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Show it claws of

What woman does not want to have beautiful nails? But how to be if you do not like their form what to do if you do not manage to grow how they break, exfoliate, crumble? To impose artificial? To increase? Many and arrive, as a rule, without knowing, it is harmful or not really. Whether it is worth preferring to the bad family a good fake? Or to try to put in order the, let unimportant, but presented by the nature?

undertake search of the reason of the weakened and fragile nails of the woman thoroughly: ecology at us not that, we eat badly, water we consume low-quality... - here and result. And doctors there: drink supposedly vitaminka, and everything at you will be restored. And if they do not help, so not those vitamins consumed. So any failure can be proved, there would be a desire. In vain in a root, we quite often forget that on a surface. And many problems are solved easily and simply if it is correct to look after nails. The fact that 90% of women are not able to do it - does not raise doubts.

All of us got used to use

metal files. Let`s choose more sharply and let`s saw in different directions. And often such file stratifies a nail and further destroys its structure. That it did not occur, the nail file has to be exclusively on a rag basis, with a small abrasive. And it is necessary to saw accurately, only in one direction! Some women do not cut off a cuticle at all (a thin skin around a nail), others, on the contrary, delete it thoroughly. The first is bad, the second is even worse as thus we as if “undress“ a nail, leaving it defenseless. Besides, there is a risk to bring an infection, especially if you do the cleaning without gloves.

Still not many accustomed themselves to use

a basis under a varnish, and it is vain. In - the first, the basis contains oils and vitamins which feed matriks (the nail basis, its root), so, strengthen a nail and promote its growth; in - the second, it does not allow a varnish as hostile environment to adjoin directly to a nail plate and therefore, to thin and destroy it; in - the third, change of color of a nail under the influence of a varnish prevents. But also the basis has to be picked up truly. It is desirable to use the recommendation of the expert on the first time. Anyway try that a basis under a varnish, the varnish and a fixer were production of one firm.

Cannot do to

manicure constantly: nails need a respite too. By the way, the nail at a matriks “breathes“ that is where there passes the cuticle. That is why it is important not to paint over a nail to the basis. And in general with matriksy it is necessary to be more careful is very sensitive place, its cages perish from the slightest mechanical influence. And then the nail darkens, bursts, sometimes even descends.

Cuticle scissors are intended to

for cutting of skin around a nail, removal of agnails, but not in order that them to cut nails. Whenever possible, it needs to be avoided, but if you did not keep and sheared the remains of the broken nail, right there process it a file. Otherwise the uneven cut will cause the subsequent stratification of a nail plate.

If the one and only nail broke, you do not hurry to cut off all others, with such patience the grown-up “kogotochka“. It can be “repaired“ - the benefit, today for this purpose is all opportunities. In any modern salon to you will paste or will increase the broken nail, will put “patch“ from natural silk in case the nail cracked.

can Treat unhealthy nails and in house conditions. It is necessary to begin with small - from the careful relation to them - what it was told above about. Refuse for a while manicure and accustom themselves to apply daily on nails the basis containing calcium under a varnish. After three - four days remove with liquid for removal of a varnish all layers and start anew. It is not less useful to use so-called “treatment for nails“ - a vitamin-rich keratin complex which is let out today by any specialized firm respecting itself. It is important to watch that means got to a hole at the nail basis.


It is good to do once a week trays with sea salt, it is even better to dip fingers into the warmed-up olive oil. In shops oil for a cuticle is also on sale. It is desirable to find at least in day off time and to indulge nails with a mask from the usual moisturizing cream. Having rubbed cream in skin around nails, minutes 10 it is necessary to take hands in cellophane gloves or a package, for heat having covered them from above with a towel. The remains of cream should be erased a napkin.

All listed procedures in a complex give to

excellent effect, but, unfortunately, not all women have time and patience it to be engaged. Then the only exit - to increase. It you not only will hide the ugly and unhealthy nails, but also for a long time solve a manicure problem.

However here “reefs“ are. Do not agree to building by acryle at all. Acid not only will thin, will corrode a keratin layer, having once and for all spoiled nails, but also considerably will increase risk of development of fungal infections. For example, in Germany acryle already refused building, at us so far it practices quite often.

Gel building is considered

safe. However it is necessary to manage to adapt to it. From mechanical influence gel easily bursts, and at first you should repair quite often nails at the master. It is desirable to be convinced that during the building and repair the expert uses medical glue, safe for health. By the way, nail technicians choose as well as the hairdresser. It has to be for you one and only.

Well and finally. Do not try to replace building with gluing of plastic nails (tips) of which today in shops it is enough. Thick tipsa will make negative impact on the weakened nails, and cheap glue with which producers supplement each such set has a harmful chemical composition. Besides the pasted tipsa should be torn off while the increased nails accurately are cut by the expert.