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March - Mendelssohn`s throw of What

will be a wedding where will pass and than will be remembered, to solve to the groom and the bride. And if you are not seduced at all by a traditional registry office, then remember - nobody forces, in the world there are so many fine corners as if specially created for lovers. In anticipation of a wedding season we attentively looked at the globe and chose seven places on the planet where it is possible to get married so that the joyful ceremony did not turn into tiresome ritual, and became the real holiday.

Football. England

Wembley Stadium. London

British are known to

for the passion to soccer. They say that the real English fan cannot be dragged from stadium even on own wedding. What remains? Correctly, to marry directly stadium. In England where soccer not only a way of life, but also the serious industry, can offer you a wedding in any club flowers, at stadium practically any Premieres team - league. Home arenas of the most eminent English clubs are ready to organize wedding ceremony to the fans. “Liverpool“ will lay to you a red carpet to “Enfield“ and will include record of the legendary anthem of fans of You “ll never walk alone.“ Manchester United“ “Old Trafforda“ will open to you the doors. And of course, the real “aristocratic“ wedding will be offered you in “Chelsea“. Spa - the center, Marco restaurant - the project of the owner of three mishlenovsky stars Marko Pierre Whyte, luxury hotel is only some of pleasures available to newlyweds which the base “blue“ at Stemford Bridge stadium has. The fans of the Russian soccer who began to watch for English the Prime minister - league only after transition there of our goalscorers Andrey Arshavin and Roman Pavluchenko, can choose for a wedding celebration Emireyts stadium where plays “Arsenal“, or the arena of “Tottenham“ - “Whyte Hart Lane“.

football clubs approach

the organization of a celebration with all gravity. At stadiums coordinators who with pleasure will undertake all organizational efforts work. To you before finally deciding on the place of a ceremony, once attentively the tradition studies the sports arena on which you see the celebration. Learn whether it is possible to undersign directly in the field whether will include to you record of singing of stands and whether are buried incidentally under a football lawn of a ballot box with ashes of faithful fans of club. If club colors are not important, and there is a wish for something really grandiose, then an exit one - to marry “Wembley“! In 2007 this legendary stadium opened again after total reorganization. To play at least once on a lawn of the glorified arena young pupils of football schools of all continents dream, and there will hardly be a fate - the musician who would never dream to act under an arch of this cult concert venue. It is difficult to present that at several o`clock all this magnificence can become yours. But safely take a soccerball, dress a game form, transplant in the stands of guests, and on the arbitrator`s whistle - forward, under a wreath!

After a wedding. Do not miss chance to descend on soccer and to personally see the well-known English support - matches of Premieres - leagues go all the way May. If tickets for stadium did not get, be not upset, and go to watch broadcasting in one of the London pubs (better to take places in advance). wembleystadium. com, premierleague. com.

Colonial. New Zealand

Ferrimid. Christchurch

New Zealand - the country mysterious. In total at these southern islanders not as in our northern continental latitudes. We have megalopolises and traffic jams - they have Bounty Island and excellent world public relations from Peter Jackson. If you, with bated breath, watched the trilogy “Lord of the Rings“, were always interested in what party the water spiral in toilet bowls of the Southern hemisphere twists, dreamed to get acquainted with the real Maori and in the childhood entangled the room networks of the toy railroad, to you - to New Zealand. The nature on these islands is so fine, and the landscape is various that the majority of wedding agencies, without deliberating long, will suggest the groom and the bride to get married on a nature bosom. You want a wedding as in halls at the Snow Queen - then you are waited by mountains and national park of Aoraki Maunt - Cook. Here it is possible to hold a ceremony on a glacier or in a zone of eternal snow, and to spend the night in a cozy chalet. If you have more to liking the sea, choose to yourself a picturesque bay with romantic rocks. Helicopters instead of limousines, the string quartet executing Mendelssohn directly at an edge of waves and a unification with elements - it is only possible to dream of such beginning of matrimonial life.

