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It is not enough milk? It is worth understanding! Part 2

the Beginning

In articles about breastfeeding we repeatedly say that each couple - mother and the child - is unique, each problem demands individual consideration. However there are almost always some general recommendations which anyway will not do much harm and, perhaps, will even help mother to understand a situation independently.

First that young mother - has to master the correct applying the kid to a breast. It causes effective sucking, stimulation of a breast, helps to avoid pain when feeding and injuries of nipples. But, perhaps, the most important for enough milk is the principle of feeding on demand , but not according to the schedule. And if the kid of the first weeks of life long sleeps also itself does not ask a breast, he should be awoken and offered a breast at least time in one and a half - two hours. Thus, 10 - 12 (and more) applyings in days provide sufficient food of the baby, maintenance of a lactation and health of a maternal breast. Frequent applyings even before milk arrival when in a breast only colostrum, provide laying of necessary number of receptors for a successful lactation, promote emotional comfort of mother, help to avoid or in a soft form to cope with the phenomenon of a postnatal depression. In favor of feedings joint stay of mother and kid in maternity hospital on demand works.

Even if for some reasons recession of production of milk, frequent applyings - pledge of a good lactation happened.

to Receive

to the kid of milk it is more, than it is capable to exhaust independently, helps also the technology of “compression of a breast“ . It well works when the kid is still very small and quickly is tired to suck; when the baby is often put to a breast and long sucks, but mother nevertheless notices small increases of weight of the child. Such equipment helps if mother suffers from repeating zastoyev milk. What does it look like? Mother takes a breast a hand the same as gives it, but is farther from a nipple: a thumb on the one hand, the others - with another. Slightly squeezes a breast, watching that the child did not lose pacifiers and remained correctly enclosed. Reception can be used at once (if to the kid initially difficult independently to suck milk) or after active drinks and when the breast is squeezed end, the child will take some more effective sips of milk.

can shift

For increase in a lactation and the number of inflow in one feeding repeatedly the kid from one breast to another, i.e. to give to both breasts in one feeding . How to understand that it is possible to offer the kid the second breast? It is important not to allow an imbalance of forward and back milk therefore it becomes only after the baby ceases to swallow of milk and still some time just sucks. This equipment can be combined with reception of compression of a breast.

the Tranquility and a peace of mind of mother are not less important

for successful breastfeeding. House should take care of it. If mother was frightened, endured a strong shock, pain, then the special respiratory gymnastics or just deep quiet breath, a heat bath (it is possible together with the kid), pleasant occupation, tasty food will help to calm down. Small physical activities (housework, walking, even carrying the child is simple) - reduce adrenaline level. It is also necessary often to suggest the child to suck a breast.


of Stimulation of a lactation is promoted by everything that allows mother and the kid to feel each other skin : feeding most undressed, a joint dream, carrying on hands, a light massage and strokings by mother`s hands, simply vykladyvany the kid on a mother`s naked stomach and a breast. Similar contacts through psychological feelings start regulation at the hormonal level.

But already at the established lactation needs whenever possible not to allow strong filling of a breast. In the milk which collected in a breast there is a special protein - inhibitor - the substance starting the mechanism of decrease in production of milk.

We already mentioned that the so-called false gipogalaktiya sometimes takes place, i.e. a state when mother thinks that it has not enough milk, actually milk can quite be enough for the baby. When it happens? When mother, ignoring reliable signs, begins to be guided only by the following indicators and situations.

Mother does to

“control feedings“ - weighs the kid before feeding. She is nervous, worries what figure she will see on scales. The kid feels mother`s tension, distracts, sucks less effectively. Children during the day can be put to a breast in different occasions including it is simple to calm down or “drink“ a little, mother most often regards each applying as “good nutrition“ and very much is upset, having seen only several grams on scales. If weighing happens in policlinic, it is even worse since on feeding strictly limited time after which fallen asleep or in general yet not nasosavshegosya a lot of kid is put on scales is given. And still there is an error of scales, an expenditure the kid of energy on sucking...


of Milk it is decanted a little or not decanted in general. An imaginary sign since neither the greenhorn, nor hands it is impossible to reproduce the mechanism of sucking of the child. There is such concept as breast capacity - the milk volume which is capable to collect in it. It is various at each woman. And even the left and right breast of one woman the different amount of milk is capable to collect. Capacity is not connected with ability of production of milk in any way, but at best mother also decants this quantity i.e. even if to be decanted it turned out, the received volume is much less than that which the child is capable to exhaust.

the Kid does not calm down after feeding or is uneasy during it. Often mothers remember that they “have not enough milk“ in the evening when many children are especially uneasy. Kids can cry and worry for various reasons. By the way, researches show that little children till a certain moment do not experience hunger per se, and rather hungry child will sleep rather, than to worry. Besides sometimes concern - a sign of normal age behavior.

