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Fat skin in the summer of

to Owners of fat skin is easier to endure winter cold weather, and here in the summer it quite often brings chagrin. In - the first, shines, in - the second, it almost always porous, and a time is often hammered with dust and dirt in the summer.

Therefore fat skin should be washed with

with soap in the summer. Better, of course to choose liquid soap. Water has to be soft, room temperature, it is better boiled. Hot water it is not necessary to wash as it leads to strengthening of release of skin fat.

Cold water, on the contrary narrows pores. Contrast washings and compresses are useful to fat skin.

the Best peeling for it - from sea salt. To mix 1 teaspoon of salt with a small amount of olive oil and by means of a tampon roundabouts carefully to clear skin. Then to wash and apply the moisturizing cream.

Or such recipe: 2 tablespoons of the warmed-up cream, 1 tablespoon of honey, of 3 - 4 St. spoons of ground oat flakes, 2 drops of essential oil of rosemary. Everything carefully to mix and put roundabouts on a face. To wash away at first warm water. Then to wash cool or still mineral water.

the Polluted fat skin covered with black points is cleared the salt mixed with baking soda. For this purpose the wadded tampon moistened in soapsuds is dipped in mix and within a minute pound the polluted places roundabouts. Then wash cool boiled water and wipe a face with the eucalyptus tincture (sell in a drugstore) divorced in water - 1 part of an eucalyptus, five frequent waters.

If on skin it is a lot of eels, then it is recommended to wipe it with calendula tincture. ½ a teaspoon on ½ glass of boiled water. Fat skin it is useful for p to wipe

with whey, and also the water acidified by juice of a lemon, cranberry.

For degreasing of the sites containing the greatest number of skin fat use boric alcohol.

Brings to

notable benefit and wiping by the natural grape wine divorced water 1:1.

after cleaning skin should wipe in the Evening

with low-fat kefir. And after its drying to apply evening cream.

For tightening of a time skin is wiped with a piece of fresh tomato.

Good effect the mask from sourcrout with addition of several drops of vegetable oil gives

. If skin thick, then oil does not need to be added. A mask hold of 10 - 15 minutes, then wash water of room temperature.

can Daily use lotions from natural components.

From an aloe. To lay the leaves of an aloe cleared of prickles and cut in a floor - a one-liter jar that they filled space on two fingers, from above to pour vodka to a half banks. To insist 7 days in the dark place. To filter. To part part, necessary for use, with 1:1 boiled waters and to wipe a face.

Grassy. A two-blast furnace to fill in 1 dessertspoon of a field horsetail, 1 dessertspoon of a yarrow, 1 dessertspoon of a nettle with 2 glasses of boiled water and to boil 20 minutes on slow fire. To insist 2 hours. To filter, add 1 tablespoon of spirit pharmaceutical tincture of a calendula. To wipe a face instead of lotion.

At enlarged pores apply a compress from mint and a camomile to tightening of skin. To mix 1 Art. of leaves of mint and 1 tablespoon of a camomile pharmaceutical, to mix. To take 1 tablespoon of mix, to fill up with 1 glass of boiled water, to insist 20 minutes, to filter, moisten a piece of a terry towel in broth and to hold on a face, will not cool down yet, to wipe a face with a piece of ice and again to impose a hot compress. So of 4 - 5 times. to Finish procedure with washing by cool water.

During a heat before applying nutritious night cream on skin, it is washed the water acidified by lemon juice or the added some salt table salt. Through 20 - 30 minutes to wash away cream broth of a camomile or parsley.

fat skin after putting cream should be powdered in the Afternoon that dust and dirt did not hammer a time.