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The mood of color

Actually, table layout is something bigger, than can seem at first sight. Of course, having mastered fundamental laws of this art, you will feel more surely when guests, especially with what you are a little familiar come to your house. But do not forget that laying is art and as any art it too assumes creativity. That the holiday arranged with you turned out more interesting, it is important to think over a set of details, beginning from a reason for the invitation of guests and finishing with decorative elements of decoration of a table.

we will talk About reasons for the invitation not once for now let`s pay the deserved attention to color of registration of the room and a table. Choosing color, you define in the most decisive way mood and character of a holiday.

So, we will begin with traditional - white color. White linen cloths, white porcelain, crystal - all this classics which looks simply, but is noble and elegant. It has undoubted advantage before all other options of laying if reception of high level is planned. Nevertheless, white color is much more generous on creative ideas, than it can seem. It can express the most various moods and look absolutely differently depending on with what color it is combined. Try to lay a table white tulle, to decorate it with camomiles or dandelions, to add some fresh greens - and you receive as in summer cheerful and easy atmosphere of a feast. Silver and shades of champagne in combination with white festive character of both a wedding celebration, and any other is emphasized. White it is possible to combine with black, and depending on prevalence any of these flowers, you receive nature of laying from strict to vanguard. White in combination with gentle pastel tones as well as possible will emphasize a romantic occasion of a dinner.

Almost at each laying green color - color of the nature and freshness is present. Especially desired it becomes in a cold season - in the winter. Moreover, green it is capable to be unostentatious, emphasizing at the same time beauty of other flowers, especially additional red. However monophonic green laying will look amazingly too. Try - you will feel on a summer meadow!

yellow color with which we associate a sunlight, the vital force and joyful vanity will help to Like spring mood. Let on your table yellow satellites of spring - narcissuses, tulips, primroses, dandelions will appear. Or perhaps to you to liking mood of fall? Then divide it with flowers of sunflower, foliage of trees. Add table layout with other elements of yellow shades: napkins, bows, candles, etc.

Gentle elegance will be got by your table if you serve it in pastel tones. The muffled shades pink, lilac, salmon, cream, colors of champagne will not look blankly and imperceptibly, on the contrary, such soft contrasts will become a source of radiation of warm, quiet aura. Too it is better to pick up ware gentle tones or neutral white color because bright colors will be hardly pertinent at such laying.


Choosing red as the dominating color, it is necessary to be careful. Red color will be always evident and can become even persuasive. Dilute abundance red with faded pink shades - you will be shrouded by the atmosphere of sensuality and reserved passion. Add gray or green colors - there will be a feeling of heat from fire. Red color will look absolutely differently depending on lighting. Experiment: try to arrange and combine differently lamps, candlesticks, light a table on perimeter, in the center or from above, having hung up, for example, a garland of bulbs. You will be able to achieve tremendous effects - mysteriousness, mystery, ardent passion, Christmas mood.

the palette of blue color which once you surely choose for decoration of your table Is various

. Only present what scope for the imagination leaves us this color: from a gentle pre-trial detention center - blue till saturated color of steel: Blue color is perfectly combined with other flowers. The combination of blue and white will transfer feeling of solidity, purity and vitality. And connecting this color to others, it is possible to create stylish laying. Be inspired in the blue color, remember beauty of nights, romanticism of sea distances and purity of the blue sky.

you thought of opportunities of gray color? Is not present? And with its help it is easy to achieve impressive results, having placed and having emphasized the necessary accents. Gray - neutral color, it is possible to combine it both with warm, and with cold tones. On a gray cloth it is possible to create various compositions. The “cold“, “technical“ atmosphere can be emphasized by means of chrome, steel, silver, mirrors. On the contrary, combinations gray with yellow, red flowers will help to create the warm atmosphere. If you put candles, the general color of a holiday will be warmer and special.

We gave some councils for the choice of color scale for your table. We hope, they will help to wake your imagination and to create the unique atmosphere of your holiday!