk group with accountants representatives of other status professions - first of all, various chiefs: directors, the chief - editors, chief physicians. Administrators have also the headache - business negotiations, often late at night at restaurants on which it is accepted to eat and drink much...

Tutors and teachers: + 2,5 kg a year

One more category of “risk“ professions - teachers and tutors. Our reader Alla K.: “writes I am a tutor. I love the business, I am engaged in it with pleasure. Always thought that conditions of my work do not promote a weight set, and even help to dump it. Four times food, food, in principle, low-fat, walks 2 times a day - me seemed, all this on advantage to a figure. But recently pricked up the ears. Everything develops one to one. New little girls at work as one say that for several months they in a garden recovered on of 3 - 5 kg. And recently came to medical examination. Sat in turn with the colleagues from different gardens, we were not less than 20 people. And practically all with an excess weight! Remembered, as itself, having begun to work, recovered on several kilograms. Really work as the tutor and the truth promotes a weight set?“

we Answer

- the truth. Also there are on that real reasons.

What to do? Should learn to be expressed to
, but not to suppress the anger. Any feeling has the right for existence, and here its manifestations can be different. Look for the acceptable gnevovyrazheniye options both for yourself, and for society. Someone should speak about the feelings openly. Someone exhausts, banging a punching bag. And someone even begins to swear - quietly, about himself, but at expression.

Responsibility. And not only moral, but also criminal: if something happens to the child during your watch, it is necessary to answer. It to tutors does not add tranquility, and the hand itself reaches for fat, sweet delicacies.

Devotion - one more requirement of a profession: in a different way with children it will not turn out. There is catastrophically not enough time for care of itself.

Need to be kind. Those who worked with children perfectly know - these angels from time to time enrage anyone.

A the adult working with children do not need to be angry. They have to be kind always! And it is a stress.

I than teachers extinguish fits of anger? Food! Gain kilograms and turn into do-good aunties which simply laziness to become angry. Not for nothing the words “get fat“ and “grow plump“ - synonyms.

Cashiers and nurses: + 1,5 kg a year


are Told by Natalya N.:

“At us in a staffroom boxes of chocolates lie eternally - patients bring. Here eat one, there a seagull you will drink between changes - excess weight somehow by itself and it is gathered. Of course, we it is aware that from candies get fat, but all these rules to observe are not present either time, or forces. There is a wish for a chocolate right now - and I will eat it, no matter what happens...“

Krom of sweet gifts, to a set of extra kilos are promoted...

What to do?
the Overworked people not always draw a parallel between months of improper feeding, bustle (there is no time to eat, as a rule), of nerves and imperceptibly collected kilograms. Usually all this is got rid on a mythical wrong metabolism. Or heredity. And the sense is that it is necessary to begin to work on itself: to learn about healthy nutrition more, not to forget - only do not laugh - about production gymnastics and to learn to love itself.

Stresses. Not only children can bring to white heat. Buyers and patients, not all quiet lambs - many konfliktna go a never-ending chain and are captious, aim to vent rage and spleen upon those who are forced to communicate with them as obliges.

Finance. Representatives of these professions have not the highest salaries. And it means: eat the cheap products which are not relating to the category of healthy often at all - sausages, sausages, soluble noodles etc.

of the Cook and confectioners: + 4 kg a year

“I grew thin when I from small cafe passed to work in big restaurant with competent management, - Olga L. - There in general says all personnel was such tightened. The schedule sudorific - passability very big, you will not sit down once again, but there was time for a normal lunch. And in the evening just ceased to eat - kefir, and all“.

completeness of people of “edible“ professions has reasons.

What to do?
What you will advise here, except as is not, and to try! And in every way to find time for normal food during the day, and in the evening and the more so at night to abstain from high-calorie food. By the way, a counter the “fat“ cook any more not in fashion. If pay attention, the European cooks are guest performers, visitors to work in our restaurants, as a rule, are lean and slender - them are that does not press need to look “more solid“ that employed.

Abundance of food. It is difficult to refuse food when it all the time before eyes - the known psychological fact. We can fasten and not go to shop once again, strike ourselves a bargain not to plunder the refrigerator. And as difficult is to cooks and confectioners! The whole day you potter with food, one dish of another is more appetizing...

Busy schedule. Workers of a public catering also from the same overload and as it is paradoxical, lack of an opportunity to eat in time and properly grow stout. Change often lasts for 12 hours, all day standing, at a hot plate - here not before observance of the mode and recommendations of nutritionists.

Oppression of image. Ask acquaintances to describe the cook without thoughts, and many will tell - the ruddy good-natured fat man with a serving spoon and in a cap. And if thin, so so badly prepares, as most it is opposite to eat! Here it is also necessary to correspond to cooks.

of the Housewife: + 4 kg a year

“Long time stayed houses without work, took care of children, - Yulia K. - Tells about a material component it was possible not to worry: the spouse always perfectly earned. But recently began to feel - I sour. Began to seem to me, as to the husband, and children with me it is uninteresting - well I can give them when life passes by. There were persuasive complexes: I am any such, ugly, silly, thick... The truth began to recover and - every month steadily added on couple of kilograms...“

What to do? Try to realize that similar fixation on appearance hides other problems. It is necessary to raise a self-assessment, to begin to feel like the full-fledged personality with the focus of interest, to transfer the relations with house to new rails. Charity and volunteering, by the way, the tested way which will help to feel the social importance and will give content.

Low self-assessment. Noticed what at each president it is obligatory to eat the wife doing charity work? And it is not a female whim and not a whim of taxpayers which should correspond.

life is not so sweet

At unemployed wives of wealthy men as it seems to the labor bees who are daily flown to office beehive.

Sitting of the house often tightens

and so that the woman from the full-fledged personality turns into a dependent appendage to the family. Give, bring, feed, take away children in a garden, check lessons, it is free... It fine reduces a self-assessment and in general deprives of vital reference points. Not for nothing in the USA housewives are recognized as the most active consumers of antidepressants.

Searches of sense. A few years ago in our country it was created a detour of the unemployed I will take, visiting the nutritional centers. Let excess weight practically nothing, but them seriously approach this question and make the mass of efforts that to get rid of it. As a result grow thin, very much rejoice - some time. And then gain kilograms again. Come to the nutritionist - and the circle became isolated. Why, you ask? And in order that this occupation fills life with sense. There is a problem of excess weight so far - real or fictional, it is possible to concentrate on it and not to pay attention to what is really important.