If like to add local color to the impressive nature, it is possible to choose a wedding with an ethnic crape - in the village of Maori or with travel on a traditional Maori canoe - Waca. To feel the real colonialists, it is possible to hold a wedding in the authentic settlement of the first immigrants, on the vintage railroad by which trains on locomotive draft still go. Among tidy and elegant lodges you will not find luxury of top world hotels. But the Victorian colony quiet and full of advantage in combination with the pacifying nature will open to you in all beauty. Not to contrast with an environment, in quality dress - a code it is possible to choose suits of the Victorian era. If in this corner of light you are followed by friends and relatives, rent for them the ancient tram which will bring them from the automobile parking directly to the place of a ceremony. On a solemn occasion it will be decorated with flower garlands, and congress of guests will become an effective prelude by a holiday. The ceremony at your choice can take place in park among roses or in church of the 19th century, accompanied with a live organ music. And after - to ride! The wedding train waits for you!

After a wedding. Seize the opportunity to cross the Southern island by rail from Christchurch on east coast in Greymut on western to admire picturesque landscapes. In 4,5 hours of a way the train passes 228 kilometers, 16 tunnels and 5 bridges, the highest of which is located at the level of 73 meters from the earth. tranzscenic. co. nz

Romantic. The Czech Republic

Zamok Zbirog

the Czech Republic - the country of medieval alchemists, which if did not learn to turn lead into gold, then, most likely, invented a love elixir. And, seemingly, some golem incidentally broke a beaker with a trial portion on paved small streets of Prague so now everyone who gets to this hospitable city has easy love or a strong feeling. Not only Prague, but also all Czech Republic, apparently, is created especially for lovers. It is so pleasant to wander about very narrow and twisting small streets of its cities, to admire openwork Gothic architecture, to listen to a striking of a clock on towers and more and more deeply to plunge into the atmosphere of this country. It is not surprising at all that many come to fasten the relations with marriage bonds exactly here where each area and each building are ready to become harmonious scenery to wedding ceremony. The wedding in the Czech Republic is good also the fact that it gives the chance to show the imagination and to make everything in compliance with the taste. Safely choose time, the place, a format and address professionals that to you all organized. It is possible to exchange rings and in the capital - in the Prague Town hall, in Palace Gardens - and beyond its limits. Try to become for one day heroes of the tale of chivalry, for example, in the majestic castle Karlstein located in only fifty kilometers from Prague or in Konopiste fortress where on a terrace peacocks walk, and in a hole at the main gate there live bears.

If your bride in the childhood dreamed to become a princess, and you became engrossed in reading of legends of knights of the Round table and without fear and reproach engaged on wooden swords for honor of the Great Lady, then a wedding in medieval fortress is what will be pleasant to both of you. Each of locks is in own way good, but if you by all means want to appear in it in the first marriage night, then it is worth choosing Zbirog. It was constructed in the 12th century, reconstructed in XVIII and restored already today. Here it is possible to hold a wedding ceremony, a wedding banquet and to remain on a lodging for the night. The program of festival will be saturated: a medieval disco in a wine cellar, knightly tournament, archery. And all this in your honor! You should not neglect also wedding driving, traditional for Russians, especially as the surroundings can be sustained also in it, having employed the carriage for movement on the neighboring town.

After a wedding. Remain in the lock for couple of days and try to find out all its secrets. For example, there is an opinion that the well-known Amber room should be looked for in its vaults. Still Zbirog is well-known that in it after homecoming the Czech artist Alfons Mucha lived and worked. Here he created the most monumental cloths, including the cycle “Slavic Epic“. Having visited the place inspiring the master, visit then and his museum in Prague. zbiroh. com, mucha. cz

Deep-water. Australia

the Great Barrier Reef

the Diving wedding on the Great Barrier Reef not only will show to people around depth of your feelings, but also will become an envy subject for descendants. With the decision it is worth hurrying is not that case when it is worth delaying pleasant and at the same time disturbing moment. Ecologists already sound alarm, assuring that over the Great Barrier Reef included in the list of the world heritage of UNESCO and which is special pride of Australians the danger caused by global warming hung. Water temperature in the Pacific Ocean and air in this region gradually increases that provokes destruction of corals, and the authorities of Australia develop various projects of rescue of a unique ecosystem. Visit of this surprising (and the greatest in the world) a complex of coral reeves and islands which age makes more than eighteen million years really costs the efforts spent for a long trip. Confirms it at least indefatigable interest of tourists in unique natural education which annually brings a travel - the industries of the green continent more than five billion dollars.

