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Sad story with the happy end of

to us with the husband was till 24 years, in marriage we were two years and decided that it is time to get posterity. But there passed month, another... And anything... The decision to be examined properly ripened. For a start I decided to descend to the gynecologist. Monthly had to here - to begin here, here after them at once and I descend. They did not begin. I do the test - two strips! Happiness does not have the end and edge, wings grow behind the back, and the husband turns me on hands and says that he the happiest on light. Answers the question “whom wants more-the boy or the girl“ that “a healthy lyalka“.

In 6 weeks I was registered in ZhK, made tests, passed doctors. We told about all parents, they were very glad and happy for us.

Time quickly flies, I enjoy the new situation, any toxicosis, nausea, nothing... Soon at the first ultrasonography in 12 weeks, so it cannot wait to look who there at me lodged in a stomach. I go to ultrasonography (the husband from work did not release), mood excellent, all in a miracle anticipation. By a serious type of the ultrasonographer I understand that something not so. “Everything is all right?“ - I ask. “Pregnancy does not develop, there is no heartbeat, it is necessary to do a scraping“, - here and all answer. “How? What happened?“ - I do not believe. “You saw what turn to me, is no time to explain to me you, your gynecologist will tell everything to you“. Yes. The expert of ultrasonography can she and good, but here the person...

As reached

home, I do not remember. Called the husband. I can tell nothing, I only roar in a tube violently. It arrived in 20 minutes as it from work was released, I do not know. Then there was an ocean of tears and questions to the Sky. “For what, why I?“

Cleaning, full inspection of our health with which there was everything in a full order, and council six months to be protected by


When there passed 3 months after cleaning, we decided not to be protected, for the first time long could not become pregnant, and thought that so far the miracle will come true, already and half a year will pass, or perhaps and more.

on October 22, 2006 my birthday. I am 25 years old. In the same day monthly begin.“ Let it will be the last this year monthly“, - I think, giving a wine toast to the health. Exactly in a month I understand that I have a delay. In the evening on the way home I buy the test, I do it and... I am afraid to look. Generally, we went to look at the test together with the husband, having strong joined hands. Two strips. We embraced and long - long stood, without speaking each other words. The pleasure this time was absolutely another - silent and careful. We decided to tell nobody nothing yet.

In 6 weeks some brown allocations begin

. I run in ZhK. The doctor carefully looked at me on a chair and told that pregnancy uterine, the term of 5 - 6 weeks, but here allocations bad. Perhaps it is the begun abortion, or perhaps and the stood pregnancy, it is necessary to drink dyufaston, a bed rest and in a week to it on control.

Week passes

dreamily, we endlessly talk to the husband with malyshiky, we persuade him to live and develop, we tell how we love it and we wait.

In a week I go to the doctor, she looks on a chair and speaks, looking at mine is gray - the person, green for fear:“ Tanya, is higher a nose, everything is good, 7 weeks precisely are, so the kid, everything is all right grows“. I am ready to kiss it, I run out to the husband, he is happy too. But ahead even long months of expectation.

A still first ultrasonography... As I was afraid to do it. Went to the regional diagnostic center, registered, and I am afraid to come into an office, generally, hardly overcame myself. The ultrasonographer told that everything is all right, heartbeat good, the kid develops normally, and the husband all this time happy eyes looked at the monitor where the little man swam. For the rest pregnancy took place on “perfectly“, without toxicosis, threat, hypostases. We led very much active lifestyle, walked much, I worked, felt perfectly.

In 22 weeks on ultrasonography we were told that there will be a boy. The husband told at once that he will name the son Zhenka, I did not object, the main thing that I healthy was. The remained weeks of pregnancy flew by one by one, and it was a pity to me to leave the tummy. But everything sometime comes to an end.

Then was many

in total difficult delivery and the emergency Cesarean section, a postnatal endometritis and cleaning in gynecology, as a result large doses of antibiotics, Zhenya has problems with a tummy and neurology. But all this such nonsense. The most important that on August 3, 2007 we became parents of the most beautiful and remarkable boy on light.

Jeunet will be executed by

3 years Soon, he is very developed and clever boy, it is as like as two peas similar to the father in the childhood. And we already began to plan to it the brother or the sister.

Still I want to tell

two small stories. When to Zhenka there was slightly more than a year, my friend Ania gave birth to the girl. All pregnancy it departed well, without threats. Ultrasonography and analyses were normal. The girl was born very weak and died in a week after the delivery. It is difficult for me to present that Anyuta when she lay in postnatal chamber where three girls lay with children felt, and it one (single paid chambers all were occupied). I could not find words of a consolation. But Anechka very strong, decided not to give up. In one and a half years after the tragedy, on April 10, 2010 it gave birth to the remarkable daughter Aleksandra who already smiles and “babbles“, and Ania, undoubtedly, the happiest mother on light.

A still we have remarkable friends whom I admire - Yulya and Andrey. Doctors made them the scary diagnosis - infertility. They, without thinking twice, adopted the remarkable kid who was only 3 weeks old, named Denis. Denis, strangely enough, is very similar to Andrey. When Deniska was three and a half years old, Yulya became pregnant. Doctors made a helpless gesture:“ Cannot be“. But miracles happen! Now their daughter Sonechka is one and a half years old, she is the real beauty. And Yulya says that if they did not take Deniska, then and they would have no Sonechka...

Why I write it? Just there is a strong wish to tell... Little girls, do not despair! Do not lower a hand and do not give up! Everything obligatory will be good! The heavier something gets, the more is appreciated, isn`t it? If there are questions - write, I will surely answer.