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Long-awaited “pervomayka“ of

Term is put for April 28, 2009... But 40 weeks, and Valeria does not hurry on an exit. In ZhK asked: “You wait on May 1?“ Probably, it seems to know better to the daughter.


of “Training“ even in the evening on April 29. Fights of times in half an hour. Night slept badly. The thirtieth everything proceeded. Only already every 15 minutes. It was tolerant, but I to myself did not find the place. Called the doctor, she told that early. Wait supposedly as there will be each 5 minutes, come. The daughter still does not hurry, it is already time to sleep. The husband snuffles, and I cannot. Fights each 10 minutes, it was tormented all night long, it was similar to Vanka - a vstanka. To lie painfully, it is necessary to go, and to sleep hunting. It is impossible. Only I will lie down, on you a skhvatochka... It is necessary to rise, go...

Here and on May 1, well, I think, it is rather already. The stopper does not depart, waters too, fights at the same level. During the lunchtime I call the doctor, authorized a trip to maternity hospital. At 2 o`clock the husband brought to 4 - y maternity hospital, in reception I was accepted well, did not begin to be shaved (I still houses made it), and here enemas to avoid it did not turn out. Posed for the husband in state underwear...


I was allocated in prenatal at once. The doctor looked, told that only 1 period of childbirth, disclosure even is not planned yet. I think, well horror... Delivered to KTG, I transferred it hardly because it was necessary to lie. Inconveniently.

Everything is good

, time 4 hours. Many girls gave birth, all shout. I go in the basic and I talk to the daughter supposedly long you there still will sit? Only the pose of “cancer“ rescued - stood near a window (it seems, it is not so sick) and constantly to itself massed a waist (here where the husband was useful). In 5 me put 2 times of KTG, feelings not from pleasant: did not know where to put legs... And on a wall showered them and bent, the waist hurts. The midwife came, speaks:“ Strange, on 3 weak contractions - 1 strong“. I think, well it still was not enough - I was adjusted on natural childbirth how many still to wait?

Later allocated for

to the doctor, it to me pierced a bubble, waters came out. Says that a bubble very dense, it also detained all. I have one question: whether I will give rise today, so somewhat quicker dochur wanted to see! She told that yes. After a puncture time ran quicker than the engine, and fights accelerated. Became longer and more painful.

B 8 me was transferred to patrimonial, put but - to a shp and told that it is necessary to lie, we wait for full disclosure. I ask: “And it is possible to shout?“ In reply: “And we have a full democracy, do that you want!“

B patrimonial I was not one, there the girl with the daughter had after the delivery a rest therefore I did not begin to shout, only lowed as a cow and all strove to pull out steel rods at a bed... Forces already were on an outcome because 2 days practically did not sleep. But the fatigue prevailed, and I even managed to sleep between these long fights.

About 10 hours disclosure was already 8 cm, I speak: “Give me already on a table, I cannot any more, now I will give rise, at me already attempts went“. Doctors unanimously: “Early still, it is necessary to concentrate on breath, go, disclosure will quicker go“. Already 23:40, I go so as if between legs to me some box was pushed. In a minute reached me that the daughter`s head squeezes. To Creech: “I give birth already!.“ Quickly me on a table, the last preparations.


U me opened a second wind, forces appeared, all explained to me as well as what should be done. I do not lower eyes from o`clock, I think whether my girl will manage to be born on May 1... There took place the first fight, the head half was born. To me the midwife suggests to look to whom I give birth. “And, the father climbs, same dark-haired,“ - I shout. Patrimonial in laughter, one more fight, a head completely came out. I tortured doctors, I ask everything: “Well, how there, business moves? And now that?“ Managed still to them something to tell, to ask questions about business and without. Generally, on the fourth fight Lerochka was born, I for a while. Hours show 23. 59. ß: “Hurrah!! She all - managed to pull out to herself eternal day off!!“

Put my jewelry, my love, sweetie pie on a stomach... Tears were not, only boundless happiness!! Pleasure that we could that at us everything turned out. I have a narrow basin, and we were afraid that it will tear me. But everything passed perfectly. Weight 3430 gr. and height is 54 cm, for me it is a lot of.

then the dochura to all doctors showed to

A the dimples on cheeks!! When was in labor, thought that it is the first and last time and when put on a stomach, thought: “Or perhaps and the second lyal will not prevent?“ And in general daughter good fellow. I did not see it (I have a sight very bad), but felt that it nearby, she did not cry when she on a table lay, groaned and told something to doctors. Music played, she still tried and to sing along where words were. What it is sweet words: “my krovinochka“, “my child“, “my dochechka“!!