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Cheerful exercises for kids of

Honestly, cheerful! Many children very much like to it to be engaged. And except good mood, such exercises are useful to children as they develop the speech, coordination of movements, help to learn verses that memory in turn trains, acquaint with different concepts. By means of such exercises it is good to diversify occupations with children. Choose any figurative verse, on the subject interesting you and your child, and dream, think out the movements. At the beginning read to the child the poem and accompany words with actions. Do everything cheerfully, emotionally. Through some time the kid will begin to repeat after you, and here do not forget it to praise. Be not annoyed with the child if not everything turns out. You praise it more often and be engaged only when the kid is healthy. Good luck to you!

1. We handles will clap - Crack - crack - crack,
We legs potopay - the Top - a top - a top,
We all raised hands
I amicably lowered.
I got all into the magic plane. (the hands bent in elbows before a breast)
Started the motor - - - - - - - - (we twist slowly hands before a breast, increasing speed)
the Plane flies, and the motor hoots - At - at - at, at - at - at (a hand in the parties, serial inclinations to the left and to the right) ,
Departed... (having usually taken couple of detours on the room, we fly to eat or wash, and sometimes and to the map hanging on a wall, “we fly up“ for game in geography)

2. Crack! Time, once again
We will clap now. then rather - rather
A - clap more cheerfully!
the Finger about a finger tuk yes tuk,
Clap, clap, clap!
the Finger about a finger tuk yes tuk,
Stamp, stamp, stamp!

3. On a path we walk
the Top - a top, legs, a top! we slap
I hands together.
Crack - crack, handles, crack!
Ouch yes kids!
Ouch yes robust fellows!

4. Hands in the parties, in a cam,
we Unclench also on a flank.
Left up!
Right up!
In the parties, crosswise,
In the parties, down.
Tuk - tuk, tuk - tuk - tuk! (we knock a fist about a fist)
we Will take a big detour. (“drew“ with hands a circle)

5. We stamp legs, the Top - a top - a top! We clap
hands, Crack - crack - crack! we Swing
the head,
I we twirl by the head. We hands raise
, We hands lower
We offer hands
I we run around.

6. Hey! Jumped on the place. (jumps)
Eh! We wave hands together. (the movement “scissors“ by hands)
the Echo - he! Bent backs, (an inclination forward, a hand on a belt, to bend a back) Looked at
on pictures. (having bent down, to raise the head as mozhn above) Ege`s
- ge! Bent down below. (a deep inclination forward, hands on a belt)
Bent to a floor closer. (to touch hands a floor)
E - e - e! What you are an idler! (to become straight, shake finger each other)
Stretch, but do not yawn! (hands to last up, having risen on toes)
Turn on the place dexterously. (to turn round and round) it to us is necessary to
B skill.
What, was pleasant, the friend? (stopped, hands in the parties, raised shoulders)
will be a lesson again Tomorrow! (hands on a belt, turned a trunk to the right, the right
hand aside, then to the left and the left hand aside)

7. And now to all children to rise,
slowly to raise Hands, Fingers to squeeze
, then to unclench,
of the Hand down and to stand so.
Have a rest all a little bit (to bend forward and to shake hands)
I went to a path. (steps on the place or around)

8. Show all palms (having raised hands over the head, we rotate brushes, “small lamps“)
I clap a little bit
Crack - crack - crack, Crack - crack - crack.
now you watch (we do any movement) At me
of Tochnovsyo you repeat.
of Times - two - three, time - two - three. we will show to
A legs
I potopay a little bit now.
the Top - a top - a top, the Top - a top - a top.
Show me handles, legs,
Them play a little bit ( any movements by hands and legs)
of Times - two - three, time - two - three.

9. The lock hangs on a door. (hands are linked in the lock) Who it could open
? (try to separate hands) Turned
, twisted,
Knocked and opened.

10. At us a nice bearing,
We cramped shovels.
We resemble on tiptoe,
A then on heels.
we Will go softly as young foxes,
And if bothers.
That we will go all clumsy,
As bears go to the wood.

11. We sat down on roundabouts. (mother with the kid get up the friend opposite to the friend, holding hands, and beat about the bush) Were started turning
Were started turning roundabouts.
Changed on a swing,
flew Up, (rose and stretched up)
flew Down, (sat down on hunkers)
flew Up,
flew Down,
A now with you together (we represent as we float by the boat)
We on the boat float.
Wind by the sea walks, (we wave the hands extended up) our boat swings
. (a hand on a belt, to rock all over)

12. Planes hooted, (rotation before a breast the hands bent in elbows)
Planes departed. (hands to the left and to the right)
On a clearing quietly mudflows, (to sit down, hands to knees)
And again departed to the parties, serial inclinations. (hands in the parties, “we fly“ around)
U - at - at - at - at - at...