Some mothers refer to heredity: “Mother did not feed, and I will not be able!“ . We already mentioned that at the time of our mothers and grandmothers feeding was widespread on the mode, often the woman admitted at once “not dairy“ though, most likely, failure of breastfeeding consisted in separate stay in maternity hospital, rare feedings, need of early appearance at work. At the correct actions of such “heredity“ happily it is possible to avoid.

the Breast ceased to be filled with

between feedings. It simply speaks about establishment of a lactation: milk will be produced in response to sucking of the child now, accumulation can happen only in case of big breaks between feedings.

as the Time of mother is considered that the small breast is incapable to produce milk. It`s not true. Ferruterous fabric which even in very small breast can be very developed, have a large number of shares and channels is responsible for production of milk. Fatty tissue is responsible for the size of a breast.

Mother believes that it is not enough and/or not variously eats therefore milk becomes a little. To it the confidence often increases that bad milk, its structure is defective. Various, healthy food of mother, undoubtedly, very important. But it is important more for health of the mother, her forces, mood. The power composition of milk (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) does not depend on food of mother, is put genetically and according to needs of the child (for example, it is known that at mothers of the children born before term, milk is more protein-rich). On vitaminno - mineral composition of milk it is possible to influence a little mother`s food, but at the same time a maternal organism such is that even at deficiency of some element mother, will have a full composition of milk.

Milk does not leak from a breast between feedings and/or from the second breast during sucking of the first. It does not speak about lack of milk at all, and only that channels rather “strong“ not to pass milk for lack of sucking. The age of the child when milk ceases to leak, for each feeding mother is various (from several days to several months). Happens that dribble is not observed from the very beginning (more often it happens with the second and the subsequent children).

the kid takes

After feeding the offered small bottle with mix, it drinks all and after that long sleeps, usually mother at the same time speaks:“ Means, was hungry and only now it is full“. Experts do not recommend to carry out similar “test“ at all. The small bottle meets natural desire of the child to suck; breast milk was already quickly enough evacuated from a stomach, mix gets there, but it is very heavy for digestion therefore the kid sleeps since there is nothing another of forces just does not remain.

Mother reacts to words of medical personnel, acquaintances, native that it is not enough milk, the child does not gorge on. This imaginary sign should be noted separately since it with enviable constancy brings confusion in vulnerable souls of the young feeding mummies, it forces them to be frightened, sometimes absolutely unreasonably to enter to the kid dokorm and in the worst case even to finish breastfeeding ahead of time.

Not all possess competent information on breastfeeding, not all nursed the children. The senior generation often is guided by an imaginary sign of “inheritance of a molochnost“ and tells modern young mother that she will not be able to feed because her mother, the grandmother, the great-grandmother, the aunt, the grandmother`s neigbour in the apartment did not feed... They, undoubtedly, can be understood: other example before eyes just was not! Sometimes the environment of young mother very fixedly pays her attention to the size of her breast and claims that the breast is not suitable for feeding. It is even worse when in own family of just given rise mummy there is family who supporting, helping to adjust breastfeeding, to look after young mother, on the contrary directly - advises “not to suffer“, and to give mix and are skeptical about the help of specialists in a lactation enough. They actually want that both mother and the kid were healthy, quiet and happy! What the care of the family would be combined with establishing natural feeding, experts recommend to study information on feeding and care of the kid all family, including the senior generation.

But what the medical personnel when speaks about amount of milk in a maternal breast are guided by? Probable the same criteria of artificial feeding which, unfortunately, long time were considered as norm. Mix is always identical (contains about 40 standard imperfect components); it should be given strictly on hours and the certain quantity (which is often overestimated what for certain that is called). Before it it is necessary to take care of purity of a small bottle and pacifier (which all - approximately same form and the size). So, having heard medical judgment of quantity (lack) of milk in a breast, about a form and size of nipples, mother just should remember that a breast - not a small bottle with divisions, it cannot be filled to a certain mark and to empty, at the same time having looked how many flowed out. At once it is useful to remember imaginary signs of sufficiency of milk: breast size, fullness of a breast, milk dribble, quantity of decanted. The breast “works“ in response to sucking of the child, all children and mothers different. The composition of women`s milk is unique too, contains more than 400 components, besides - at each mother it is various and adapts to needs of her kid.

Breastfeeding - normal natural process. By the nature it is conceived what mothers would develop, and children exhausted breast milk. Just modern mother needs the small help and support (including information) what is correct, long and with pleasure to bring up the child a breast. Remember that each mother is capable to nurse the child, and the situation “is not enough milk“ in absolute majority of cases is solvable.