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If with the boy something not so

As the boy is future man, to everything that is connected with his genitals, it is necessary to belong seriously. whether

  1. the scrotum hurts the boy? whether it has
  2. a painless swelling in a scrotum?
  3. Is possible
  4. , it is inguinal hernia , that is the part of a gut through a weak site of a belly wall fell to a scrotum. Inguinal hernia can promote formation of a cyst (the bag filled with liquid) or a liquid congestion in the scrotum.
  5. your actions : see a doctor. If the diagnosis is confirmed, operation is necessary to the child.

  6. the Penis hurts only at an urination?
  7. It can be a consequence of an inflammation of urinary tract .
  8. your actions : see a doctor. He first of all will ask to hand over urine on the analysis. If the inflammation of urinary tract is found, the doctor, apparently, will appoint a course of antibiotics. During treatment plentiful drink is recommended to the child. whether

  9. was at it an injury of genitals?
  10. A can be, the boy just had a mumps?
  11. the Reason of unclear pain and a swelling can be pereknut a small egg (turn of a small egg in a scrotum).
  12. your actions : the child needs hospitalization.

  13. If after a trauma in genitals pain does not cease, perhaps, it is the closed trauma a small egg.
  14. your actions : it is necessary to go to hospital where the boy is carefully examined and, maybe, will operate.

  15. In that case at it can be orkhit (an inflammation of testicles: frequent complication after a mumps). This disease occurs at small children less often, is more often - at teenagers.
  16. your actions : show the child to the doctor. Possibly, he will prescribe anesthetics and anti-inflammatory drugs. whether

    the penis tip is painful
  17. at it?
  18. At the child can be balanit (a penis head skin inflammation). It arises at friction about damp underwear or at excessive and wrong washing.
  19. your actions : if the diagnosis is confirmed, the doctor most likely will prescribe ointment for local application and will recommend to add when bathing the child to water weak antiseptics. Until skin is inflamed, it is not necessary to wash a penis with soap.

    If not to turn on balanit
  20. attention, the illness can turn back with fishing of extreme flesh (fimozy). The matter is that extreme flesh (a leaf of the skin covering a penis head) normal in the first years of life is not delayed. Do not try to do it when you bathe the child. When the child grows up, extreme flesh becomes more mobile and, respectively, is easier delayed. But against recurrence of a balanit there can be a scarring of extreme flesh, and it and will remain narrowed, strongly complicating in the future a normal erection. whether
  21. Were evident to you allocations from a penis (a spot on shorts) and whether the boy complained of pain at an urination?
  22. If allocations not plentiful, serovato - yellow color, most likely is in an urethra a foreign matter . Sometimes, that small children push beads, counters, coins there. If they do not leave together with urine, there is an inflammation which is followed serovato - yellow allocations.
  23. your actions : see a doctor. In the presence of a foreign matter in an urethra small operation can be required.

  24. If allocations plentiful also have a greenish shade, perhaps, at the boy gonokkokovy uretrit.
  25. your actions : in - the first, surely show the child to the doctor. Gonokkokovy uretrit needs drug treatment. In - the second, exclude a household way of infection (the general towel, a bast, soap).

  26. On this place put “browser“ aside and go with the boy to the doctor.