13. Tics - so, tics - so, (we knock outstretched arms on each side)
So a watch knock. Tuki`s
- so, tuk - so, (hands before themselves, fists are clenched, “bicycle“)
So wheels knock.
Currents - current, currents - current, (hands are squeezed in fists, we knock one about another)
So knocks the hammer. Tuki`s
- current, tuk - current, (we stamp on a floor)
So knocks a heel.

14. The rhythm gradually accelerates.
the Mill, a mill grinds flour. (we twist hands “mill“)
Blows - wind blows stronger. (to wave smoothly with hands over the head here and there)
Quicker a mill grinds flour.
Blows - wind blows stronger.
Even quicker the mill grinds flour.
Blows - wind blows stronger. Namololi`s
we the flour (we knock a fist about a fist)
Huge bags. (we represent “big bags“)
From flour, from the flour (we clap palms with revolution, representing pies)
we Baked pies,
Pat-a-cake - pat-a-cake, (we clap)
Baked fritters.

15. We knock cams on a floor, representing drops, or we go and we stamp in a step to drops.
Silent - a small rain the Cap - a cap - a cap.
is stronger, stronger a rain the Cap - a cap - a cap,
the Heavy, heavy rain the Cap - a cap - a cap!
Thunder! Thunder! (is clapped)
In the sky the lightning shines! (hands up)

16. There is a clearing, and around (a broad gesture to part hands in the parties)
of the Linden were built in a circle. (to link the rounded hands over the head) kroner rustle with
of the Linden, (a hand above, to shake them here and there)
Winds in their foliage hoot (to bend forward)
Down tops bend down, (having bent forward, to shake a trunk here and there)
I swing them, swing.
After a rain and thunder-storms (to become straight, to raise hands)
of the Linden pour floods of tears. (to smoothly lower hands, touching fingers)
Each leaf on a teardrop (hands down, vigorously to shake brushes) Has to dump
on footpaths.
the Cap and a cap, a cap and a cap - (to clap)
of the Drop, a drop, a drop, - a cap!
To what a leaf is weak! (“to drop“ hands)
He will wash a rain, (to stroke at first one, then other hand)
Will get stronger every day. (to clench fists)

17. The white cloud (the rounded hands before itself, fingers in the lock)
Rose over a roof. (without uncoupling hands, to raise them over the head)
Directed a cloud (to straighten hands)
higher, higher, higher. (to stretch hands up)
Wind is a cloud (smooth rockings by hands over the head here and there) Hooked on
for a steep slope. (to link hands finger-tips over the head)
Turned a cloud (hands to describe through the parties down a big circle)
Into a rain cloud. (to sit down)

18. White snowflakes began to spin, started turning (to turn round and round on the place)
Up flew up white pack (to raise hands)
Easy fuzzes. (to turn round and round on tiptoe)
Slightly calmed down an evil blizzard - (to lower hands, to rise directly)
Settled everywhere. (to sit down, hands to a floor)
Began to shine as if pearls, (to rise, hands forward)
All marvel to a miracle. (to part hands in the parties)
Began to sparkle, (hands to execute the movement “scissors“)
White girlfriends began to sparkle.
Bustled on walk (steps on the place)
Children and old women.

19. We represent hands the cabbage size, then we show how we cut, we salt, we rub and we rumple cabbage. we Have
cabbage, Bolsh`s
- aya cabbage. We cabbage cut
, we cut, We cabbage salt
, we salt,
We cabbage rub, we rub, We cabbage rumple
, we rumple.

20. Chok - the check, a heel! (to potopat legs) is turned by
In dance a cricket. (to turn round and round)
A a grasshopper without mistake (the movements by hands as when playing a violin)
is Executed by a waltz on a violin.
Wings of a butterfly flash. (we wave hands as wings)
C muravyyom it flits. (to turn round and round on jumpings up)
Squats in a curtsey (we do a curtsey)
I is again turned in dance. (to turn round and round)
Under a cheerful gopachok (the dancing movements as in a hopak)
the spider Dashingly dances.
Loudly clap palms! (to clap in palms)
All! Our legs were tired! (to sit down or bend forward, to lower hands down)