the Great Barrier Reef lasts on two thousand kilometers along east coast of Queensland. Here divers gather to investigate its underwater caves and tunnels, to swim for a while among corals and to admire on varied in form, color and degree of good nature of inhabitants. Among more than four hundred types of corals it is possible to meet about one and a half thousand species of fish and four thousand species of mollusks. Not the fact that you will manage to distinguish all of them, but hardly anyone - that from your friends will be able to brag of the same number of guests at the wedding. In day of a ceremony the elegant yacht will bring lovers from a pier in Cairns to the chosen place of immersion. Here they will be given all necessary equipment. At a depth will occur not only the exchange of rings, but also signing of the marriage document - it will be printed on waterproof paper on which young people waterproof ink will leave the autographs. The bride should think of a make-up in advance: that at midpoint it did not “float“, it is better to use waterproof cosmetics or to make a permanent wave. And one more important point. It is necessary to be prepared for an underwater wedding well. Pare will need to complete a course of deep-water immersion and to get the corresponding certificate.

After a wedding. Admire the Great Barrier Reef from height of bird`s flight, having gone to sightseeing helicopter tour. When you are tired to photograph or just to admire views from skies, the helicopter will land on one of pontoons among reeves or on the big liner. It is possible to choose the amphibian that then it is effective to splash down for walk. gbrmpa. gov

Fantastic. Iceland


you do not hurry to exclude Iceland from the list of the wedding directions from - for the fact that you are afraid to freeze there. In - the first, you will be warmed by hot feelings to each other. And in - the second, Reykjavik, though the most northern capital of the world, but, thanks to Gulf Stream, at all not the colder. Besides you will find a surprising combination of natural beauty, comfortable infrastructure and the fantastic atmosphere in Iceland. It is possible to begin just with comfort. We recommend to reduce prewedding stress on one of geothermal sources for which this country is famous. In a landscape from the stiffened lava and volcanic sand you will luxuriate in sea water which temperature reaches 37 - 39 ° C. After magic immersion in hot water of sources you for certain will want to steep also in the Icelandic culture. Icelanders live in the country of Vikings and elves. Vikings came here in VIII-XIX centuries from Denmark and Norway. Elves arrived approximately to the same time - obviously, together with Celts from the Emerald island who on an equal basis with Scandinavians participated in development of the severe land. If you resolved to follow traditions of subjugators of the seas, then first of all plan the celebration for Friday. This custom originates in pagan times: Friday in Icelandic is designated in honor of Frigg, the Supreme goddess of the German pantheon and Odin`s wife patronizing love, marriage and a child-bearing.

the Ceremony can be carried out by

in the museum under the open sky Arber where the ancient Icelandic houses brought from all country are collected. But behind bigger concentration of local color it is worth going to the Village of Vikings that in the town of Habnarfyordyur, near Reykjavik, and to go into the real wedding feast accompanied with singing of Valkyries in your honor at one of authentic restaurants. Try a mead and in advance think of that traditional Icelandic Overfl dighedshorn wedding cake became the culmination of a celebration. Its name is translated as “Horn of plenty“ and precisely reflects a form - rings of the almond test of different size are fastened horn in which candies and sweets are filled. For the first marriage night it is possible to stay in small, but picturesque hotel “Viking“, and next morning to go to investigate the cave which is nearby where you are waited again by communication with hospitable owners of the island and a mead.

