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Walks on “elephant“ of

of my daughter of 9 months, the second summer I do not go to the sea, to the exotic countries and historical places. Earlier from such prospect would be depressed, but now it is awfully interesting to try all games conceived for summer.

Masha does not go yet, but in a carriage does not wish to sit. To walk sometimes with the child on hands it is rather heavy, but in general I am happy - the daughter does not allow me to be lazy and beat about the bush with a carriage, stirring by phone. Together with it I enjoy long, tiresome, delightful and fragrant summer days as it was in the forgotten childhood.

during walk Maria sits at me on hands as the rajah on an elephant - it is obligatory face forward. The rajah points a finger what object it is necessary to approach. In the morning we walk on the residential district, we come on playgrounds. Masha shakes on a swing, rides from plastic hills. It develops coordination of movements, strengthens a vestibular mechanism. Masha likes to touch metal columns (horizontal bars, a swing), wooden bars, she likes to dip hands into sand. And though all the time strives to taste it, I all - allow to play in a sandbox to give it new tactile feelings. The daughter adores children, especially kids - having caught sight of the peer, she all look expresses interest, points a finger and shouts, strives to touch.

Ya I rediscover the world, every day calling Masha more and more objects. She already recognizes birds, cats, dogs, bicycles, carriages, wheels. Well, and kids, of course. In response to “Where a dog?“ or “Masha, bicycle!“ she looks for a look, and having seen familiar object, waves hands and legs, heatedly lows and cries out syllables.

in the Afternoon when at home it becomes stuffy from a heat, we leave in school park. We consider trees, we iron trunks of lindens and maples, apple-trees and birches. So far Maria does not understand my explanations, but I rehearse walks of the next summer when all these words are already interesting to it:“ There is a birch, white with black, it is a branch, these are leaves. Linden flowers, they pleasantly smell. The branch of an apple-tree is smooth, and a trunk - rough“... I show dogrose flowers, dandelions, a clover, buttercups. So far Masha hurries to eat any leaf or a flower. But she will understand soon that it “to smell flowers“ and “aroma“.

in the Evening when the heat slightly falls down, and in park the midges appear, we go on a meadow into which the former school stadium turned. We sit on a blanket on border of light and shade. Masha in one t-shirt takes air and solar baths. She likes to sit on the edge of a blanket and to pinch a grass. To play with a radish having a tail. To laugh loudly from a shchekotaniye a blade. I dream of times when it is possible to examine bugs and spiders, to collect a herbarium, to write down with pictures whom we met on walk today, to keep the photodiary of supervision over the nature, to feed sparrows and ducks on a pond, to start ships, to water flowers.

of the Trip to the sea last in the summer 2 weeks - even 4 weeks in office it is not accepted to tender. Other warm months turn into holiday expectation, the hot painful fatigue and closeness dispersed by the conditioner. With Masha`s birth the full-fledged summer of three months returned to me, and maybe it is more if with weather carries.