After a wedding. Habnarfyordyur also capital of the Icelandic elves. Having armed with the Map of the Hidden Worlds made by city office on tourism together with local elfoveda pass (only delicately!) in habitats of the fantastic people. The local population so respects it that it even at a construction of roads considers an arrangement of elfin settlements inadvertently not to disturb neighbors. hafnarfjordur. is/english

Hedonistic. India

Beaches of Kerala

Wedding ceremony in India is similar to the Bollywood cinema: it is a whirlwind of emotions and colorful clothes. In the multinational country where only official languages is more than twenty, the variety of wedding traditions does not surprise at all. Tens of options of a ceremony will force you to become thoughtful properly about what you want to see the day urged to become the most memorable in your life. There is a sure bet to get married “kingly“ - in an interior of one of picturesque palaces which in the country remained much. This scenario is one of the most popular among persons interested to celebrate a wedding in India. And if to remember that India - the homeland of world religions, it is possible to pay attention to spirit of a ceremony. The weakened beach wedding on white sand of the resort of Kerala - what is necessary for achievement of harmony with the world. Besides in wedding on the seashore there is a mass of pluses. For example, it is not necessary to worry about rent of the hall that not only it is pleasant, but also it is very economic.

Well and of course, magnificent types, the rhythmical roar of waves, palm trees which is richly decorated with flowers a wedding awning - all this inspires too. On the eve of a wedding to the bride paint hands and feet with henna on ancient ritual. Before procedure, just in case, sniff to a smell of liquid henna - better to be convinced in advance that it is not opposite to you. Such drawing long, and bluff dries aroma of henna will accompany you several hours. And in the wedding day to the bride will make a traditional make-up, a hairdress and will help to be wrapped in the sari embroidered by gold, as a rule, brightly - red color. The groom dresses a national suit. Usually the wedding is played at sunset. Traditional music will emphasize the surprising atmosphere of evening. After a ceremony it is possible to organize a buffet reception directly on the beach. Or to dash away in a blue distance of the ocean on the leased yacht with scarlet sails. Very romantically. And color scale quite in the Indian spirit. But in turmoil of preparation for a wedding it is necessary not to forget about the main thing! It is worth going to India at least the elephant became one of guests of your holiday. On it there can arrive to a ceremony the groom - as the real maharaja. Or the elephant can modestly wait for the end of wedding and after that take for a drive newlyweds on a back.

After a wedding. We recommend to go to small cruise on rivulets and silent creeks of Kerala on a hauzbota. It is the real house - the boat, comfortable and compact. Enjoy tranquility of local landscapes, feel part of the nature. For a while forget about a figure and appreciate local sweets. kerala. gov. in

African. The Republic of South Africa

the Valley of the river Sabi

to Promotion of the Africa brand was involuntarily promoted still by Korney Chukovsky, is bright zhivopisav fauna of this continent in the best-sellers for children. And in the childhood, with a joyful call repeating “in Africa - sharks, in Africa - gorillas“ who did not dream to see sometime them with own eyes. It is fine when dreams come true in day of own wedding. Besides above-mentioned representatives of fauna South Africa can brag of the well-known “big five“ - a lion, an elephant, a rhinoceros, a leopard and a buffalo. But not only fauna these edges are rich, in the Republic of South Africa there are diamonds, gold and platinum, and also Zulus, fine hotels - a loggia, world famous wine-making farms, surprising national parks, the most beautiful falls and ocean beaches. The South African tourist`s industry is ready to offer so much interesting even to the most experienced traveler that to choose the place for a ceremony will be difficult.


Main to be defined that to you is more congenial - a bay of the Flamingo or Victoria Falls, the river Limpopo or national park Kruger, botanical gardens of Cape Town or a skyscraper of Johannesburg, ethnic villages or modern hotels. If there is a wish to celebrate a wedding in the conditions of unusual, but comfortable, a little extreme, but safe, then the choice of the place is obvious to a celebration. Go to North - the country East where in the valley of the river Sabi, on border with national park Kruger to you will organize a ceremony in one of magnificent loggias. Wedding and exchange of rings will take place on an open terrace. After you can go to romantic travel in the balloon over the savanna. Upon return continue a holiday, having invited singers and dancers of a nationality shangaan.

After a wedding. To steep in the African atmosphere, go to excursion to one of the villages located nearby and learn more about life of locals. Do not forget also about a safari in park Kruger. krugerpark. co. za